Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Happy playing and Jassie telling him to study. Then he tells he is feeling sleepy. Then there is a fight between the kids. Sarabhjeet comes and asks Jassie where is Dishu. She says she is in the room.

Maamaji waylays Sarabhjeet and takes him for a drink, which her had brought from London. He has made all the arrangements. Then Sarabhjeet sees a third glass and asks for whom it is then he tells it is for Nirveil. Then Sarabhjeet is stunned and shocked to see him. At first Nirveil is hesitating to drink before his brother,

Then all three of them have a good time. Then Sarabhjeet and Nirveil get into a tiff regarding what happened. Then the whole story of the past came in front and they fight. Sarabhjeet tells that you did wrong and you did not asked Maafi, Then Sarabhjeet says that you did not ask from the Dil. They start fighting and Maamaji tries to patch up with them and ask them to hug. Then they come close and Sarabhjeet kicks the glass away and starts crying.

Nirveil tells he is leaving, as he has to go get up early.

Nirveil comes home ad sees Binder walking up and down, She sees Nirveil and asks if he drank. He avoids the question and tells I am talking about Dishu and I am worrying with her decision and I hope She does not spoil Bani’s life. If she does not get a match within 10 days maybe she will get even angrier with us.

Nirveil tells her not to worry for Bani will get a good boy.

Sarabhjeet will try to tell the truth of Soham to Dishu but she is asleep and he cant tell her and he goes to sleep.

Next Morning Beeji us leaving to Sarabhjeet house and Binder ad Rajji will be protesting Then She will tell I am just next door and will tell you what to do.

Then she sees the Shagun Ka things give a further set of instructions. Then she tells that along with the ring they have to give some money in a cover.

Then she takes her trunk and goes to the other side. Dishu and Bani welcome her. Then Jassie gives her water and Beeji is shocked to see the Shagun stuff packed. Then She tells Beeji that one day she has to prepare it and so I have done it now.

Sarabhjeet will tell Dishu that he wants to talk with her and she is about to go when Maamiji interrupts her. Then She takes Dishu inside her room and tells Dishu that Bani has got a Ristha much to Dishu’s delight.

Maamiji tells that a Ristha has come from a big family who stay in Canada. Then they show a big house and the matchmaker talking to the lady of the house about Bani and tells that they are not rich but are a good family. The lady says they only want a good girl. She asks for the photo.

At the same time Maamiji is talking about another Ristha and is trying to show the photo of the groom and since the net is slow it takes some time load. When she sees the photo she is very happy,

PRECAP: The Lady whom the matchmaker gave the photo will show it to her father in law and say that a Ristha has come for Parmeet. The father in law sees Bani’s Photo and is very happy.

Update Credit to: anurao

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