Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th April 2014 Written Update

The epi starts with bani saying to maan family (rajji is not there ) that this all is happening bcoz of her as sohum’s accident happened bcoz of trying to save her. angad consoles bani by saying that if she would have been then she would have also tried to save soji. then he tells the sacrifice which rajji has made will only be successful if they don’t lose hopes and support each other. he says a sacrifice made by a wife for husband and of a sister for another sister will never go waste. just then bani notices that sohum is standing behind and listening. everyone get shocked to see him. sohum asks which sisters are they talking about and what happened ? .everyone look at each other. then bani tells him they were talking about the sisters in their neighbourhood and one of them got married to nri but is still at her parents house due to visa problems n so both sisters r helping each other. guggi also repeats the same thing. sohum starts talking how everyone are crazy about getting their daughters married to nri and this people must be taught lesson.
bani asks him why he came out of his room. he says he was not getting his medicine.

Its night Parmeet is siting sad in the garden of bhullar house and looking at bani’s photo in his mobile. gagan comes there and asks him why is he siting alone. she says in her life also she is going through same situation with what randeep did with her. but she is not sitting sad like him.
she says she can see in parmeet’s eyes that he has realised his mistake. and bani will also surely see it as she was his wife and their relation was deep. and in some corner of her heart she would have definitely loved him . parmeet says how wil he make her understand as she is not even ansering his call. he had called her for some important work but she cut his call and then switched off her mobile. gagan advices him to go and meet her personally and talk with her.
she says though bani pretends to be very angry but from inside she is very soft hearted. parmeet seems convinced and has a smile on his face and thanks gagan for her advice.

In the maan house bani is arranging for dinner in the living room. kukki and guggi come for dinner. bani asks wer is rajji ? is she near sohum? .. guggi says rajji is not in sohum’s room as he was with sohum now. then bani gets worried and says where must have rajji gone.

Rajji is at the machan.. ranjha music is playing in the background . she is having tears in her eyes and looks all around the machan and remembers all their memories on machan . all the flashbacks of soji are shown. (it was so good to see all the soji moments in flashback) … then she sits down on the machan and breaks down in tears … then she recollects the previous day how sohum had suddenly got from his sleep saying bani. she gets tensed and has fear on her face . then she talks to herself and says why r u thinking like this rajji? why u thinking as if u have accepted that sohum will never remember ur love ? . then she says no this cant happen. sohum has only forgotten her in his memory. but his love for her can never go from his heart..
she consoles her saying sohum had promised to her to never leave her and always be with her.
then she says she has to make sohum remember that day wen they had united. they had not united to get seperate . sohum had promised her that they can never get separated . so now how can she think about it. then she wipes her tears and gets up and says now she cant lose hope. (chanting music in background) . then she says in a firm voice that sohum can never forget her. he will very soon remember everything and she will herself bring his memory back . ( yes strong rajji is back.. this is a must watch scene.)

At the maan house kukki and guggi r having dinner. bani comes and asks if rajji has returned. kukki says no.bani thinks were can rajji go without informing anyone. she asks kukki if she has any idea as to were can rajji go at this time. kukki says yes there is one place were she can go n she must be there only .

Bani comes at the machan and finds rajji and tells her she can understand what is she going through. but she must not lose her hope. then rajji says she must not worry for her as she is not sad and with a smiling face says very soon everything will be fine . she says she has full confidence that very soon her sohum will remember her. she says her love is not weak to break in this difficult situation.sohum can never forget her and their love. she says her love is her strength , her love will bring him back , now she will not get weak and she will get it what belongs to her (jo mera he me use pakar hi rahungi) ..
bani is happy and says she knew rajji can never lose hope. and now they have to do the same thing which doctor have told them to bring sohum’s memory back. bani says they have to bring the past infront of sohum so that he remembers the memories he had with rajji. rajji agrees and says that even if nobody is going to support her she is sure her sister bani will always be with her. and then they both hug.

At the bhullar house gagan is busy in preparing her boutique. she looks into all arrangements and says she has to get everything ready in two days. then she starts preparing some designs and falls asleep . randeep comes with a cup of tea (or coffee) in his hand and places it on table. gagan gets up and finds randeep going out of the room and the cup on table. she has a smile on her face.

Next morning at the maan house raymon is in her room and happy saying that very soon she will be back to her old self with western clothes, high heels, jewellery and all. ballu has already started working on their plan. very soon they will go to Canada. but before that she has to do a important work by trying to take advantage of rajji’s situation.

Rajji is in the lawn and raymon comes there and asks her why is she worried. then she starts her sweet talks saying she understands that sohum has forgot her as his wife . he has even forgot his parents. so wat is their use of staying at maan house. she says she n ballu will handle themselves . she says they r always with rajji but in return rajji will also have to help them. and that she will tell her wen the right time comes. rajji is thinking what she meant to say. (didn’t understood wat is balra’s plan)

In soji room … sohum is trying to wear shirt. he calls bani bani bani.. then he tries to wear it and it gets stuck in his head and he is not able to see as his head is covered. rajji comes there. sohum again starts calling bani. rajji slowly helps him to wear it. sohum thinks its bani and says all husband are like this. they do all their work alone before marriage . but after marriage they get used to of their wife.. ( really sohum???? how many times did bani helped u in wearing shirt )
.. then rajji opens the button of his shirt and he comes out of his stuck shirt.
as he sees rajji infront of him. he is shocked and makes angry face and wears the shirt properly (as if rajji is gonna attack him) ..
then he says I had called bani and not u . rajji says she thought he wanted help so she came.
sohum says if he needs anything then he will call his wife. then he says some things look good only wen a wife does it .. rajji is shocked to hear this. then he says she is not a kid that she cant understand such things. he asks her to go out of his room or else he will say anything in anger… rajji is shocked hearing this all.. sohum again asks her to go and looks at her angrily. rajji goes away from there

As rajji comes in the living room bani comes and asks her what happened. rajji hides her tears and says nothing. bani tells her not to pretend in front of her. rajji says for sohum she is nobody to him so he is angry on her. but she will not get weak. and then she asks bani to go and help sohum. bani gives a smile to rajji and leaves.

As bani enters the room sohum asks her wer was she. bani asks him what happened? he says he is not understanding what has happened to rajji. she keeps on coming in their room everytime without understanding that she must not interfere in their life. he says always I call u but she comes first.
he says he finds it very weird wen rajji keeps on coming around him. he is quiet only bcoz she is bani’s sister and his sister in law .
bani says she was just helping her. sohum says if rajji want to help then she can do other work of the house. and its not necessary that she has to help him . he says to bani that a husband’s work must be done only by his wife. bani says to herself that so rajji does all ur work sohum. bcoz she is ur wife. but u don’t remember anything and neither can we tell u.
then bani asks sohum to not get angry. he says he is not angry but he is not liking this all. he says rajji is not yet married and in such situation it not looks good if she stays at their home. so she must now go back to her house. bani is shocked .

Precap – same as yesterday.

Update Credit to: nami9j

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