Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th November 2013 Written Update

Bhullars: Bani enters the Bhullar house in slo-mo and Gagan ,Randeep and Parmeet look on none too happy. Daarji tells Bani to go rest as she must be tired (lol..he makes it sound like she walked all the way from Delhi). Daarji invites Anuradha in as well but she declines and tells him to just take care of Bani. as Anuradha leaves, the smile on Daarji’s face changes to an expression of anger.

Bani goes to her room and has happy flashbacks of her sitting on the bed the first night, of Parmeet telling her he would be back soon and kissing her forehead.She looks happily around the room and hugs Surjeet who has come there with Gagan. Surjeet tells Bani how happy she is to see her back at the house. She encourages Bani and applauds her courage.
Bani asks Gagan about Manpreet and Surjeet makes an excuse that Manpreet has gone to her family.She takes Gagan away from there.
Gagan questions her about her lie and Surjeet tells her not to give bani any new worries. She warns Gagan to not tell Bani anything yet.
Bani looks at her wedding picture on the wall and wonders if the reason she came to the house, Parmeet, will accept her or not (cue my biggest liz lemon eyeroll).

Gill’s: Beeji is worried about Rajji and Binder consoles her as Desho looks on. Rajji overhears them and monolgue’s that she will not be a burden to anyone anymore.

Soham’s: Angad and Simran are discussing about Rajji and how to get her to come home. Soham comes in and they ask him again what had happened between them. Soham again denies and tells them that he has no clue what is going through Rajji’s head and all he knows that she wants to live her life her own way now.

Gill’s: Family is sitting down for dinner and Rajji comes and tells them she wants to get a job. Nirvail tells her she doesnt need to worry about money and they will take care of her for life and how she is still the same to them as she was before.Rajji tells Nirvail it’s not about the money and she wants to earn respect for herself. Nirvail is still double minded but Sarab supports Rajji and tells Nirvail that it’s agood things and girls should be independent these days.( THUD! *sophi falls off her sofa agog at this show and it’s whiplashes*)

Bhullar’s: Bani is unpacking and has a flashback of how Parmeet tried to slap her and thinks about how angry Parmeet is and what he will do to her. She comes across the locket Anuradha gave her and just then Parmeet comes in the room. Bani is scared at the furious look on his face. Parmeet locks the door and advances on her glaring and Bani backs away till she hits the bedpost, clutching the locket in her hand.

Parmeet grabs Bani by her arms ,hard, and tells her that she may have gotten a place in this house but she is mistaken if she thinks she will get a place in his heart. He tells her that as many days as she is here, she should try to stay out of his sight. Bani is devastated to hear this( dont know why honestly… what did she think would Parmeet say.. tu hai meri bani!! jadoo teri nazar!!! this girl jumps in fright when he slams the cupboard door shut and she still wants to be with him even though he clearly scares her…) Bani looks at her locket after Parmeet leaves and prays for strength.

Soham’s: Soham is sitting on his bed and flashes back to Rajji telling Simran she was leaving forever. Music plays in the background(Jana jogi de naal by Kailash Kher, lovely lovely piece of poetry and melody..).. Rajji sitting on her bed, and Bani comes out of the bathroom.. Rajji flashes back to the consumation night and then Soham calling Bani’s name out..Bani looks on at Parmeet and calls out to him but he is fast asleep. Rajji , Soham and Bani all go to sleep. Parmeet wakes up and sees the picture of him and Bani on bedside table and puts it face down.

Bhullar’s: Bani brings tea for Parmeet and Parmeet tells her that early in the morning he doesnt need to see her face nor the tea. He drops the cup to the floor and Bani is startled( Lord this girl is twitchy… twitch twitch twitch at the slightest noise). Parmeet yells for the servant to bring his green tea and walks off. Bani just watches him leave.

Precap: Rand-yeep tells Bani that she finally came back. He says she couldnt resist because the people in this house are so special(clearly double innuendo here, the creep). Bani tells him this is her house and how they say that the safest place for a woman is her house(she means sasural..)

Update Credit to: SophiSays

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