Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Parmeet is bout to cloe the door, when bani asks him to stop, and says that he has done his work, and now she shall do hers, and that either he takes her in, or else she knows what to do. parmeet cloes the door behind her, while she is tensed and sad and hurt too. She starts waking till the main gate, crossing the huge verandah. She nervously starts pacing around. She relaxes on the bench kept outside, shivering in the chilling old outside. she remembers parmeet’s false promises. she eyes the door, and is tensed. parmeet and gagan watch her through the verandah, while gagan says that she’s more confident than ever, and more she is tortured, ghe mose strong willed she becomes. parmeet says that today shall be her last day

here and they shall know whats more intense, her bearing capacity or his anger for her.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
buaji tells rajji that now they shall answer balbir, and asks rajji to answer him, that soham doesnt have any relation with him or his family. Rajji says that myabe he has actually changed, as they may talk, but their relation wont change of being father-son. all are shocked to hear this. bauji reminds her about rano’s fate, and says that balbir is an oppurtunist, and even if he is soham’s father, but he wont be truthful to this too. bauji vouches that he would never change, and therefore neither soham nor she would enter the house. she tells rajji that she would have to tell balbir to stop interfering and disturbing them in their lives, as he isnt related to soham and his unborn child. rajji agrees but is tensed still.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
The next morning, rajji comes to the bhullar mansion, and remembers that buaji sent her here, but thinks that this effort shall be in vain, as he wont understand. She is shocked to find bani, shivering outside in the cold, on the bench. Bani wakes up dizy and rajji rushes to her help, and asks whats she doing here. Bani says that she’s okay. rajji is apalled at her condition, and asks hot this happened. Bani narrates the entire incident. rajji begins to call her NGO, but bani stops her saying that she doesnt need anyone’s help, as its her fight and she wants to fight it alone, and that she wont go in, till he comes to take her in. rajji says that he wont come, as he threw her out. bani says that she isnt hoping from him, but this time she is adamant, that neither she would leave, nor would enter till parmeet asks her to, come what may. rajji tries to speak to her, but bani asks her to go away. She asks rajji why’s she here. rajji says tht she would say that later, but first she wants to talk to parmeet. Bani says that she shouldnt, but rajji insits that she should let this go. Bani asks her to let her do what she wants. rajji finally gives in and leaves, asking her to take care of herself. She is about to get up, when bani begins to collapse. She seats bani, and begins to go towards the front gate. She turns back to find bani sitting dishevelled, and runs towards the front door of the mansion, instead of the main gate.

Balbir and reyman are talking about rajji. Reyman asks balbir if rajji would be able to get soham to this house back. balbir says that they would have to wait and watch. She says that now only the lord know if soham would come to this house or not. rajji comes in announcing that soham wont come in this house. Balbir and reyman are surprised to see her and shocked to hear what she says. He asks rajji to come and sit and starts to talk to her about soham. Balbir is enthusiastic still, but rajji says that she has come alone to tell him that neither soham nor she would come here. she says that he may have realised his misatke, but soham wont forgive him. she says that he myabe his dad, but that family means much more to him than he evr will, and hence soham wont come here. reyman asks if this is soham’s descision. Rajji says that its everyone’s including hers, that soham shouldnt come to a place where women arent respected and starts stating bani’s incident. Balbir says tht its bani’s and parmeet’s personal issues and he cant interfere. Rajji says that when he cant give rights to bani, then what about her. She says that he’s a selfish and self centred person and he should continue being so. rajji turns to leave, but balbir says that bani wont ever come here. He gets into a compromising deal with her saying that if she gets soham here, or atleast she come here, so that soham come after her, then he would get bani inside this house. She says that he would never come her, especially not after her. he says that he wont come after her but would after the unborn baby. He states her point blank that bani would be able to stay only if she come along with soham. She is shocked. Balbir says that he isnt wrong, just madly in love with his son. rajji bgins to walk out, and finds bani, shievring in the cold, falling sicker every minute. balbir takes this oppurtunity to emotionally blackmail rajji, that she doesnt want to see bani like this, and if she chooses he right way, then bani wont ever have to leave, and assures that he wont let it happen to bani, whatever is and will be happening to bani and asks her to consider his proposal. rajji says that she would agree but first he has to get her inside.

parmeet comes to the main door, and remembers bani’s defiance to him. He controls his temper and starts walking towards her. parmeet comes to bani, apologises for doing this, in such cold and asks her to come inside, so that she doesnt fall sick or is in pain due to him. She is shocked and sad too. parmeet says that its actually him, and this is what she wanted, that he take her inside, so here he is. He takes her hand while she is boggled and begins to take her inside. she starts walking behind him. he enters inside the house, along with her. The screen freezes on her surprised face, as she eyes her house again.

Precap: while bani and rajji are chatting, parmeet comes home in an inebriated state, along with a female friend. they both are shocked. As the girl begins to enter parmeet’s bedroom, bani confronts her, takes her by the hand to stop her, and jersk her away from the room. She falls into parmeet’s arms who composes her, and looks sternly at bani, who confronts him too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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