Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th May 2013 Written Update

Soham closes the door of the car for Bani and the car movies. Happy tells Soham that we will have a race to see who will come to the Gurudwara first. Soham’s friend shouts at him and tells him to come home as Simran is very worried. He says he ash to go. Then they have a fight. Then He explains that he wants to see the boy who is Bani is getting married is good and if he will keep her happy. His friend also will accompany him to the Gurudwara.

At the Gurudwara, Bani’s family and Amrit’s family come. Amrit ask her that Bani is getting married to the boy she loves so they the things between them will be alright. A very upset Rajji goes in and Amrit does not know what has happened to Rajji.

As they walk into the Gurudwara she sees Rano in the Dulhan dress and will be

staring at her. Rajji will see this and get upset. Ran=o sees Bani and is very upset.

Dehsu comes there and asks if she knows the Lady. Bani does not open her mouth. The Maamiji will tell that it’s getting late and Bani should get ready.

Dehsu will take Bani in. As she is going in she will look back at Rano. Bani and Rajji sit down before the God and thanks the God for bring the wall down> She prays that the all the diwar should bring the hearts of the family together. They will be praying that in 7 days that they will be leaving and becoming an NRI. Then Rano who stands behind

Amrit greets Soham outside and tells that you should be happy that your Daaka is happening. He says Aanth Bala so Sab baala. He tells that Bani is getting married to an NRI Parmeet and the wall dividing the houses have come down. Amrit will ask how could such a thing happen and why can’t you be the groom. Soham tells not to ask anything for everything happens according to Kismet. Amrit apologisizes to Soham for the mistake he made.

Then Rano will be shown taking a suitcase and going.

All enter the Gurudwara. Amrit looks at Rajji who is very sad. Then Soham and Bani exchange glances.

Dehsu is searching for the boy’s side and why they still have not come. Then Maamiji will tell that they came only today so they may be late.

The boy’s side comes. Then Dehsu realizes that Parmeet has not come. Dai She tells that Parmeet could not come. Sarabhjeet will ask what he means by that. Then Manpreet will tell that he called in the morning and said he had work and he could not come. Everyone are shocked. Maamaji informs them that they have made all the arrangements.

Then Manpreet tells that is why they came there in person and she asks if they have no problem then she can have the Daaka with Parmeet’s photo.

The matchmaker will tell that there is nothing wrong in it. Sarabhjeet is hesitant and Daai Sa tells that he leaves the decision to them and whatever decision you take we will accept. Soham will be praying.

Dehsu immediately jumps in that id Bani has no problem then we can do the Daaka. Then Sarabhjeet will tell that to think properly and decide and there so no pressure on him.

Bani agrees much to Soham’s unhappiness. Then the ceremony will start with Bani and the photo. They will be doing all the rituals to the photo.

Each one will bless Bani and the photo.bani will be very sad.

PRECAP: Beeji will tell Dehsu and Binder that she will not have food from there different rasoi’s much to their shock.

Update Credit to: anurao

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