Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Bhullar mansion, Gagan, Randeep and Surjit are laughing as Parni have not woken up yet. Gagan is excited to hear about their first night as if she has not had one yet Randeep tells her not to expect Bani to tell her everything but Gagan is confident she will. As there is only one week left and so not enough time, Chachiji again praises Bani for bringing happiness to the whole family after going through so much trouble..

In the bedroom, Bani wakes up to see a happy Parmeet staring at her. She sees the time and is shocked at how late it is. He tells her everyone will understand. Parmeet starts to go all romantic again and Rajji takes her revenge by calling Bani.. Parmeet is better than Sohum. He tries to stop Bani from picking up the phone but gives up Rajji asks about Bani and she says everyone is very happy there. Rajji tells her that they are still having problems as they have got no proof against Vicky and her engagement is that day. She asks Parni to come and try to help by talking to Buaji. Bani promises to come by evening.

At Maan house. Kukki has packed her stuff to run away. Guggi waits for her at the bus stop. Rajji comes to her and asks why she is looking upset. She sees the bag and slowly deducts the plan and tries to stop her saying that Buaji will never forgive her. Buaji comes there, tells Rajji to get ready and sticks to Kukki like a leech as she had overheard her conversation with Guggi. She takes away Kukki’s phone.

Angad , Simran and Rajji discuss why Buaji is hurrying everything. Angad wishes that Kukki speak up. Rajji is about to tell about her plans but then shuts up.. Buaji brings Kukki outside and Simran praises her. They step outside the house and see the pujari is doing havan like for wedding. Rajji questions Buaji and she says today is Kukki’s wedding. Vicky and his mother enter then. We see flashback of Buaji begging Vicky on the phone to marry Kukki that day as she was planning to run away. Buaji says she told relatives not to come so that no one questions why they are doing wedding directly. All are shocked.

Precap: Kukki tells her mother that she will marry only Guggi.

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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