Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: At the dhaba
Rajji is distraught at soham’s rude behaviour towards her, despite her efforts. As he turns to go, after saying why’s she doing this, and whats the use of doing this, rajji asks why does he feel that she’s having expecttaions, and she knows whats bani’s place in his heart, and she doesnt want to overpower it, and that she only feels what comes from the heart. she says that even if for the society, they are a couple, and hence there are certain obligations. Rajji tells soham that she knows that he would never give her the respect and status of his wife, but cant they be friends, if not husband-wife. She asks if she isnt even worthy to be her friend. Soham is tensed and speechless. Rajji moves past

him, and soham calls her from behind, and tells her that she’s right, in assuming that they can be friends and thats the relation that they shall share. he says that would start a new relation, forgetting the past, that of friendship. she looks back happily at him, and thanks him for this. he says that he’s veru hungry, and invites her to come along and eat. rajji is all smiles, as she sees him. She joins him for dinner, and he orders whatever she likes. She likes him to order for her. But he insists that she does so. Rajji says that she likes Palak Paneer, and asks soham to order the rest. He orders the same that Rajji had excitedly ordered, and says that today he would eat to his heart’s content, now that the ice has broken among them. Rajji says that from now, both the sisters’ livbes would be okay, hers and bani’s too, when parmeet comes to take her away. Soham gets sad hearing this. Rajji sees him lost, and is sad herself. They start enjoying the local band playing. Soham is taken by them to start dancing. As he matches steps with them. rajji claps happily. She remembers her moments with soham, happily. They take rajji too to join them in dancing. rajji is hesitant at first and stands next to soham shyly. on soham’s encouragement, she starts a little, after they both overcome their initial shyness. They dance together happily.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s and bani’s place
Bani than ks manpreet and apologises for bothering her too. manpreet says that she’s guilty of doing that. Bani asks her not to bother as she’s very fine, and assures that everything would be alright soon. surjeet overhears their conversation. They both ask the other to take care of each other, and cancel the phone. manpreet eyes bani’s and parmeet’s photo, while bani’s also doing the same. surjeet asks about bani. manpreet says that how can bani be alright after what she went through. She says that bani’s very brave, that even after all this, she hasnt lost hope, and is actually composing her, and assuring that everything would be alright. Manpreet says that what bani is going through, breaks anyone, but she has faced it very bravely, and has the faith that all would be fine. she hopes that the lord doesnt break her faith.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place and bani’s place
KUki and simran are waiting patiently for soham and rajji to return. Just then, they come and are thronged by simran and kuki, as to how it was. Soham leaves for his room. Rajji informs that they are friends now. Simran is happy while kuki is confused. Simran explains that a couple can be friends too. She explains hopw a life is easy when the wife is a friend, as then compatibility increases, and soham may be an average husband, but a wonderful friend who would forever keep his friendship. kuki is happy, and thinks that she would have ti befriend gugi then. Rajji is tensed. Simran asks whats the problem. rajji denies. Simran askls her to go and rest as she must be tired.

In his room, he calls up bani, and asks about parmeet and his arrival. Bani is tensed to respond. But she says that he would come tomorrow, but has been told not to tell anyone. Soham agrees, but just then, rajji arives. Soham cancels the phone. Bani is very happy expecting parmeet’s arrival. She gets busy arranging her wedding attire.

While arranging the bed, soham tells rajji that now they would take turns in sleeping on the bed. rajji says that this sint necessary. Soham says that now that they are friends, they would do so and share everything equally. Rajji says curtly that she doesnt need to be reminded everytime that they are just freinds. Seeing soham ten sed, she composes herself and says that she would sleep on the bed. Soham lies down on the floor, while she sleeps on the bed, remembering their time at the dhaba. She gets up restlessly, and in tension. She wonders whats happening to her, and why she’s feeling strange, and why is she thinking about soham, who’s himself sound asleep. she wonders if she’s fallen in love with soham, and is surprised to hear herself say this. she says that she wanted to be friends with him, but when itr happend, then why isnt she happy, and its hurting her now, and she’s feeling heavy hearted. soham stirs in his sleep. Rajji is alarmed, and leaves from there, and comes outside. She spalshes water on her face, to calm her down, and remembers what soham had said before being friends with her. She is tensed thinking about it. She asks herself what she doing, and if she’s mad to make a fool of herself. she laments herself as to how can she even think of soham like this. She thinks that now that he has befriended her, like she wanted him to, she isnt happy and wants him to love her, when she clearly knows that he loves bani. She is in tears, and asks herself not to increase her problems. she wonders why is she walking down a road that would never lead to soham, at a time, whern soham, who didnt even looked back at her, now is her friend, and why does she want to fall in love with him and increase her own problems.

The next morning, gugi is reading out scandalous news, buaji wonders whats happening in soham and rajji’s life. kuki assures that its very smooth and that rajji would win. Buaji says that only four days are left and first only she would know. Angad and simran come and join them. Buaji waits for breakfast anxiously. When rajji is serving breakfast to the family, Soham comes and asks Rajji to lay out a plate of food for him too, as he’s very hungry. rajji sadly starts complying. Buaji is tensed seeing that the roles have changed, and now soham is excited, while rajji looks lost. Others however appreciate soham’s efforts. The screen freezes on Buaji’s confused face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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