Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Parmeet asks whats she doing heer. Bani says that she came back, just like he did. Anu says tht he should have got her here, but his memory is weak, as he was getting married again and left his wife stranded the second time. parmeet is defiant and asks her what does she think he would let her come inside the house. anu says that even if this was false, he still made a vow, and has to take her back inside. Parmeet defiantly says no, and asks anu to leave and take bani too. Anu says that she too wants this, but bani out of her truthfulness, and genuinety, has decided to give him a second chance, and she would be with whatever descision bani takes. Anu says that she would see who stops bani from entering her house. Parmeet says that she wont be able to step in this house, till he is there. Anu asks abni to go. bani looks at anu and parmeet and is tensed. Anu places a reassuring hand on her shoulder and nudges her to go. Bani starts walking and goes past parmeet and enters the haveli, as she places her first feet, but is stopped that very instant by parmeet. he takes her by the hand and asks her how dare she step inside. and throws her out. Bani asks him to let go of her hand. Anu asks him not to dare even of this. He shifts away his hand, seeing anu’s hand on his. Anu says he wont get away this time. Anu says that she’s quiet for bani, or else what he has done, she wont have let him come in this house, and would have landed him in jail. Anu tells him that bani is his wife, and she would stay with him in this house, as her right. Parmeet says that this isnt her house, and he doesnt have to listen to her. Parmeet asks both of them to get lost, or the servants would do the job. Anu asks him to take a look outside, before throwing them out. parmeet turns around and is stunned to see lots of women walkside the haveli. parmeet asks all of them to get out, and asks how did they get in. He reprimands anu too for this. anu says that this is the local NGO and the local police, who would treat him, if he doesnt let bani come inside. Parmmet is still defiant. The ladies too voice anu’s opinion, and threaten him to be behind the bras, if he tries to stop bani from entering. Surjit and gagan too come out hearing the commotion, and are shocked at what they see. parmeet asks bani if he is happy to do this, as she has only cause him trouble so far. He is about to hit her, but anu stops his hand, saying that she would hit him too, if he hits her. she says that bani isnt weak, but is helpless due to love. The police too threatens parmeet not to repeat this again. dadaji hears the commotion and comes outside finally. Parmeet tells dadaji, about the huge crowd gathered outside their haveli, that there’s a mob who is uttering nonsense. dadaji is shocked to see bani with these ladies. Anu says that she’s from delhi, and identifies herself, and then says that they have come here for bani. She says that they would see that bani is given her rightful place, as parmeet’s wife, and a member of this family. She says that she has come for bani to be accepted by parmeet once again. And if parmeet doesnt do this, then they would get parmeet arrested. All are shocked. dadaji walks upto them, while bani is scared and anu tensed. he surprises them by saying that bani would stay here only, with parmeet. all are shocked, while parmeet protests that he doesnt want to. But dadaji silences him, surprising anu too. He turns around to face parmeet, and says that he would hit him if he talks again. He asks parmeet whats marriage, a drama for him. He says that if he didnt want to live with her, then why marry her, as he wasnt forced and married out of free will, and if he got married, he would have to take it seriously, and give bani the rightful place and respect of being his wife. He goes over to bani, and placing an arm around her, he says that bani is the bahu and the respect of this house, who should be inside the house. parmeet stands silenced. He apologises to anu and everyone else for parmeet, saying that he’s ashamed of parmeet’s doings. dadaji says that his grandson has returned, and so shall his bahu too. He tells bani, that this house was hers and is today too. Bani is surprised. dadaji asks parmeet to apologise to anu and bani. He stoically complies. Anu is happy. Dadaji asks anu to be relieved as bani is completely safe here and would be respected. he thanks the ladues too that they got bani back to their house. Anu asks the ladies to leave, as their work is done now. the ladies comply and leave. Dadaji asks bani to step inside and grace the house. He asks the ladies to prepare for her welcome. They hurriedly leave, along with a surprised ranvir. As he is about to take bani inside, anu asks for two minutes from him to talk to bani. Dadaji complies. Anu takes bani aside. bani thanks anu profusely for saving her respect, and getting her life back again. anu says that she isnt to be given credit, as its her good will and honesty that brought this day in her life. Anu wishes her farewell saying that both she and jia would miss her. she says that she can come to delhi whenever she wants. She also gifts bani, a locket with the lord’s photot in it. Anu also gives Bani the card of the secretary of the NGO that just came. bani again thanks her profusely, while anu tells her not to veer bear any more torture as thats a bigger crime than torturing.

Meanwhile, Dadaji gets angry and asks parmeet to come along with him. he complies. Parmeet asks dadaji why did he do this. Dadaji asks him to understand the situation and th need of the hour. He tells parmeet that bani alone can be handled, but not with so many ladies. parmeet gets his shrewd point. Dadaji tells him that the law too would have favoured bani, had he stood for parmeet. Parmeet is surprised to hear this, but understands his point or pretending in front of anu and the ladies from the NGO. dadaji goes outside to get bani inside. He along with the ladies, welcomes bani inside the house. Bani gets emotional. Dadaji tells bani to go inside and rest, as she must be tired now. Anu too coaxes her to go. as she steps in, surjit and gagan look happily, while parmeet stands sulking. The screen freezes on bani’s face as she looks at parmeet.

Precap: As bani is in her room, she is tensed, as parmeet comes to the room, and locks it behind him. He walks towards her, with great venom and rage, while bani is tensed and scared, clutching at the locket that anu gave to her. he pins her against the bedpost, eyeing her angrily.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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