Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s place
Buaji sees the kitchen and remembers kuki talking about rajji having finished the work before leaving. She asks simran where she went, and is angered when simran tells that she went to her mayka. Simran tells how an insistent soham asked rajji, who was reluctant to go, to come along and left. buaji is in introspection.

Buaji is giving Angad and Simran a scolding. Angad tries to reason as to whats wrong in this and how she finished the work on time and that it wasnt for them to decide where soham takes her. Buaji accuses Rajji of doing something terrible but says she will only tell in front of Rajji.

Scene 2:
Location: Bani’s place
The propective groom arrives with his family and is greeted by bani’s

family, in full grandeur. They get chatting. They introduce soham and also talk about parmeet. Bindal says that they were searching for a nice groom for jas also. Groom’s granny asks them to interrogate whatever they want to, as she can assure that jas would be very happy. they tell about how and what they do, and how they have applied for a visa fopr canada and soon hope that he would be an NRI. Bani’s family eye Desho surreptitiously. Bani’s father says that they just want their daughter to be happy, and it doesnt matter if he’s an NRI or not. They ask for jas to be seen. As desho gets up excitedly to get her, her husband eyes her and stops. Granny says that she should sit down, and asks bani and rajji to get jas.

While they get jas, the matchmaker tells them as how they are an ideal match for each other. Jas arrives with rajji and bani. The groom’s father asks the groom if he liked the girl. He is shyly but finally says that he likes Jas. they are all very happy. Now they ask jas whats her opnion and if she likes Vikas. She looks at him and agrees to the relation. All are very happy at having their children’s consent. Sweets are exchanged. But before they can, they are intervened by the banging of the door, and two policement barge in with kirat. They are surprised to see him. They ask the police as to whats wrong, and how did kirat get hurt. the police say that he was hooliganing. Nirvel ask who. The police say that it was an NRI, and that he was just left off at hurting, and if he had been killed, kirat would have been in jail for murder. Nirvel asks who was it. They say that it someone called Amreek. they are stunned to hear this. The police say that its fortunate that the guy’s father didnt complain and hencfe he is left off, but he wont be the next time. as the police leave, bindal scolds him for this rash act. Granny asks who’s amreek. They are tensed to answer. The matchmaker says that it must have been some friend. bani’s father says that they dont want to form the basis of old relations on lies, and tell everything and soham’s favour on them. They are shocked to hear this. Biji says that they have told everything correctly and now whetever their descision be, they would agree to it. The matchmaker still tries to salvage saying that it was amreek’s mistake all along, as he couldnt understand indian traditions. But the groom and his family are tensed. She praises soham and says that both bani and rajji are very happy. The grooms’ father agrees to them, but granny says that they wont act hasty and will decide after having thought over it. Nirvel says that they can take their time. the groom leaves with his family. nirvel and his family is tensed. Jas goes inside.

Kirat is reprimanded by nirvel, as to what did he get by hitting him and if he thought that was the solution and if it really heightened their problems instead of solving. He accuses kirat of being so insensitive that he is increasing the problem instead of lessening. kirat says that at the most, they can say no. He says that rajji wont get another chance, and stilol they are bothered about jas and not rajji. Kirat says that he cant forgive the person who brought tears of blood in rajji’s eyes and spoiled her life. Kirat asks how can they be so blind that they cant see rajji’s pain behind the garb of her smile, and how can they not see that she’s just staying there for their sake, and their respect and reputation in the village and that actually she is being tortured inside, and not at all happy with her marriage. They are all shocked. soham stands with his head, hung in shame, speechless. kirat says that he would neither leave nor forgive amreek for spoiling rajji’s life. he leaves, despite nirvel trying to stop him.

While jas is taking off the jewellery, bani and rajji enter and find her sad. bani asks her not to worry, and says that when she liked something in childhood, and didnt get it, she used to be sad, and then her father would tell her that its not that she isnt destined to get it, but bacause she deserves something better. Bani asks her not to be tensed as they havent said no yet, and rajji adds that even if they do, then it would be their loss, since they wont find anyone better than their jas. Jas says that she isnt crying that her marriage wasnt fixed, but because everytime happiness knocks on their door, something takes it far away. She says that for all of this, Desho is to be blamed. rajji and bani are surprised to hear her talk like this. Jas says that Desho’s NRI dream broke everybody else’s dream. Desho, who is hearing this from a distance, is distraught with sadness. Rajji asks her noo to think so much, as bad times wont prevail, and good times arent fear and asks her to keep hope. Rajji hugs her and also wishes the same for herself as well as jas. The screen freezes on desho’s tensed face.

Precap: Buaji tells rajji that she failed, and that she went to her house, without anyone’s permission even after buaji asked her not to. Soham says that she did take permission and that was his, her husband’s. Rajji smilingly looks at soham, happy that he stood for her. Buaji is shocked….

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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