Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Ranvir is tensed to see that ferocity in her eyes, instead of scare. Bani asks him to step aside so that he can work. Ranvir retreats. Bani thinks that anu was right, and that she wont bear any torture of the house and its men.
Balbir is instructed by dadaji, to act wisely as he’s the man of this house, and would have to take care of everything now. He says that he would have thrown bani out, but due to the NGO ladies, he was forced to take bani inside, and are also keeping a close watch on her. Hence they have to tread very cautiously as if they torture bani, their respect and fame would be at stake. He asks balbir to be silent till everything quietens down. balbir listens tensedly. Dadaji says that when the right time comes, dadaji himself would shoe the way to outside the haveli. Balbir apologises and says that he has understood and would do exactly everything he says. dadaji tells him that he’s leaving the town for some days, and has asked his laywres to prepare the will papers anew, nd when they are ready he would sign them. He tells balbir that everything is in hs name. Balbir pretends to be emotional, and says that he doesnt want anything, just to be near his family. They hug, while balbir smiles evilly. Dadaji leaves. Balbir eyes the chessboard, and taking the king, and then others too, in a jerk, he unsettles all others and throws them on the ground, happy at hs victory.

Oblivious to this planning, bani is performing her duties and doing the puja, when she sees surjit and asks her to come inside. Seeing her tensed, bani asks whats the matter. Surjit says that destiny might or mightnt change, time does change. she says that destiny isnt decided for her, but time has changed for her and bani’s now at a better position. Surjit wonders how would she face parmeet and balbir’s wrathy. bani says that she has full faith on herself, that last time she may have left meekly, but this time, she would win over them. surjit asks how sh managed to be so strong swilled. Bani shows her the locket of their lord, and says that he’s responsible for this change.

As all sit at the breakfast table, and parmeet is busy on the call, bani serves everyone prashad. But parmeet ruely throws away the plate asking her to neevr put anything in her plate without permission. the entire prashad falls on the ground. he asks her not to do this drama as he wants to get rid of her, and be tired of her onec and for all. as he leaves, bani is sad. gagan meanwhile is happy. Bani picks up the thrown prashad, with teasy eyes, while all watch. bani is distraught. bani comes inside her room, and is distraught at her recent events. She remembers anu’s words, and ass herself not to lose hope, and not cry at all. She decides to call up at home, as everyone must be awaiting her call. But then, she thinks tht she cant call from here, as she’s in Canadan for them, and if she goes alone, then there would be a thousand questions. She says that she would go with parmeet, and make him fulfill all false promises that he did.

Scene 2:
Location: At the gurudwara
While soham tries to talk, rajji says that she’s here just for the service at the gurudwara, and would leave soon. Kuki pretends that this is a ahppy coincidence to bump into her. rajji tells kuki that she had told that she’s coming here. But kuki diverts the topic, and asks rajji to come along for the darshan together. rajji says that she has done her service and would leave soon.

While rajji is almost done with her work, kuki and gugi wonder where’s soham. they decide to keep rajji busy, while he leaves to find soham. Rajjji is about to go, while kuki engages her in mindless banter. As rajji begins to go, she is called by someone. Kuki too joins in and they start chatting and catching up on old times, aftre the formal introductions. The lady tells rajji that she has an important work for her. She asks rajji where’s soham. rajji is tensed. The lady howevere eyes gugi and soham talking at a distance and hollers at them. she enquires about angad and simran. Soham makes an excuse. The Lady leaves. Kuki and guggi leave to take the prashad, while soham and rajji awkwardly face each other. He is about to talk, but she turns away from him and starts walking. Soham is surprised and tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Bani’s and parmeet’s place
While all wait for bani’s phone call at gurupurab, desho suggests that they can call up parmeet’s place and after wishing them, they can ask for parmeet’s number too. Bindal asks if they wouldnt get the wrong impression. Nirvel asks them not to worry and take into account the time gap. Seeing rajji coming, they ask whats the matter, as she seems sad. But rajji says that she isnt sad, but is thinking of the work that she has got. All are excited and ask what work has she got. Rajji is tensed.

Rajji starts serving everyone food. The men eye her tensedly. They ask rajji about her new job. She tells how the neighbour lady landed her the job, and how relieveing and reassuring that is. He says that now that she’s on her feet, they want her to be rid of her past problems. Rajji doesnt understand. rajji is shocked when she hears the men telling her that they went to meet the lawyers in relation to her and sohm’s divorce. All are shocked while rajji is distraught and stunned into silence. The serving tray falls from her hands, and others are tensed to see her like this. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As parmeet comes home in an inebriated state, bani asks him to calm down, and tries to handle him, but he shoves her away. she asks him to support him, even if he doesnt want to talk to her. He again jerks her away, when she tries to come closer, causing her to hit her head on the ground. Blood starts gushing out. Bani is hurt and in pain.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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