Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s place
Bani comes out to say to nirmal aunty, that she doesnt need to ask for jas’s relation, as soon vikas and his parents would come, and relives her of her doubts., Nirmal hopes that this be true, and blessing her, she leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Surjeet is surprised to see manpreet packing and asks whats she doing. she says that she’s going to bani’s place to give her the wedding dress. She informs manpreet that dadaji would come soon. Manpreet says that she would come before him. Surjit says that dadaji’s train must have arrived on the station and it wont be much time now. Manpreet is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: At the station and Rano’s

Rano, dressed as a bride, is waiting at the station, in the hope that her husband would get down from the train,

finds a person getting down. she tries to see who the person is. she is shocked when she finds that daadji has gotten

down the train. Rano runs towards Dadaji, and touches his feet, and is asked whats he doing and who’s she. She lookjs up confused and surprised, and looks away with her head bowed. she says that she’s Rano. Dadaji is shocked. Rano says that she’s Balveer’s wife. Dadaji is taken aback, seeing her. She remembers when rano had married into their house. He asks who rano, as he doesnt know anyone by that name. Rano is distraught. He says that she’s had a misunderstanding. Rano says that its nothing like that, and again says that she’s his bahu, and his son Balveer’s wife. He begins to go, but she insists to give a good look at her, as he musnt have recognised her after 20 years, and insists that she’s bano. A crowd gathers around, and asks her to leave Dadaji alone, as she’s a mad person, and tells Dadaji whats her daily routine at the station. rano protests that she isnt mad, and is actually their bahu. Dadaji asks them to get rid of her. He walks past, pushing her against the train window. Yet she catches his feet, and again keeps rnting to dadaji, to tell everyone the truth. She says that Balveer may be angry at her, but he must be talking to him, and asks him to pass the message that she’s still waiting for him and also doesnt understand whats her mistake so far. Dadaji walks ahead, as rano is taken along with him, by his feet. Soham too is at the station, but aftre dadaji leaves, he finds rano, and asks the crowd to scatter and takes rano, holds her up, and takes her out, while she is distraught.

Soham gets rano to her room, and asks if she’s okay and needs something. she denies. He sits beside her, and says that he understands whats she going through, for the past 20 years and never complaines and stayed quiet. He laments at the crowd for calling her mad. He says that he gets very angry when someone says bad things about her. He says that she must be tired, and asking her to rest, he takes her leave. Rano is distraught and in tears.

Scene 5:
Location: Soham’s place
Kuki is helping Rajji dress up for the evening, as rajji dresses happily. But kuki isnt satisfied with the way rajji looks, and she asks kuki whats the problem. kuki gets an idea and comes back with a lipstick to put on rajji’s lips. Rajji likes the tranformation, but says that she’s looking weird. Simran comes in and asks kuki to go and find if soham has come. After she leaves, simran takes it on herself to dress her up nicely, saying that a girl looks best, when she wears her wedding jewellery. she says that she has got a set for her, and asks her to wear it. Rajji asks how can she accept her jewellery. simran scolds her lovingly, and asks her to wear them. Rajji humbly accepts the gift. Simran helps her wear the necklace. Rajji is all smiles and happy.

Kuki comes outside and finds gugi, and asks if he’s waiting for soham, as it would be in vainm and also tells him about soham’s and rajji’s dinner plans. Kuki asks if he has done the same for any girl. Gugi says that he has never taken a girl out but he knows. Kuki tries to suggestively instigate him into taking her to dinner. Gugi is scared and runs away from there, citing some work.

Later, kuki tells buaji that the candles did do some magic, and informs her about the dinner plans for soham and rajji. Buaji doesnt believe. Kuki says that this is true, as rajji told herself. As soham comes, kuki asks him to tell buaji about his dinner plans. kuki leaves to tell rajji that he has come. angad comes and asks him to be ready for dinner with rajji. As soham leaves tensedly, buaji is surprised and tensed too.

Scene 5:
Location: Bani’s place
The driver comes and gives bani a package that manpreet has sent for her. Bani is very excited to find her wedding dress in it, as now she would be able to fulfill parmeet’s promise. Desho comes and asks why did manpreet send this. Bani says because she asked her to. Desho asks what was the need. Bani says that parmeet’s memories are attached with this, hence. Bani leaves, while desho is tensed. Bani comes to her room and keeps the dress in her closet, and finds jas tensed. She asks bani if she can sleep with her tonight. Bani agrees and asks if she’s thinking about vikas. Jas denies. Bani asks her not to hide as she’s doing nothing wrong. she asks why isnt jas pciking up vikas’s phone as he isnt to be blamed for this. She asks her to talk when he calls again. Just then, bani gets vikas’s call, and she gives it to jas and asks her to talk to vikas. Bani leaves, wanting to give them some privacy, while jas chats with him.

Scene 6:
Location: At the dhaba
Rajji excitedly reaches with soham at the dhaba. She excitedly decides the menu for him as to what he likes best. Soham doesnt respond, while rajji is very excited and cant control her excitement. She cotinues the conversation. But soham leaves from there, finally being unable to take it. rajji is tensed and making a composed face, she goes upto him and asks what happened, and why did he leave like that. she says that they can go elsewhere, if he doesnt like this place. Soham says that he has a huge problem, not with the dhaba but with her, as she cant have a simple understanding, that he’s trying to get familiar with her, and that she is everyday raising her expectations from him and this relation. Soham tells rajji that there’s nothing like that. He asks her to be clear that he didnt get her here so that they could roam around an d chat and spend some time. He says that however hard she might try to be a good wife, he cant be her husband, and nor give her the respect of a wife, as she knows that he loves bani and cant replace her with any other girl, not even her. The screen freezes on rajji’s distraught face.

Precap: Rajji tells soham that she knows that he would never give her the respect and status of his wife, but cant they be friends, if not husband-wife. She asks if she isnt even worthy to be her friend. Soham is tensed and speechless.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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