Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th September 2013 Written Update

At Bani’s house, everyone is happy and gathered around Sarab who has recovered but is resting in bed. They all discuss how everything will be alright now that Parmeet has called. Desho is over-excitedly planning on what all to send with Bani when she goes even though they don’t know when Parmeet will come. Sarab seems a bit upset and Nirvail consoles him saying that Parmeet’s family will come and apologise for their behaviour once Parmeet returns. Bani gives a constipated look and then cheers up and thanks Parmeet for bringing happiness to her family

Manpreet is trying to reach Bani but getting an engaged line as Parmeet is talking to Bani. He asks Bani to help him with some property transfer matter
Bani tries to ask him about the property stuff but he

says he will explain later. Says to remember that the sooner she does his work, the faster he will come to India. He tells her who to meet and tells her not to tell anyone but to go alone as this is not the time to disclose stuff to others. He also tells Bani not to tell his family about his calls. Innocent Bani says they can trust Manpreet but chalu Parmeet says he wants to take her back to his house himself and with full respect and if his family know, they will take her back before that..

As soon as his phone ends, Manpreet calls and Bani lies that she had tried calling to tell that Sarab was feeling better.

Sohum and Rajji about to leave their house when Buaji waylays them and asks where they are going. Rajji says they are going to see Sarab. Buaji says then who will do all the house work as Simran is also not there. Rajji says she has already finished all the tasks. Buaji tries to hold her back by reminding different work but Rajji has done everything
Sohum supports Rajji and they leave. Angad is happy to see Buaji’s plan fail and Buaji starts cribbing that Rajji has no worry that there are only 7 days left. Angad asks her why she is so worried as Sohum is the decision maker and Rajji is the one who has to do the work.

Desho happily shows Jas, Beeji and Binder a blanket she had kept aside for ages to give Bani when she went to Canada. Jas says Parmeet will have lots of blankets but Beeji says this is a mother’s love.

Rajji and Sohum reach her house and Jas brings Sarab out of his room. Bani comes out dressed and tells that she has to go to the city as Parmeet wanted some stuff. Beeji wants her to take someone but Keerat ad Nirvail have gone out. Bani says she will go alone and insists she has to go today itself and lies that she has to send the stuff through Parmeet’s friend . Beeji says to go with Sohum **Rajji looks upset at this** but when Bani protests Rajji supports the idea. Beeji tells Rajji also to go **Phew… Rajji is relieved**

They come out but oh no, there is place only for 2 on a bike and Rajji tells Bani to go with Sohum as it is her work

Rajji returns to Sohum’s house and Buaji is waiting with her taunts and tells her to do what is really important to win Sobum instead of running to her house. She notices that Rajji has come alone and says Sohum must have again gone to see a friend as he does not like spending time with her. Rajji goes inside and Angad hears all this and begs Buaji that Sohum has given his life’s decision to Buaji and she should make the decision after a lot of thought and not in anger. Buaji says she will ensure Sohum has a good life and all of them will praise her one day for her decision.

Bani and Sohum reach the city. Bani wants to go alone and so fobs off Sohum

Rajji in her bedroom wondering how to win Sohum’s heart in 7 days. Kukki sees her upset and Rajji confides in her. Kukki says she can help and says you can learn from movies. Rajji says none of the movies she has seen are helpful. Kukki says that she has heard the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but Rajji says Sohum has no interest in food. Kukki’s 2nd suggestion is to dress up properly but Rajji says she tried that as well but without success. Kukki’s third option is to sing a song. Rajji says if she sings Sohum will run away Kukki says other options are going out, watching movie, candle night dinner and gives idea to have a dinner in diya’s light She and Kukki decorate the bedroom and get the diyas ready

Bani reaches the real estate agency. Sohum is shown waiting for her with the bike and thinks he should have gone with her, Rajji calls him to ask whether they reached but mainly to ask whether he would come back early. He says yes **Well that means he won’t. By the way, Rajji looks too cute and hopeful** She keeps the phone and thinks Sohum will think there is something wrong with her for asking such questions and then hurries to make preparations. In the meantime, Bani is about to sign the papers when Sohum reaches and stops her **Our Bani is a typical serial person – does not bother reading anything**

Precap: It is late and Rajji is waiting for Sohum. On the other hand, Sohum is pushing his bike as it has had a flat tyre and Bani is following. They are shown having food at a dhabba while Rajji waits for Sohum with food and the lit diyas

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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