Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Soham and balbir both are shocked at this revelation, while rajji stands stunned. buaji stands guilty at having had this truth for 17 years in her heart. Buaji puts a stop to rajji’s questions and asks soham to go home with rajji. She says that at home, she would answer everyone’s questions. soham and balbir are bewildered at this revelation, as they confront each other.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
Simran asks buaji to spill the entire truth, as to how does she know all this. Buaji narrates how she and rano were the best of friends. She says that she had dressed up rano for her marriage, and how she had come back on pagphere, to never return to her in laws’ place. She remembers how she had asked

rano to come along so that she gets her rightful place in her home. rano had refused then, that her husband onyl would come back and take her to that house once again. She remembers how she had hoped that this be true. rano had said that she doesnt bother about herself, but her unborn child. all are shocked to hear this. bauji says how she had started becoming tensed for her and her baby, until one day rano gave birth to her child, amidst fighting with the situations. All including soham are shocked. Buaji remembers how she was stressed how rano would raise the baby alone. rano had been confiden that balbir would come and take them both, but wanted the child to be in good care till then. Buaji says that she was unmarried then, and hence she gave the baby to her brother and bahbhi, to take care of the baby. How angad’s mother had adopted soham and treated him like her own son. Soham refuses to believe this, but angad says that this is true, as he had forgotten such an old tale. Angad says that he doesnt know who his parents are, but knows this much, that he was adopted by his parenst, but he never differentiated between them. Angad says that soham had adjsted so well, that he too didnt feel it important to be told. Soham is highly disturbed and retires outside. All are tensed for him, while balbir goes outside after him.

later, angad sees his parenst pics, and other old pics from his childhood, wheer he is carrying soham in his arms. he tells simran, that when buaji told of the past, he felt the memories alive again, and he remembereed everything all of a sudden, when soham had been adopted by his father, and soon he became the apple of everyone’s eye, and they forgot that he wasnt related to them by blood. He wonders what soham must have felt and wonders where’s he.

Scene 3:
Location: parmeet’s residence
While surjit wishes bani goodnight and asks her to soleep and not be tensed, they both are surprised to find parmeet, at the door of their room, with a stern face. surjit is visibly tensed and leave angrily. parmeet comes to confront bani, and says that this means she would never leave this house right. bani says that if he asks her time and again, she would neither change her mind nor her descision. parmeet holds her tightly at the hand, and asks if she’s sure that howsoever he might torture her, she wont buckle under his pressure, and leave the house. Bani says that she didnt come to this house, to leave, but to form new relations. Parmeet reprimands Bani for talking so much, and asks where did she learn this from. bani says that her relation taught her this. parmeet gets angry and says that there’s nothing like that. bani says that he needs to understand that she isnt wrong but he is. parmeet gets angry at bani. He raises his hand on her, but she holds it midway and stops him. She says that everytime this wont happen, that she suffers all the time, but now he would have to refrain. She says that she can suffer much, but she wont bear a blow on her selfrespect. she says that she lives for two things only, hope and self respect. Bani says that there’s so much difference between a man and a woman. bani says that whenever her hands are raised they have prayers for him, but whenever he raises his hands, its to hurt her. bani is sad while parmeet is angered. She says that she has answered his questions, as its her right to stay in this house, and noone can take this away from her, not even him. She pulls down his hand an leaves the room. parmeet is in a rage and visibly tensed too.

Scene 4:
Location: In the barn
Soham is sitting tensedly, remembering his interaction with rano, oblivious that she was his mother all this while, right from his first meeting with her till the day balbir rejected her once again, leading to her death finally, and soham’s anger at that. he is overwhelmed at that and is barely able to control her tears. rajji comes to him, with teary eyes, and places a reassuring hand on him, saying that she understands whats he going through, after what he got to know. he jersk off her hand, and asks her to leave him alone, as he doesnt need anyone’s sympathy, and asks her to leave him alone. rajji says that she knows that he’s very tensed, and she just came here to say that she is with him in this troubled time for him, and that he shouldnt consider him alone. Soham gets angry that she’s here to help, while when he tried the same thing, she didnt let him help her, and didnt even let him close to her. He says that when she didnt do it, how does she expect that he reciprocates it. He asks her to just leave from there. rajji says that he can distance her, but not his family, who’s there with him, in every situation that he goes through. rajji says that he mightnt need anyone, but others need him badly. Hence if not for him, he should return for his family, who love him deeply, as if he doesnt, then he knows well, what would be their condition. Soham is tensed to hear this. The screen freezes on Soham’s tensed face.

Precap: Balbir comes to soham, with teary eyes, saying that he is guilty of soham, and he can give him any punishment that he wants, and apologising with foldedf hands, and begs him to take balbir and his family as soham’s own family now, and come along home with him. Soham is shocked while all others are surprised to hear this..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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