Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Gurudwara
Rajji prays distraughtedly to the lord, as to what should she do, as she doesnt want to stay at all at soham’s place, but is in a fix, now that jas is getting married. she thinks that she would have to go, and leave the city too, as there’s no other choice, and thats whats well, and best for everyone.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Angad asks soham if he found anything about rajji. He denies also telling that he called bani too. Angad too says that her parenst are very worried, and hence he has asked simran to stay with them only. Guggi offers to go and look in the gurudwara. they agree and ask kuki to stay back, to attend to some call. They leave, while kuki prays that rajji is found soon.

Scene 3:
Location: Gurudwara
Soham goes to find for rajji, inside the gurudwara, asking people about her, while she’s descending down the same steps, each oblivious of the other’s presence. She walks past soham, as they cross opposite ways. While walking out, she turns around and prays once again. She hollers for a rickshaw, and asks for a hike till Bus Station. Just then, soham turns around and screams out for her. Their eyes meet, each surprised to see the other. he comes to her and asks her to get down the rickshaw. Rajji is defiant, but he forcibly gets her down, and asks the puller to take the rickshaw away. He faces rajji and asks where was she going. She says that she can go anywheer. He says that he’s very upset with her as it is. Rajji says that she’s leaving the city. He says that she hasnt asked or told anyone. Rajji says thats not needed, as she has free will. He asks her if there’s anything else that she knows other than to create trouble. They get into a fight and soham holds her hand tightly, and ask her to think of her parenst atleast, who are worried sick about her. Rajji asks him to let go of her hand, and when he does, she asks him never to touchb her again. gugi sees them and rushes to them. He gets a call, from simran, and tells her about rajji having been found finally. They are happy and relieved. Gugi tells simran everything, while simran tells everyone about rajji’s news. She asks gugi to call and tell angad and kuki too. Simran tells that soham is getting her here only. bindal breaks into tears and desho asks her to be calm.

Soham and rajji are still debating over their own descisions, where rajji is defiant. soham asks why does she want to leave. She remembers their night together, and says that he wont understand. He says why wont he, as hje’s her husband after all. She is shocked. He asks her to confess to her parents atleast, as they are very worried. Gugi comes and tells about his phone call to simran. Soham asks gugi to go ahead while he comes with rajji on the bike. gugi leaves. Rajji sits on soham’s bike awkwardly. He asks her to hold on to him or else he would fall. But she doesnt. as he accelerates the bike, she gets a jerk, and reflexively places her hand on his shoulder. They drive off.

Bindal is anxiously waiting for their arrival. Nirval and the other come asking for rajji. Biji tells them about her, and asks jas to get them water. Jas notices that rajji has finally come home with soham. All see and are surprised too. Rajji comes with a stoical face. Bindal hugs rajji, who’s turned to stone. She asks rajji whats all this, and wher did she go. Desho too asks what happened and she should have confessed with them atleast, before taking such a big step. Nirvel asks rajji to first go inside and talk later, and asks her to rest first. Rajji doestn say anything, and goes to her room, and locks the door. All are tensed. biji says that they should have talked to her atleast. nirvel says that she wasvery tensed, and all the interrogation wouldnt have helped. She should calm down before she gets to talking. Angad takes his leave, along with simran.

Inside, rajji is in tears thinking about here situation, remembering their night of passion and the bani utterance thereafter. She also remembers the last time she saw soham before leaving the house. meanwhile, soham calls bani, who’s very tensed and sharing her tensions with anuradha, that rajji has been found, and relieves her. Bani tells anu that she wont have to go home now. But anu surprises her when she says that bani would have to go home.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Balbir tells and pretends to be the victim at manpreet’s leaving and tells this to parmeet, who listens silently. He is happy that parmeet has finally returned, and dadaji would be very happy at this. He asks him not to worry at all. As he turns around, balbir is smiling viciously at his plans of trapping parmeet in his evil intentions.

later, the doorbell rings and seeing that no servant is available to answer the call, parmeet himself goes on to open the door. Parmeet opens the door and is shocked as he finds Anuradha standing outside. He asks her whats she doing here. She tells him she has come to return someone whom he left first at his house and then her place. She says that she has got the person, who always gives him another chance, and he always betrays her every chance that she gets. She moves aside as Bani has also accompanied her. Parmeet is shocked to see her. bani walks towards him and faces him finally, along with anu. The screen freezes on bani’s tensed face.

Precap: Parmeet tells dadaji, about the huge crowd gathered outside their haveli, that there’s a mob who is uttering nonsense. dadaji is shocked to see bani with these ladies. Anu says that she’s from delhi, and identifies herself, and then says that they have come here for bani. She says that they would see that bani is given her rightful place, as parmeet’s wife, and a member of this family. She says that she has come for bani to be accepted by parmeet once again. And if parmeet doesnt do this, then they would get parmeet arrested. All are shocked. dadaji walks upto them, while bani is scared and anu tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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