Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the hospital
Bani tries to get herself composed and breateh normally, while they all try to get her under control. later, abni remembers her drowning, and wakes up calling rajji’s name. But she soon gets dizzy and falls off on the bed again.

Scene 2:
Location: parmeet’s residence
In her room, rajji is very distressed remembering the latest happenings. soham comes in to check on her and asks if she’s okay. She doesnt respond. He gives her water, and she silently complies. he asks her to take care of herself, if not for herself then the baby. Rajji says that what would happen when she is reminded of bani. Soham says that he would try his level best. Rajji says that she hesrelf would have to sope with the grief. she says

that she wants to join back her NGO, to distract herself from bani’s memories. soham is concerned, but rajji assures him that she would take proper care of herself and her meds, and try to be happy herself for the baby. syhe asks if she can join. he agrees and says that he would do anything that would keep her happy. soham leaves. Rajji apologise and says that she wants to go to NGO, not for herself, but for bani, as by that excuse, she would get bani in the house, before the final rites.

Bindal talks to soham about rajji’s health, in such a state, when she is grieving for bani. soham says that he would take care of her. After he cancels the phone, he finds balbir and reyman on the door. they come in pretending to be concerned for rajji. Soham curtly says that he has to go to the office to take rajji. Balbir permits. After he leaves, reyman asks what good would this buttering do. balbir says that he’s finding rajji’s nerve spot. He says that they only have to let rajji go on with her rant, so that they can assure the family that rajji is mad, and get her into a mental institution. Soham would get berserk, and then it would be easy to get the papers signed. reyman asks if he is sure. balbir says that he would, as he is more on rano, than on her, and thinks from the heart and not the head, and hence would do what they want him to do.

Scene 3:
Location: NGO office
The next morning, Rajji pleads to the NGO head to help her, but she says that the police have declared her dead. Meanwhile, anu, Jiya’s mother walks in and is shocked to know that bani is dead. Rajji too is surprised to see her. They both introduce themselves to each other. Anu wants to know what happened. She asks rajji to calm down and tell her, as she isnt alone and she is with her in this, assuring that she would help her completely. rajji tells her everything. Anu says that she believes her and would help her to find bani. rajji hugs her.

Scene 4:
Location: parmeet’s residence
Surjit, manpreet and gagan are discussing about rajji’s condition ahnd her family’s tension. reyman comes in saying that she has started doubting rajji, and her mental sanity, so that she doesnt go mad, in rajji’s grief. rajji, who has come in is shocked to hear this. So0ham too comes down and is surprised to see her so soon. manpreet and others are surprised to hear reyman’s stance. rajji says that she feels good that all are concerned for her, but is hurt by their stance, and says that she still believes that bani is alive and she would find her out, before bani’s final rites. They are all surprised. rajji leaves for her room.

In her room, rajji is crying, when soham asks her to stop crying, and believ only what the heart tells her to do. she is told that she shouldnt follow others’ talk and then she would definitely find bani. rajji gets up and hugs soham, in despair. soham hugs her emotionally and tensed for rajji too. He thinks that he knows that bani isnt alive , but has to play to rajji’s tunes, to keep her sane and happy.

Scene 5:
Location: In the hospital
Anu talks to the doctor about any recent patients unclaimed by their family or kin. The doctor says that one such case camke up, and after explaining the severity, she takes her to bani’s ward. Outside, she tells anu that she has to go and take some important case, and she can see the patient alone. Before she can enter, anu gets rajji’s call asking about the update. anu says that she has started the work, and would intimate her whenever she gets any news. She cancels the call. Before she can look in bani’s ward, the nurse distracts her to another room, which the doctor said that suits more the profile, that anu is looking for. Anu leaves, oblivious that she is walking away from bani’s ward.

Scene 6:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Reyman gets food for rajji, and tries to get her to eat it. She says that she would eat later. reyman says that she knows that she’s upset for bani, but she has to accept that bani is dead. rajji takes off her hand from reyman, and looks at her tensed. Reyman goes onto say that bani was weak and hence couldnt survive in the world. rajji is tensed and angry and asks her not to talk of bani. reyman again emphasises that bani is dead, and should think about the living people instead, instigating rajji to react violently. rajji again asks her not to talk. reyman keeps forcing her that bani is dead, and her not eating food, wont get bani back to this world, and her trying to go on a rant wont change bani’s conditon from being dead to alive. rajji jerks off the plate, and reyman intentionally stands in the way to get hurt. She raises a huge hue and cry and tries to get this to everyone’s attention. reyman says that she thought that this is just mental trauma, but she has actually gone mental. rajji gets tensed at this. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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