Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone have dinner together. Parmeet says lets play a game, of writing out wishes on the chits and praying to the Lord. They start making the chits. All of them then pray. Parmeet asks Bani to tell her wish. Bani says you start. Parmeet starts the chits and reads the wishes. Gagan writes to wish for her business. Randeep writes about Gagan, so that she comes back in my life forever. Bani smiles. Randeep proposes to Gagan and says it was the best decision of my life to marry you, and to hurt you was the biggest mistake of my life. After I lost you, I realized I m nothing without you, I have really changed, please forgive me.

Gagan cries and looks at him. Randeep says I know you have changed to become independent, I want to make your dream my goal. He says I did not fold hands ever, but today I want to fold my hands, forgive me. Gagan holds his hand and says I did not go far from you, I always loved you. Randeep smiles. He kisses her hand and says I brought something for you. He brings a diamond ring and makes her wear it. She likes it and he hugs her. Parmeet and Bani clap for them. Bani says congrats and hugs Gagan.

Randeep hugs Parmeet. Bani says I m very happy today. Gagan says it was your planning right. Parmeet makes them have icecream to celebrate. He says lets go and rest, you guys go to the room and talk. Randeep says come to our room. They leave. Bani says Parmeet that you have again united lovers. He says you are happy, and this is enough for me. Parmeet takes Bani’s wish chit and says I will fulfill all your wishes. She comes in the room. Kaise bataye kyu tujhko chahein……………… tu jaane na……………….plays……………….

Bani dries her hair and combs it. He looks at her and smiles. He thinks he promised Bani that he will npt go near her till he sees love in her eyes. Its morning, Bua ji calls Rajji. She says Kookie should look beautiful ok. Bua ji asks her to see the arrangements well. Vicky comes with his mum. Vicky touches her feet and greets her. Bua ji gets happy and calls Soham and Angad to meet them. Vicky says your house is good, I used to miss all this in foreign. Bua ji thinks Kookie is lucky to get a guy like this. Soham and Anga meets Vicky.

Vicky’s mum asks Bua ji to call Kookie. Rajji brings Kookie with a juices tray. She greets them. Bua ji says she is Kookie, and Rajji and Simran are my bahus. Vicky and his mum like Kookie. Rajji asks Kokkie where do you live. Vicky says UK, I got educated in Chandigarh and went there to work. He says I did chemical engineering. He says I have restaurant chain. Rajji says business? You said you went there to do job. Vicky gets tensed and says yes I went to do job but did business. Bua ji says enough Rajji, he came from far. She praises Rajji.

She asks them to have juice. Vicky’s mum says America. Everyone look on puzzled. Soham says but Soham said UK. Vicky says mum keeps forgetting. Bua ji says have samosas. He says we have to go, I have a meeting. Rajji and Soham look at each other. Bua ji says fine, we will talk on Roka. Vicky’s mum says we have to do marriage soon, Vicky has to go London back, so we will bring Shagun tomorrow. Everyone get worried. Bua ji says fine, as you wish. Vicky smiles seeing Kookie. They leave.

Bua ji scolds Rajji for questioning Vicky. Soham says Rajji was casually talking. Bua ji says why so many questions. Rajji says we should know before marriage, we know NRI cheated many girls in our Pind. Bua ji says I trust my friend who brought this proposal. Soham tells Rajji that I feel they were hiding something. Vicky and his mum argue why did they fail to tell the same thing. She says don’t worry, we did not get caught till now. Rajji says if Kookie marries him, what will we do.

Kookie is upset. Rajji comes to her. Rajji says we have to plan first. Kookie says I don’t understand why they are hurrying, I don’t want to marry. Rajji says fine, we will talk to Bua ji and explain her. Angad and everyone talk to Bua ji. Bua ji says I know what happened with Rano. Angad says then why do you want her to marry NRI. Bua ji says I m not illiterate to get fooled. Rano was hurt as Balbir was a cheat, all NRIs are not the same. She says I like Vicky a lot, why will I compromise with Kookie’s life. Rajji says maybe your decision is not right.

She says I worked in NGO and many people got cheated by NRI grooms, we should find out about them and not hurry up. Bua ji says fine, give me the report of Vicky, till you can’t prove you are right, don’t talk to me. She leaves annoyed. Rajji tells them that we have to get some proof against Vicky, as its about Kookie’s life and love.

Rajji calls Bani and tells about Kookie getting married to Vicky, who does not feel good, we have to find out about him. Bua ji asks Rajji to make Kookie ready. Parmeet tells Bani that we don’t have any history. Bani says it means they are liars.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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