Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Reyman raises a hue and cry over this, as everyone gathers. rajji tries to protest, and in that, she swoons off. They all get tensed and go to call the doctor, while soham places rajji on the bed. when balbir and reyman go out, reyman tells him how she had planned this, and hurt herself, to put it on Rajji’s insanity. they have a good laugh at their evil plan. the doctor comes and tells them, that rajji is going through a mental trauma, and if not healed now, they would have to place her in a mental institution too. All are shocked hearing this. while balbir and reyman are happy, soham says that he would ensure that she is happy always, when the doctor says that the only way to prevent this, is to keep heer mentally at

peace and happy. Outside, balbir thanks the doctor, for doing exactly what she told to say. He sees her off. He tells reyman that just one more instance, of provocative reaction by rajji, and she would be off to the mental institution. he smiles sarcastically.

In their room, soham finds rajji, upset while lying down and is apalled to see her like this. He asks if she’s okay and what had happened. He asks her not to keep anything in her heart. she tries to protest narrating what had happened. Soham saya that he belives her and asks her not to be tensed, as he’s with her. Meanwhile, rajji’s phone starts ringing. She gets Anuradha’s call. Rajji is very hop0eful that one of those girls might be bani, when anu tells her about the hospital. Rajji wants to go instantly, but anu tells her that she has to go tomorrow, as the visiting hours are over for today. rajji thanks anu, but she says that she too wants bani’s safety. as she puts the phone down, soham asks whose phone is it. rajji tells him about anu and her news. soham agrees that her too would go along with her, to search for bani. He prays to the lord, to help rajji, in coping and getting out of the trauma. rajji is tensed.

The next day, as rajji gets dressed to leave for soham, reyman comes to her, in th pretense to apologise, but again brings up the topic that she has to accep0t the fact that bani is nomore. rajji gets tensed. While she has a knife in her hand, she unintentionally points it at reyman, and asks her not to start all over again. manpreet sees them, and reyman takes this oppurtunity, to show how rajji has lost her mind, and again raises a hue and cry. Manpreet asks rajji what and why is she doing, what she is, and asks her what has happened. reyman eyes balbir smilingly. Rajji gets upset. soham is tensed, and goes after rajji, as she leaves. Reyman instigates manpreet, that rajji is increasingly going mental. manpreet is tensed to see this.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road, next to bani’s hospital
Parmeet talks to someone on the phone, that he would talk once he is at home, as there’s too much traffic outside. He asks the driver how long is his car going to take to mend, as the driver tries to fix it. While parmeet attends to another call, the driver accidentally slams the dashboard on his hand, and they immediately rush to the hospital, for getting first aid.

bani agitatedly wakes up, remembering her drowning. the nurse asks her to rest, as she is in a hospital, and asks her not to be scared. She goes to call the doctor, while bani is tensed. the doctor assures her that Meanwhile, parmeet too comes in the same hospital, and goes to tend to his injury. After he goes in a certain room, anu along with rajji come to enquire about unclaimed patients, and are told their room numbers. they move onto check on those patienst. . In his room, parmeet is told that the wounds are deep, and would need stitches. Whehn asked by the nurse to wait, as the doctor is in surgery, he asks them to tell the doctor that Parmeet Bhullar doesnt like waiting. When the nurse tells the doctor, who is attending bani, that parmeet is waiting, and the doctor goes to check on him, bani is scared thinking about parmeet and thinks that he has come to take her back, and decides that she wont go back with him. As bani sees a shadow, she tries to hide herself against the wall. the nurse asks her to come on the bed, and sleep as instructed by the doctor. she is scared but complies nevertheless. After the nurse leaves, she again gets up restlessly. Meanwhile, anu is fast approaching bani’s room, along with rajji and soham.

When anu along with others enter the room, they come inside to find the bed empty. The nurse says that maybe someone claimed them, and she has been discharged. rajji says that she thought that this would be bani, but it isnt. Anu asks her not to lose faith. anu asks what they would have to do, to find out about this patient. The nurse asks her to check the records. They leave, while soham stays behind tensedly. he doesnt realise that bani is hiding on the other side of the bed. The screen freezes on her scared face.

Precap: As anu, rajji and sohamj are in the hospital, trying to get any info about bani, the nurse that helped them, comes to say that the patient that went missing committed suicide just a few hours back. Anu asks what she has in her hand. The nurse reveals that its a locket. Anu identifies it as bani’s and she along with rajji and soham are distraughtedly shocked. They go to the morgue to find and identify the body. As the nurse unveils the body, all are surprised to see it, while rajji stands shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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