Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with Amrit and Rajji praying before the God. Dishu asks Bani why she came here and she informs her mother she was worried about her and so she came.

The Priest declares the function is over and tells bot the families to hug each other, both the brothers’ hugs. Then Sarabhjeet tells her that I knew you would come. She tells that that I did not want to go against your verdict. The boys side should think both the families are happy.

Then she tells that I will never forgive Nirven and his family.

Amrit will try speaking Rajji why he is angry with him when she did what she told him to do. Then they will be interrupted.

Nirven will see Soham and his family and will invite them. Soham will inform Nirven that he left a file in his house, as he was not there. Soham is introduced to Amrit’s father.

Amrit’s Chachaji would have arranged a Bhaisaki function at his house. He and Amrit’s father will invite everyone including Soham and his family. Dishu will also agree after great reluctance. They would also invite the children.

The function will be very well arranged. Everyone will be enjoying himself or herself. Then Amrit’s father will inform that the Wedding will take place after 15 days. Nirven and Binder will be shocked. Binder will be wondering how to do it when Amrit’s mother will tell that they will all get together and do it

Rajji is sitting with her friends and Bani standing next to her. Rajji is still angry with Amrit and will not like her friends who are teasing her that she wanted a love marriage and she is now having a arranged marriage.

Bani will be looking at a very angry Rajji. Amrit will be a little away and will be admiring and staring at Rajji from afar. A song will be playing in the background. Rajji will be giving an angry look and turns her face.

She will feel very uncomfortable when he comes close to them. He asks then if there is no problem can I speak to Rajji in private. The friends will give a green signal. Rajji will be protesting but Bani will persuade her. He tells thanks to Bani and goes behind Rajji to speak in private.

Amrit will tell I did what you asked me to do. Rajji will tell all I asked for you to refuse Bani but you why did you ask for my ristha. She tells that you will not understand. He tells yes I cant understand at all. She will tell how would it be if you left a elder brothers daughter and wanted to marry a younger brothers daughter.

He says you could have refused me. A very angry Rajji will tell Amrit that I was forced to accept you. He tells her that they are such a good joint family so thye will understand.

Then she tells him that its is not a good and big joint family. There has a wall between them for the past 22 years. Bani and Rajji will had this wish that they rift will be solved. He made things even worse by choosing her and the wall will never come down. Amrit is shocked.

PRE-CAP: Dishu will take a promise over the fire that within 15 days even Bani will get married to a much richer NRI than Amrit. Her doli will leave the house along with Bani’s. All of them, Sarabhjeet, Bani, Binder, Soham will look shocked.

Update Credit to: anurao

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