Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Soham friend telling him that Bani’s ristha is fixed. He is shocked and his friend tells that the ristha was fixed with the boy who came to see her. He says everyone knows and its happening in the Gurudwara. He tells him to go and tell his love. He says I do not know even if she loved me and visa is getting delayed. Its to late. A person comes and asks Soham to give a paper to Nirven. He agrees to do that.

Bani is watching her mother and tries to convince her mother to go for the Daaka. She tells to keep you happy Papaji did not talk with his brother for so many years cant you go for the Daaka just for his sake. Dishu will not listen.

Nirven and family will reach the Gurudwara and the Matchmaker will tell the parents will surely ask about Sharabjeet and Dishu. They should have come. Then she tell look behind and Nirven sees his brother and family.

By then the boys side comes and Amrit’s father will be introducing all the members. Then they go inside the Gurudwara and all sit down to pray.

Rajji will be looking at the door waiting for Bani and Amrit will look at her and she will ignore him, She looks again and Beeji will console her.

Amrit will look at Rajji and she will ignore him. Then Amrit’s mother will ask why Dishu did not come. Binder will tell she had some work and she will come. Then Dishu will come and will be praying to God. Everyone are shocked and happy on seeing her. Rajji is very elated but sad that Bani ahs not come. Dishu will come and sit next to Binder. Dishu will tell Happy and Jassie have gone for the mela and Bani is at home. Beeji will tell how can Bani come after all this happened.

Bani is remembering the promise she is wondering what to do. Rajji will tell Beeji if Bani does not come then I will not have this function. Bani will decide to go for the function for Rajji’s sake.

Then Rajji will be praying to God that Bani must come. Soham come to Nirven house and not finding anyone will think they would have gone for the Daaka.

At the same time Bani will drop a plate on the other side. Hearing the sound Soham will keep the file down and will make a sound. Hearing the sound Bani is shocked.

Bani will be wondering who is on the other side and Soham will also be wondering and they climb the stool and they see each other. Bani fall down and Soham runs around and gives a hand to help her. She is hesitant and gets up by herself. Soham asks if she is okay and she tells she is. Then she tries walking and is hurt, He makes her sit and sees his leg. He asks for the medicine box. She then points it out to him and he starts putting medicine for her.

He will be dressing her wound and she is uncomfortable and he will be hesitating to put medicine or its hurting her. He then blows on the wound. Bani looks at him, Soham then bandages her foot. He will not be able look into her eyes.

PRE-CAP: She asks him to drop her at the Gurudwara as it is very important and she tells thank you

Update Credit to: anurao

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