Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the gurudwara
Simrasn and guggi get rajji down, while she shyly sees soham, who is pellbound to see her. they both pray to the lord. He eyes rajji and wishes her a very happy birthday. She thanks him. He asks her how did she like her gift. she looks around and says that she loved it. bani too comes down, and tying and mingles with the others, while parmeet has his gaze fixed at her. bani gets tensed seeing him, while he eyes her romantically. She turns her gaze away, but he continues to stare at her. bani excuses herself and moves away. she comes to parmeet and asks him to come aside for two minutes as she wants to talk. He complies. They come aside. bani tells him that despite anything else, she knows that he wont lie in the gurudwara. Bani says that she can forgive him, but cant look back and be with him. she says that she has moved so ahead, that she has kept all relation and its memories in the past. she says that it was very difficult for her, but he made it easy, by doing wrong to her, so that she identified herself, and made herself strong, an identity that is hers and not by someone else’s name. she says that she wants to live her life, herself, not by someone else’s support, be it him or anyone else. bani leaves, while parmeet watches her with a sigh. As the jaimala begins, all are happy as the marriage proceeds. kuki eyes guggi lovingly. Soham thinks that they have seen lots, from hatred to friendhsip to love, and finally culminating into marriage, and asks for God’s blessings. rajji too thinks that soham has given her more than she had wanted and hopes that no evil eye casts itself on them. soham wishes from the lord, to enable him to keep rajji happy. Rajji says that situations may chanbge, but the love and place in the heart never changes, and asks the Lord, to keep them forever together. The marriage finally culminates. they all congratulate soham and rajji for theri marriage, while simran asks rajji that she was bothering unnecessarily that something bad would happen.

Parmeet too takes the lord’s blessings. randip asks him what happened. He says that bani wants to move ahead and hence he doesnt want to come in her way, to distract her. He says that he has highly wronged bani, and had he been in her place, he would have done the same. parmeet says that he would wait for her forever, and hopes that one day she would come back to him. randip tells him that he wont let him go alone, and offers to go himself and leaves to inform Surjit.

Meanwhile, soham is told by rajji, that this is the best gift that a wife would receive. soham says that he has something else also to give her, something that she liked in the market when they went together. He reminds rajji about the gift of mangalsutra, and she is surprised that he still remembers it, and asks him not to give it, but help her wear it. He complies, and places the vermillion on her forehead. Soham tells rajji, that they finally became one and truly a married couple today. rajji is super happy as she eyes her mangalsutra with childish excitement. Guggi discusses about their marriage with kuki, while he teases her about it. bani comes to them and asks them to go and take the lord’s blessings so that they stand next in line, to get married. rajji is called aside by soham, and simran, when she is showing her mangalsutra to bani. Just then, due to the bad weather, the chandelier starts moving around, with the heavy winds, and everyone gets tensed. Rajji is gripped by a sinking fear and soham notices, much to his horror, that bani is standing, right undeneath the chandelier, as it starts getting loose. he lets go of rajji’s hand and rushingly dives in to save bani. rajji is disturbed to see this, as she feels her married life is recapitulating itself, with soham again letting go of her, to tend to bani. she is tensed. While bani is taken aside, soham himself comes under the chandelier. the sound of it, disturbs everyone and shocks them as they find soham under it. bani and rajji are shocked and distraught too. Soham is in pain, with his head under a concussion. rajji, bani and simran scream out, as blood starts gushing out of Soham’s head. all rush to tend to him. The gents take the chandelier aside, while the ladies are distraught to see this, as soham lies unconscious in a pool of blood. Soham is rushed to the hospital, while rajji, bani and guggi are distraught and far from consolation. Simran, angad and guggi follow, while soham is shown to have serious injuries on the eyes. He is taken inside the ICU, wherein his hands are seperated from rajji’s. The screen freezes on Rajji’s distraught face.

Precap: rajji is distraught and beyond consolation, while bani and simran try to calm her down. Rajji says that she had told that something wrong would have happened. she screams out to him, going berserk, through the glass window of ICU.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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