Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua ji saying Kookie will marry the guy she chose for him. She says Kookie did not tell this to me before. She says if Kookie tells this, then she is not happy with my decision and she loves Guggie, then I will change my decision. She asks Kookie to tell. Kookie gets scared and runs inside. Everyone go after her. Bua ji talks to Guggie that every mum’s dreams to get her daughter a good married life, I know you and Kookie love each other, but how will you keep her happy. Soham consoles Kookie and says we all know you are afraid of Bua ji, if you tell her that you love Guggie, we are sure she will understand you, come.

Bua ji says I may look a stone hearted woman to you, but I m a mother, you will see my helplessness, you are not independent, what will you support Kookie. She says you don’t have job, car and house, love does not fill hunger, what else can you give my daughter, you stay with Soham, how will I give my daughter to you. She says fine, you tell me, do you think you deserve to marry Kookie. Guggie is shocked. Angad asks Kookie to show some strength if she loves Guggie.

Bua ji comes and says I want to talk to Kookie alone. Everyone leave. Balbir and Raymon come home arguing. Everyone stop him from entering the Bhullar mansion. Raymon says who kept our luggage here. Balbir says it looks they came to know we lost the property, so be nice to them. Balbir talks to Kuldeep and acts sweet. Kuldeep says I have to end this matter. He says you have always taunted me. He scolds Balbir and says go away from my sight. Bani calls them shameless and says Soham kicked you out, so came here to beg.

She taunts them and asks them to leave. She says you have tortured Rajji, cheated Soham and everyone. Balbir gets angry on her. Bani says I m not weak like before, I made this house a temple and I don’t want bad people like you here. Balbir holds her hand and oushes her to the wall. Parmeet comes and holds her. Parmeet says how dare you treat my wife like this. Balbir pushes him too. Balbir shouts on everyone. Parmeet gets hurt. Randeep comes in anger. Balbir looks at him. Randeep comes to him and holds his hand looking at him with anger.

Randeep says get out, else I will break this hand. He says we have blood relation so I m leaving you, remember don’t see my family again, else I will kill you. Balbir and Randeep hold each other’s neck. Kuldeep asks Bani to take Parmeet inside. Raymon cries and thinks to do some drama. She says you know our status now, we don’t have money to take ticket and go back. Kuldeep says you will get your tickets, pack your bag and out.

Bua ji and Kookie come out of the room. Kookie tells Guggie that she can’t marry him. Everyone is shocked. Kookie says I have realized that we are best friends, we don’t love each other. I was kiddish and thought its love. She says this will be good for us. Guggie gets angry and cries. Soham says but think once. Kookie says no, mum is right. Guggie leaves. Soham goes after him. Bua ji hugs Kookie. Kookie cries in her room thinking about Guggie.

Rajji comes to her and asks what happened that you refused to marry Guggie, did Bua ji force you, tell me. Kookie says I m afraid of mum and did not go against her, its very tough for me, I can’t hurt her. Rajji says what about Guggie, can you hurt him. Kookie says I don’t have any other way. Rajji says you have the way, I understand your problem, but you have grown up, you have to understand love is not one sided, you have to support Guggie.

Bani is happy and talks to Gagan that Raymon and Balbir have gone. They go to make dinner. Randeep and Parmeet stop them. Parmeet says no need to cook tonight, we have planned a special dinner for you two. Bani smiles. Soham talks to Rajji about Kookie and Guggie. He says Guggie did not talk to me, what to do to unite them. Rajji says yes, we have to do something. She says Bua ji will make Kookie meet the guy. Soham says we will not let their love relation break. They smile.

Kookie meets the guy and his family. Rajji talks to the guy. Soham asks Vicky, what work you do there. Rajji catches Vicky’s lie.

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