Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soham telling Bani that he is getting some flashes. He thinks of Rajji’s words that she loves him a lot. He holds his head and thinks. He says I got it. You have told me that you love me, you admitted your love here, but that voice is not yours, then who was with me, I came with whom, why don’t I see everything clear, who was that girl. Bani says try to remember, with whom were you, think again. Rajji comes and hears them. Soham can’t see Rajji’s face in the flashes. He says I can hear a voice and its not yours, my head is aching, I will go mad. Bani says leave it, you will get unwell. Rajji starts leaving but Parmeet stops her.

Parmeet says come with me. Rajji says no use. Parmeet says no, today it will happen, come. Parmeet and Rajji come there. Parmeet asks Soham did he remember anything. Soham says no, I tried hard, I can hear a voice, a girl is telling me that she loves me, but who can it be if its not Bani, her voice shows her love is true. Rajji cries. Parmeet says true love happens only once and with lucky people. Why can’t you identify it. Soham says I have no one in my life except Bani. Parmeet says think about the face.

Soham tries to think. Parmeet says you have to think about the face. Soham says I don’t know, only Bani loves me. Parmeet says is that voice Rajji’s. Soham is shocked. Bani and Rajji get tensed. Soham says what, Rajji, what are you saying, why will she tell me, you should think, she is your wife. Parmeet asks don’t you remember anything or are you not trying, don’t you have any relation with Rajji. It means you don’t care about her, fine, she is my wife, I should be ashamed right, I will marry her again today and now itself. Everyone are shocked.

Parmeet says come Rajji, we will marry again. Rajji says what. Parmeet says yes, I will marry you today again, come with me. Soham says what happened to Parmeet, why is he telling about me and Rajji, why is he marrying her again, what happened. Rajji says Parmeet leave my hand. Parmeet brings Rajji in the temple. Rajji says this is not right, are you in senses, what are you doing, I m staying with you as I m helpless, why did you tell this. Parmeet says I m doing this for Soham, Bani and you tried a lot but failed, Soham will identify his love when he feels he will lose it, I understand it well, I also realized my love when I lost it, trust me, Soham will get his memory back.

I m giving Soham a shock. Rajji says no. Parmeet says think by your mind, think if you go to Soham soon, then Bani can come to me. Rajji says you are doing this for Bani. Parmeet says think what you want, but I will do what I want. Rajji says listen to me. Parmeet ignites the fire and makes a mandap type. Rajji says try to understand, this is wrong. I m Soham’s wife, how can I marry you, its sin. Parmeet says its not sin to save husband’s wife. She says I won’t do this, leave my hand. Parmeet says stop. Bani brings Soham in the temple.

Parmeet holds Rajji’s hand and says you have to agree for Soham‘s sake. Parmeet says I will do what I planned. He says we have to take this risk. Bani says Rajji is not happy with this decision. She says we should stop this marriage. Soham says stop. Bani asks Parmeet to stop. Parmeet says no one will come in between us. I will marry my wife again today. Soham gets some flashes. Bani thinks what happened to Parmeet, why is he doing this. Parmeet starts taking rounds with Rajji. Soham gets flashes of his marriage. Soham sees Rajji’s face as his bride atlast and is shocked. He holds his head and looks at Rajji shocked.

Some mantras play…….. She thinks of Rajji and his love. He thinks it was Rajji with him at the tree shade. Soham falls and faints. Rajji shouts Soham and runs to him. Bani gets worried too. Rajji says what happened to him Bani. Bani and Rajji blame Paarmeet for this. Parmeet says no, I did this to………. Bani says enough. They bring Soham home. The doctor checks him and says we can say anything when he comes to his senses. He leaves and says call me when he wakes up. Soham gets flashes of his marriage with Rajji.

Soham wakes up and Rajji starts going far from him. Soham opens his eyes. The doctor asks him how is he feeling. Soham looks at everyone. Soham says he is fine. I have head ache. He says where is my wufe. Everyone are shocked as Bani is standing there. Soham says I want to meet my wife. Rajji starts leaving. Soham asks where is my wife, call Rajji. Rajji stops and smiles. Everyone are happy knowing he got his memory back. Na kuch pucha……………….. na kuch manga……………….. plays………………. Rajji comes running to him and holds his hand. She says Soham I m here with you. She hugs him.

Soham and Rajji smile. Tujh me rab dikhta hai………………..plays………………. Soham thinks about their old romantic moments.

Parmeet asks Bani can they unite, he wants to start a new life with her, and marry her again.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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