Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

Location: Soham’s place
As soham enters, angad comes and asks soham to listen to balbir. but he defiantly says that he would never help rano’s husband’s help. balbir stops him saying that he is in great trouble, and he had non place to go to. He says that he is sorry for rano, and that he couldnt get her to his home, but even though he may have lost rano, but he would never lose his child. Balbir at Soham’s house asks Soham to help him find his son and that he has realized his mistake about Rano. he says that he may know someone in the village, who turns out to be his son. he also shows her the pic. All look at the photo. Buaji walks in, identifying Balbir Bhullar. Just then Bua says that no one will help Balbir Bhullar who did not take care

of Rano when she was alive. He tries to say something, but buaji defiantly asks him to leave the house, as she doesnt want any drama. Balbir leaves with fake tears, while all stand tensed. After he leaves, buaji asks all of them to go off to sleep, without wanting any protests. buaji is tensed looking at the pic. she takes it in her room, and eyes the pic worriedly. She opens her almirah and takes out another copy of the same pic. As kuki comes in from behind, she hides both the pics in the almirah and locks it. She asks buaji whats she thinking. buaji says that she was thinking that time flies and they dont notice, and when they stop remembering, it springs up in the present. Kuki says that she too is thinking about rano’s child, and wonders where is he. Buaji says that she is assured that she may not have had her own mother, but she must have got a good family, for his upbringing. Kuki is surpised with buaji’s concern. after she leaves, buaji is visibly tensed at

Guggi comes in grumbling, about balbir who’s asking everyone about rano and her child. He is super frustrated while soham is tensed. After guggi leaves, soham is tensed, thinking that whats happening is wrong, and he wont let balbir join his name with rano, and that there must be some motive behind this, and he wont let balbir tarnish his image. he is determined to finish balbir’s matter once and for all. kuki hears this, as he walks out with rage, and is tensed.

later, buaji and rajji are tensed for soham wondering where he went at this time of the night. kuki comes in telling that she knows where soham went. she narrates the entire incident about balbir, and guggi and soham’s frustration at this. Buaji says that she feared this, and that he shouldnt have gone to balbir, for god knows what might haoppen. rajji asks her to be calm, while bujai continues ranting that he shouldnt have gone to meet balbir. Rajji and buaji leave, while kuki is asked to stay back.
Buaji and rajji walk out trying to find so ham.

Scene 2:

Location: on the road
balbir drives in his car, when he gets a phone call from reman, who confronts him about his first wife, in india, and gets into a rage at that. balbir tries to compose her, but she asks him to come home straightaway. He is tensed, and agrees nevertheless. He starts driving, and comes into a collision with soham, who’s on his bike. They both get down their vehicles and confront each other. Balbir tries to talk soham into helping him, and tell about rano’s child. soham says that not just him, even god doesnt want to help him, as he’s responsible for rano’s death, and who couldnt give her happiness in life, what good could he do in death. Soham asks him not to hurt rano’s soul, or else he would be in such pain, that he would live his entire life in pain. balbir says that there’s a motive behind all this, and noone will be able to stop him. Soham says that he wont let himk have his way now, and that now if he taints rano’s soul, then he would do anything to take his revenge from balbir. balbir says that he’s become enough of a goodman, but not anymore, as if he knows about the child, then he should say, or just leave. balbir says that if not soham, then everyone else would be interrogated, even rano’s dead body. Soham says that he has heard anough about rano, but not anymore. balbir goes onto taint their mother- son relation, by hinting at illegitimate affair. soham gets into a rage. Balbir says that he would find out himself. He turns to go, but soham holds his hand and turns him around, saying that the talk isnt over yet. Soham says that he wont even dare to try to interrogate about rano. He jersk off his hand, and gets into a scuffle with soham, ensuing a fight. soham warns him again that he wont try to find out anything about rano. They start hitting and slapping each othere. balbir throws soham on the ground, and he loses his balance.

rajji and buaji are walking, when rajji’s stomach pain starts. buaji is tensed for both, rajji and soham. they still continue their search. they reach where soham and balbir are fighting.

Balbir picks up a huge stone to break soham’s head with it and bash him up, but buaji asks him to stop for god’s sake. all are tensed, while balbir says that today noone shall come in between them, and he would finish off soham today. As he is about to throw off the big rock, buaji stops him by saying that soham is his son after all. all are shocked, while balbir stands with the stone in midair, and all are shocked to hear this. Buaji pulls off the stone fron balvbir’s hands, saying that soham is rano and balbir’s son. The screen freezes on soham’s shocked face.

Precap: Rajji promotes for the serial airing on Friday too now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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