Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: NGO office
Soham is tensed to know that rajji isnt there. He wonders where could she have gone, as he had just left her. He decides to call her. But the phone doesnt get through. He gets tensed all the more and thinks that something is wrong.

Scene 2:
Location: Guest House
Anu gets bani to her room in the guest house, asking her to stay till she is in Punjab, and goes to get water for her. bani asks about Jia. Anu tells that she has married and is settled in London. Bani says that she would congratulate her for her new life and gets sad, remembering something. anu asks whats she thinking. bani says that she was thinking about her life, that both the times she met her, she had to hang on to her for life. Anu says that this isnt

support, as a mother towards her, and just like she got Jia happy, she has another responsibility and thats to get her life, happiness and her rights back. Bani smiles, as she comforts her. The doorbell rings, and rajji comes inside, tensed. anu asks her why’s she tensed, and about her wound. Rajji apologises to anu and tells her about the way she slapped parmeet. They are tensed to hear this. Rajji says that she doesnt know what to do now. anu asks her to forget and move on and play clever now, and get parmeet punished asap. rajji tells them about the hired person who he had seen. She says that she’s sure that person is involved with parmeet. anu is also convinced that he was with parmeet in this plan. Bani asks how would they search him. anu suggets that they would get a sketch artist who would make it, depending on Rajji’s description and once that happens, they would find the man and then nab him and his connection to parmeet regarding the murder. all are determined.

The sketch artist makes the picture with the help of rajji’s description and finally rajji is satisfied that he looks just like the person that he had seen. anu gives the sketch to one of her guys saying that they need to nab him asap. He leaves. As anu goes to make some calls, bani gets tensed. rajji aasks what happened. Bani introspects on what their life has become, from what it was, innocent children playing in the fields. rajji too grows nostalgic, as they discuss their NRI dreams. bani gets emotional saying that her search for life, resulted in her near death, and that she got Rajji too hassled. rajji stops her to talk like this, while bani says that they would never be able to have those carefree days again. rajji says that there’s still one thing that was there before too, their company together, which is as strong as it was before, and till they are together, they would never lose hope, and would be best friends. Bani saus that her family would have lost all hope, as they consider her death, and would be tormeneted every single minute. bani asks if they cant tell her parenst atleast. rajji is determined that they cant, as they have to coollect evidence against parmeet first. Rajji says that they would have to find out before the terahwi, when people pay last tributes to the earlier bani, when they would start a new chapter and a new bani’s life. bani is dteremined.

Scene 3:
Location: parmeet’s residence
Parmeet again gets the murderer’s call and gets tensed. He picks it up, and says that he had told him not to call ever again. the person says that if he cant give the money together, then he has to pay in installments. parmeet says that he wont pay him anymore. But he is threatened, that he would tell his family and the police too, and that he would land in jail. He reminds parmeet that someone from his family has already called the police, and one phone call would further aggravate the matter. But parmeet is defiant that he wont pay him anymore. As he cancels the call, Parmeet thinks that he would have to find a way out to shut her up.

In their room, as randip is going through papers, gagan gets impatient, and asks him to prioritise his attention. gagan tells him about the secret that she has found about parmeet, and his tension when she tried to talk about it with him. she’s sure that parmeet is wrong somehow, and if they found out, they can have the better claim at property. randip asks whats the connection. gagan says that threatening is only there where a crime has been committed, and if parmeet has done so, then they can blackmail, and acquire his share of the property too.

Scene 4:
Location: Outside Location
parmeet gives the murderer some money and tells him never to bother her anymore. The murderer says that the police is searching for him and he has to hide, and that costs. He says that if he needs to roam scot free, then he would have to hide and for that to happen, he would have to pay him. As he leaves, parmeet is tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: parmeet’s residence
Soham asks rajji, when she came back, about where did she go. She says that she had gone to the NGO office. Soham tells her the incident with the lady at the NGO office. she still covers up with an excuse. Soham says that he knows that she thinks that he doesnt care for what happens to her, but the truth is it matters to him, as he cares for her, and hence demands to know where she went. Soham asks Rajji where she actually went. She tells him the truth, that she went to find out about parmeet. Soham says that he could have helped her in this. She says that she doesnt need his help. rajji says that she wanted to find out what she needs to know about parmeet as she already knows much about him. parmeet, who is passing by, is shocked to hear this. She asks soham not to question nor help her for anything, as she is self sufficient. soham says that he would always be by her side, whether he likes it or not. As soham leaves, rajji apologises that they maybe together, but they are like two ends of the river, and till the time they arent, she cant tell him anything. Parmeet thinks that rajji may try all she wants but she would never be able to get to him, and that he just needs to know what all she knows about him.

The next morning, as soham and rajji, walk till the gate, soham says that he wont ask a qeustion, but she shoudl allow him to drop, as she would be alone. She denies saying that wheer she is going, anu is going to be with her and hence there’s no problem. soham says that if she feels for his help, she should call him. he complies and she leaves in the rickshaw, as soham stands tensed. Soham goes inside the haveli. As rajji travels in the rickshaw, and gets down at the guest house, parmeet follows her in the car, to find out whats she upto. He thinks that rajji may try all that she wants, but she wont be able to outsmart him and today he would find out whats going on in her mind and whats she upto. bani is roaming around in the guest room. rajji walks upto the guest house. parmeet stands tensed, thinking that today he would know who’s helping rajji. the screen freezes on parmeet’s face.

Precap: As rajji rings the doorbell, and waits for it to open, parmeet watches from hiding. bani opens the door and welcomes rajji inside. Paermeet is shocked. Later, Rajji tells bani, in the temple, that she knows that she isnt weak, then why is she refraining today, and cites her the example of the goddess durga, who did raise her voice finally against evil, and conquered it. She asks bani to be strong and fierce like her. bani is determined that she would have her revenge now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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