Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s and soham’s place
The family heartwarmingly welcome bani into their house and family. rajji too is welcomed saying that their house is decorated now. Bhabhi says that this house should like one that had a marriage recently. they decide to decorate soham’s room first, as thats improtant. But the Bhabhi is insistent that she wants to decorate the entire house. His brother tells soham, that he should savour this moment, as after this, he would be rendered insignificant. Bhabhi takes her inside to show rajji her room.

Parmeet’s family is super excited to have the Munh dikhayi ceremony, but parmeet stops them. Parmeet says that he should get to spend some time with the bride, as he has to as it go to Canada tomorrow. Bani is tensed

and the others too are very shocked at this news and are tensed. His mother says that its okay and that he shouldnt beat himself over it. She offers to take bani inside to show her the room.

Bhabhi comes to rajji, and caresses her, while she’s veiled. Gogi comes in excited to meet his bhabhi. But she tells him to see the bride tomorrow. But gogi is very excited. She tells him that soham has the first right to see her face, and that everyone else would tomorrow. She comes and ask rajji to rest, as soon soham would come. She teases her that they would let soham wait. Soham comes in and is asked to leave, saying that he might be restless to see his bride, but she doesnt feel like leaving at all. But then she says that she would leave anyway, and doesnt want to come in their way. after she’s gone, Soham locks the door, and Rajji is tensed.

While Dadaji is tensed, parmeet comes to him and asks if he’s angry with him. Dadji says that he didnt do anything that would make him happy, by saying that he would go away tomorrow. Parmeet says that he’s helpless. Dadji says that bani doesnt who is very tensed. Parmeet says that he would explain to bani, and everything would be alright, as he cant let this job go. Dadaji asks the job to let go, if need be, as he would find another one. Parmeet says that it isnt that is isnt easy, now with added responsiblity and all. he says that the sooner he goes, the sooner he would be able to return to take bani away. He says that he wont leave without his permission, and requests him to grant it to her.

Bani too is tensed waiting for parmeet to come. he comes and locks the door. he comes to her, and says HI, bani doesnt respond. He lifts her face, and unveils her face, while bani is very nervous. He takes off her ornamenst and jewellery one by one, while bani is nervous and excited about at the same time, in anticipation of whats to come. but bani’s discopmfort finally gives way to tears down her eyes. He is nervous, and asks what happened, if anyone said anything, and if she agreed to this marriage. He asks if there’s someone else in her life. While bani is sad, parmeet is upset.

Scene 2:
Location: Bani’s house
Bani’s father finds Tejo sad and upset and lost. he asks her wahst if she thinking, and about bani’s concern. He asks her not to think negatively and be sad, rather be happy for starting her new life with him, and she wont be in trouble at all. Tejo says that it isnt easy for a mother’s heart to come around to thid change. She says that she wont be able to be at peace, till she sees the girls. She says that she’s more concerned

Nirvel and bindal also are discussing the same doubts, if he and his family would be able to replace bani with Rajji in their lives and dreams. Nirvel says that he has full faith on soham and his family. and also on rajji who will everyone’s hearts over. He asks her not to worry as she would get everything that is desired for.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
Soham says that he never thought of seeing this day, especially after he lost out so closely and never thought that he would get another chance. Rajji is surprised to hear him talk like this, when soham says that what he never could muster up the courage for speaking his heart out, and that he’s speechles at what to say. Rajji wonders what is soham talking about. He says that in his excitement he didnt even think how tired she would be. He offers her to eat something and rest. He says that he still cant believ that she is in front of him, liek a bride in a veil. Soham asks Rajji to take off her veil, saying that till he doesnt see with his own eyes, he wont be able to believe that she actually is in front of him. Rajji is tensed while, soham delicately begins to lift her veil. The screen freezes on his excited face.

Precap: Soham says that he would tell her everything first and then unveil her face. He musters up the courage to say I Love You, and then adds bani, hearing which Rajji is puzzled, sad and distraught at the same time, and soham is blissfully happy not knwoing what he has entered into.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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