Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sarabhjeet asks Dishu what are you talking have you thought and spoken. Beeji also asks her the same this The host comes there and take them to the dance area. Bani is very sad and Soham standing behind her is shocked and sad. A song will be playing in the background. Dishu comes and gives Sarabhjeet milk. He tells her that please don’t be so stubborn and it is not so easy as you think to find a groom and get her married with Bani in 15 days.

She tells that I am not adamant now I have lost all patience and rakes up all the past. Sarabhjeet tells that I let you take decision not the wrong ones. She will not listen and tells I am doing it for my daughter.

The next morning, Beeji comes and sits outside. Dishu on the other side is sitting and reading the matrimonial column and checking the alliances.

Nirven will tell will wake up his son and will be given instructions of all the marriage celebrations. Dishu on hearing this makes a call to the match maker an dasks he rto find a match as soon as possible. She kinds of blackmails that lady to find a boy.

Maamaji will come and Dishu will ask him if he found any ristha,he tells her that it takes time to find one. Then Sarabhjeet will leave to the fields and he will go without eating. He will ask Bani to bring it to the fields. He is very angry with the decision Dishu took.

Nirven will get a call from Joginder Amrit’s father. Joginder will tell only 14 days are left and to have the Shagun ka Rasam .Nirven and Binder are shocked and look towards Beeji.

Beeji will tell okay and Nirven tells okay. Joginder will tell that we will bring the Shagun tomorrow. He then gives the phone to Amrit, and makes Rajji talk. Then Rajji will be angry and will be taking in monosyllables. Only Amrit will know she is angry.

Nirven noticing this will decide in the 14 days left we have to keep Rajji happy so that she will take all the good memories with her. He tells that till the marriage everyone should be happy. Dishu will hear this and she will get even angrier. Maamaji will listen to this and will be happy.

Nirven will tell Beeji she has to overlook everything, Beeji tells that the time is up in this house and she should go over to the other side.

Nirven tells how can she go there for there is a wedding and she should be here. He tells that we have to take the Shagun to Amri’st house and Shaadi wala ghar and you should be present. For this Dishu will tell that there is a wedding on this house also and wants Beeji to come to her house as planned. She tells that your elder grand daughter is going to get married in 14 days. All will be shocked on hearing this. Beeji is caught between the two families.

Dishu will please with Maamiji to help find a boy and
she will not respond.

Dishu will feel bad. Nirven hearing this will feel bad. He then pretends as if he is going out. Rajji puts he duppatta out.

Bani goes to the fields and feeds her father when he does not want to eat. His daughter pleases him. Then He asks Soham’s friend where Soham is and then he arrives. Soham and Bani look at each other and Sarabhjeet notices this.

PRECAP: Soham confesses to Sarabhjeet that he loves Bani and if he gets married he will give her izzjat ki zindagi and also look after her very well.

Update Credit to: anurao

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