Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th November 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Soham looking at the red scarf and having sweet flashbacks of Rajji, he picks up the scarf and remembers the scenes where she puts her payals on the charpai and then where Rajji tells Simran she is leaving for good.
Soham says to himself that we could have lived together as good friends and everything was starting to work out, why did she do this? ( hain??! Just the day before she left, you screamed at her, practically assaulted her and then stormed off… Soho’s definition of ache dost is twisted! This show should be called ‘The Delusional and the Clueless’) . He looks unhappy.
Rajji is thinking of Soham and Soham holding the red scarf is lying in bed thinking of Rajji. Ishq rangiya plays in the background as Soham goes to sleep holding the scarf and Rajji goes to sleep holding her red dupatta.

Next morning Guggi and Kookie are talking and as she tries to talk about her second plan, Soham comes there. They try to cover up but Soham stops them. He tells them that Rajji has never understood him and now he wants them to stop this tamasha. (oh my gawd! this guy just leaves me speechless everytime) He says that he can live with out her just fine. He further says that if Rajji doesn’t need him, then he doesn’t need her either. He says that Rajji and he can never be one.
A voice asks out what is going on. They all turn to see Buaji standing in the doorway. Buaji asks Soham what he meant that he and Rajji cant be one.

Bhullar’s: Bani is staring off in space thinking of how Parmeet had pushed her and she hit her head. Surjit and Gagan come out to set the dining table and Surjit remarks that Bani’s hair is coming loose(Bani has hidden the bruise on her forehead behind a lock of hair.) . Bani tries to hide it but Surjit sees the bruise and asks her what happened. Bani doesn’t say anything , just looks at Surjit with sad eyes, Surjit guesses that Parmeet has hit her. Bani still doesn’t say anything and Surjit tells her why she didnt come to her. She asks Bani why she is punishing herself, as her pain will have no effect on Parmeet. She asks Bani why she didn’t go to Anuradha at least. Bani (goes all mahatama here… ‘bah)
tells Surjit this is her battle and she will will win her self respect by herself ( how self respect figures into any of this shit is beyond me).Surjit asks Bani if her family knows she is here and bani tells her that she cant tell them yet, as they will have questions for which she has no answers yet.Gagan is listening to all this and rolls her eyes at the end ( You and me both Gagan dahling)

Gagan goes to her room where she tells Randeep that Parmeet had hit Bani. Randeep isnt too happy about this (wow! you tried to rape her! and you have a problem with Parmeet hitting her?!? @#[email protected]%$#) but Gagan tells him to focus on Balbir and staying in his good book.

Someone is shown going through the cupboards and drawers of bani and Parmeet’s room. It is Surjit and she has found a visiting card. She prays that what she is doing is the right thing.

Gill’s: Rajji is lost in thought and Binder comes there in time to save the pot boiling over. Binder asks her where she is focused at. Binder tells Rajji that she has to take a decision sooner rather than later. Rajji tells Binder she doesnt want to think about this right now and just wants to focus on her job. Rajji gets a call from her office and leaves.

Bhullar’s: Gagan and Parmeet are having breakfast. Gagan asks Parmeet about how he must visit USA and Parmeet and she proceed to have a conversation about las vegas and Boston and New York. Parmeet mentions BBQ and white wine and cream and Gagan tells him she has friend who can get him all of that here in India too if he wants to have a BBQ party. Bani is listening to all this in the kitchen and is worried at how different Parmeet’s life is. She worries about how she will change to adapt to his life ( white wine and BBQ parties.. she worries about that and not about the fact that he is physically abusive.. Wow.. just wow! Bani mata ki jai)

Bani brings out parathas and tries to serve Parmeet. He tells her off, because he has finished his breakfast and crossed his knife and fork on his plate. He proceeds to lambast Bani and her ‘class’ as they have no idea about five star etiquette. Gagan is smirking listening to Parmeet insult Bani. He leaves from there leaving Bani all hurt and teary eyed.

Parmeet gets to the door and some NGO ladies come in with the police. Parmeet tells them to leave
and the lady( not Anuradha) tells his that he should not have hit his wife. As they are arguing (in mute) Rajji walks in and sees Bani.
Rajji and Bani stare at each other as Rajji walks towards Bani. They hug and tears are running down their faces.

Precap: Rajji tells Bani that she is here now, and she will help her in all her problems. The NGO lady tells Parmeet that since he has hit his wife, a lawsuit of domestic abuse will be filed against him.

Update Credit to: SophiSays

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