Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the office
Bani is about to sign the papers, when soham stops her and asks what papers are these. She says that she’s doing only what parmeet told her to do. she takes the papers and signs them, saying that she would explain later. He is confused. later, he asks why did she sign the property papres. Bani says that she cant say anything. Soham says that there’s something that she’s hiding, and asks her to state clearly, or else he would call her family, or ask the agent only. Bani asks him not to do that. Bani says that when he came here to sell property. Soham says that he knew that parmeet sold the property, and is unsure as to whats happening, as parmeet signed half and rest she did. She protest for parmeet’s innocence in wanting to plan a future together. she says that parmeet told her not to say anything to anyone, but she told him. He promises that he wont tell another soul. They get on the bike and drive off.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Buaji is reprimanded by kuki as to whats she doing, that she cant even see her coming. When buaji sees her hiding a paper, she asks whats it. kuki says that its a surprise, thats an account of rajji’s performance. Buaji gets it out of kuki, that Rajji is preparing soham’s room for a candlelight dinner. Buaji says that this would all be in vain, as only candles would melt and not soham’s heart. kuki leaves, sensing buaji angry. Buaji wonders that if this succeeds, then rajji would be successful.

Later at night, rajji serves them dinner, while waiting for Soham. Angad asks why isnt she eating. kuki says that she’s waiting for soham. Rajji shys at that. He says that soham’s coming back is unsure, and hence she should eat. Rajji says that she had a talk, and he said that he would come soon. In their room, rajji decorates the entire room, with candles, romantically set, and waits for soham, who’s busy getting bani back home safely. Rajji is happily arranging everything, in anticipation of the night thats to come. By midnight she starts getting tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road and soham’s place.
The bike’s tyre gets punctured, and he gets it to the garage. Bani decides to call up her family, to let them know, and asks soham to call up rajji too. But they find that they have a network problem. Bani says that everyone would be tensed, and she’s tensed that parmeet would be trying and not getting through. Soham says that once they are in the network zone, they would call up. He comments that its good that parmeet called up. Bani says that once she goes with parmeet, jas’s marriage would come through. She says that even Rajji’s improving in her marital life with him, and is taking the extra efforts. Rajji is very sad, when she finds that soham still isnt home. Soham asks bani to eat something, but she says that it would take up unnecessary time. But the mechanic says that its going to take around 25 minutes, and they can have dinner. They sit down to eat, while rajji waits hungrily for soham to return. They begin to eat at the Dhaba, while he sees bani searching to find netwoprk, so as to be able to talk to parmeet. She begisn to eat anyways. soham asks what did parmeet say. Bani says that he’s expected soon now. Rajji takes off all the arrangements, and begins to dismantle them. bani is still tensed for not being able to inform the family. soham says that they would eat soon, and after that reach home. Rajji is tensed and tries soham’s number, but doesnt get through, due to network problem. She is tensed that neither bani’s nor soham’s call is getting through, and that they should have returned home by now, and hopes that they be safe.

Scene 4:
Location: Bani’s residence
Soham leaves bani at her place.
Soham asks her to tell him when parmet’s call comes, so that he may be of assistance and can be a good friend to her. Bani takes his leave. Inside, all the family is surprised that they havent reached yet. When the call gets through, they find that bani has already reached here. She is asked as to what took them so late. Bani tells them everything. They ask about soham, and is told that he went away, as he too was getting late. Biji says that it was good that soham was there, and wonders what was so important for parmeet, that he wanted from there only. Bani makes up an excuse about wanting sweets that arent available here. Biji is tensed, when bani leaves hurriedly for her room.

In her room, bani gets parmeet’s phone call, asking her how is she and everyone else, and sarab’s health. she says that all are fine due to his call. He asks if the work is done. She says that she has done so. He thanks her. She asks when is he coming back. He tells her that he would come back after excitedly a week, by the 5’0′clock train, on the 27th of september, but he has a condition, and thats he wants her to be dressed as a bride, just like he saw her first time, and he would take her home like that only. He says that he has missed her a lot. Bani too reciprocates the same. He asks her not to tell about this to anyone else, as he wants it to be surprise. She says that she would miss him dearly, and very impatiently spend these 7 days. She is superjoyed.

Scene 5:
Location: Soham’s place
Rajji finds soham having come back, and heading straight to his room. she excitedly goes to the kitchen, and prepares a dinner tray for him, to serve him food. As she comes back to the room, that she has romantically set, she overviews the arrangements and herself. she then goes on to call soham, but finds that he;s soundly asleep on the bed. Rajji is distraught and sad.

Scene 6:
Location: Bani’s place
Bani happily thinks that she has lots of packing to do, as only seven days are left, before parmeet comes to stay with her forever. She decides to find her Wedding Dress. she starts looking for it, and is tensed when she cannot find it anywhere. desho comes in and finding her busy, asks whats she doing. Bani makes an excuse, and says that she was just arranging things. Desho wants to help, but she asks her to rest. Desho says that she is relaxed when she finds bani happy. She tells bani to finsih her work and go off to sleep. After desho leaves, bani thinks that she wont be able to sleep, till she sees parmeet, after seven days. The screen freezes on her hopeful face.

Precap: Bani thinks that she had promised Parmeet, but how should she get the wedding dress from the haveli to wear. She thinks that manpreet looked so tensed, and how can she say that this is very temporary, as parmeet is going to be back soon. She thinks that he’s going to come back to her, and take her back to that haveli, with the same respect and honour that she had been bestowed the first time she stepped in that haveli….

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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