Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th April 2014 Written Update

Parmeet is glancing at the wedding album when Gagan enters the room. He inquires about Sohum’s health. Sohum is unconscious and Rajji is fast asleep beside him. Bani enters and wakes up Rajji . Rajji moves aside and Bani takes her seat near Sohum who by now is awake. Rajji watches as Bani takes care of Sohum. Rajji recalls the moments spent with Sohum. Balbeer is glancing at the watch and Raymon starts cribbing as no one informed them about Sohum’s accident. Both of them start arguing. Guggi and Sohum are having a conversation and right then Bani and Rajji enter the room. Sohum tells Bani to stop crying or else he’ll also be sad. Bani gives him medicines.

Gagan is disappointed as she hasn’t got a job yet but Chachi assures her that everything will

be fine. Chachi suggests her to become a fashion designer. Gagan says she lacks experience. Randeep arrives and persuades Gagan to leave all this and stay at home. She glares at him. Randeep tells her to handle her household chores. Gagan tells him that she has found a job that starts from tomorrow. Randeep furiously walks away. Chachi asks her about it and Gagan says she just said that to shut Randeep’s mouth.

Doctor asks Sohum how he is feeling. He says he is fine and he’d like to go home. Doctor refuses to let go but Sohum says he’ll be alright at home. He just doesn’t want his wife Bani to be worried. Rajji tries to convince the doctor and he reluctantly agrees. Rajji tells Bani to stop over at the temple before going home. Parmeet arrives at the hospital to meet Sohum but the nurse informs him that they’ve already left from here and are on their way to the temple.

Sohum, Rajji and Bani are at the temple. Rajji prays for Sohum while Sohum prays for Bani’s happiness. On the other hand, Bani prays so that she can unite the two lovers. Parmeet arrives at the temple. Guggi turns around and sees Parmeet. He informs Bani and she’s stunned. Bani turns to see Parmeet and panics as Sohum will come to know the truth that she is married to Parmeet. After a while Rajji also notices Parmeet who is standing behind them. Bani silently tells Parmeet to go away but Parmeet is adamant to talk to her.

Pandit ji asks Sohum how he injured himself. Sohum explains that he met with an accident and is standing her only because of his wife, Bani’s prayers. Parmeet is taken aback by Sohum’s words. Pandit Ji blesses them and tells them to so a certain ritual together. Sohum moves ahead and Bani sends Rajji behind him while Parmeet looks horrified. Bani immediately takes Parmeet away he asks her about whatever is happening. Meanwhile, Rajji prays do that the ritual is completed without Sohum turning back. Parmeet tells Bani he just came to apologise and he will keep coming until she doesn’t forgive him. Bani says she’ll talk to him later and rushes towards SohJi. The ritual is complete and Rajji moves aside. Bani takes her place.

All of them arrive home. Sohum stops Bani from entering and tells Simran to perform the rasam for the new bahu. Raymon, Balbeer and Simran are confused. Sohum tells them that Bani is the daughter in law of the house. Simran hesitates but eventually agrees. Bani looks at Rajji.

no precap

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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