Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th February 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Parmeet wishing Manpreet Happy Women’s Day. Bani tells Parmeet to go ahead with the ardhaas. Manpreet thanks BabaJi for blessing her family. Parmeet asks Maya whether she is happy as he did the ardhaas. Maya says he did it for His own family. Parmeet says its one and the same thing. He tells her that he is taking a short nap as he woke up early in the morning. Maya says how can he sleep now. Women’s Day has just begun and he has to do something else.

Parmeet arrives and tells the women that he has prepared breakfast for all. The women are surprised. Parmeet requests them to join the others for breakfast. He holds Manpreet’s hands and takes her towards the table. Manpreet is very happy at Parmeet’s behavior. Parmeet announces

that he cooked this especially for the women of this house. He tells Manpreet that whatever he is today is because of her. He aplogises for his behavior yesterday and promises that he wont behave like that again. Manpreet is touched by this gesture and forgives him.

All of them enjoy the breakfast cooked by Parmeet. Balbeer praises him as he learnt to cook breakfast in Canada. ChachaJi says henceforth Parmeet should cook for them. Parmeet looks agonized while others enjoy the moment. Parmeet asks Manpreet whether she enjoyed the breakfast and she is happy. After a while, the men leave the table. Gagan steps in the kitchen only to find it in a disastrous state. Soon the others join her. Gagan cribs that what is the use of celebrating Women’s Day when ultimately they themselves have to clean the mess. Rajji tells Gagan that Women’s Day has just started and she must not worry. Bani says today no woman will do the work. Surjit asks that if they don’t clean the mess then who’ll do it.

Parmeet is very tired. Randeep and the other men keep pulling his leg. They asks how suddenly he decided to act all good and make breakfast. Parmeet tells them to stop asking him questions as he is very sleepy. He gets up to move towards his room but Bani arrives. She asks him if he is going to sleep. Parmeet denies saying that he was just straightening his clothes. Bani says that today is Women’s Day and all women need to feel special. Randeep says they always do feel special and nudges Gagan to tell them. Gagan looks embarrassed. Bani tells the men to do something for their wives. She says that Parmeet decided to do all her work for the day. The men reluctantly agree to do something for their wives.Guggi also decides to do the work for Rajji Bhabhi. Randeep is mad at Parmeet as they also have to do all the work because of him.

(BG- Small Town Girl) Parmeet takes up the kitchen responsibility and glares at Bani who is standing at kitchen door smirking at him. Balbeer mops the floor while Chacha Ji & Sohum are wiping the furniture. Randeep is cleaning the dining table while Guggi entertains the women from time to time. Bani deliberately irritates Randeep by dropping the vase. Randeep glares at her but doesn’t say anything. Parmeet who was resting for a while suddenly wakes up and begins cleaning the mess as Bani is watching him.

Manpreet praises Bani as all this was possible just because of her. Bani says she didn’t do anything great. She just did something that happens in most families.. so that the men realize the efforts a woman takes.

PRECAP- Sohum has a doubt on Bani. He checks her bag and discovers Maya’s dresses along with her photographs.

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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  1. where is 28th feb update????????

    loved bani. awesome.
    men must learn how to respect women…….. 😀

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