Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bani asking what type of clothes is she wearing and she has fever too. Bani asks everyone did they not stop Rajji. Rajji faints and falls on Bani. Parmeet asks Bani to take Rajji inside and then they will talk. Bani takes Rajji inside. Raymon says we had kept a small party for promoting Gagan’s designs and Rajji was helping us, we asked her to take rest but she did not listen. Soham asks Raymon what is she doing here. Guggie lies to him. Parmeet says if the party is over, will you ask the guests to leave or shall I say.

Raymon thanks the guests for coming and says I have taken all the orders. Bani asks Rajji whats all this, you know high heels can be dangerour for you, if we did not come, you would have hurt your baby, you don’t care about Soham and your child. When he gets fine, and knows about you, what will I tell him, that I could not take care of my sister. Rajji hugs her and cries. She says I did not wish to do this, but what could I do, I did not had any other option. Bani asks what do you mean, you did this being helpless, why, who made you do this. Bani says tell me. Rajji says ……. Raymon comes there. Bani sees Rajji scared seeing her.

Raymon asks Rajji is she fine, she was worried for her, so came to see her. Bani says she is fine. Nothing will happen to her, as her sister Bani will not let anything happen to her. Raymon leaves. Bani wipes Rajji’s tears and looks on. Bani comes to Parmeet and says Rajji is fine, she needs rest. She asks Soham to rest for sometime. Soham says no, we came to see Rajji, I think we should leave now. Bani says no, till Rajji gets fine, lets be here, I will be worried at home. Parmeet says Bani is right, stay here for night, Rajji will be fine till morning, meet her and then leave. Guggie says Parmeet is right. Soham says fine, we will stay here tonight.

Soham leaves Parmeet apologizes to Bani for not taking care of Rajji. Bani says its not your mistake. Raymon did all this. Parmeet is shocked. Parmeet says I wish I came to know this before. Bani asks him to help Rajji. Parmeet says we should think to make Soham and Rajji unite, I have a plan. Its night, Parmeet and Soham have wine. Parmeet says I felt nice you are here with me. Bani and Rajji come there. Soham says come sit here. Parmeet signs Bani. Parmeet says I will bring cold drink for you. He leaves. The power goes. Soham says strange. Bani makes Rajji sit beside Soham and leaves. Soham talks to Rajji thinking its Bani.

Soham says I think Parmeet and Rajji left us alone in darkness. Bani falls on Parmeet and they have an eyelock. Music plays……………….Parmeet asks are you fine. She says yes. He says come. They see them talking. Soham says I always knew you are mine. Rajji cries. Soham says I love you a lot. Rajji thinks of their old moments. Rajji slips and Soham holds her. Mere aasmaan se…………………….Rajji hugs Soham. Soham smiles. Soham holds her face and is shocked to see its Rajji.

O Saiyyan………………..plays……………….. He moves away from her and says Rajji, what are you doing here, Bani was sitting here, why did you not tell anything. He leaves. Rajji cries. Soham comes inside the house and calls out Bani. Bani and everyone see him. Guggie says I will see Soham. Bani says we should ask Rajji. Soham thinks how could Rajji hug him and says this is not right, why does Rajji come infront of me. Guggie comes and Soham tells this is not right, I have to go from here now. Guggie asks what happened. Soham says I can’t tell anyone what happened.

Parmeet hears them talking. Rajji says I knew our plan won’t work, Soham is angry. Parmeet says no, its working, have come strength, everything will be fine. Soham tells Bani that we will leave now. Parmeet asks why, what happened, did we do any mistake. Soham says no, I can’t tell anyone and I can’t stay here. Parmeet says go in morning. Soham holds his head. Parmeet says fine, I will ask my driver to drop you home. Bani hugs Rajji. Soham says thanks Parmeet, we will leave. Soham and Bani come home. Soham thinks Rajji hugging him and is disturbed. Bani comes to him and says Soham. Soham feels guilty. She asks what happened, are you fine. Soham says yes, I m fine. She says why did you come here in anger, tell me what happened.

Soham says I want to be alone now. Soham gets flashes of Rajji. Bani asks what happened. Soham asks what happened earlier on terrace, I don’t remember, you might know it, tell me. Bani says calm down, I will come in two mins and will tell you everything. Bani comes to Kookie and Guggie and asks them what happened at the terrace. Bani asks them to call Rajji and ask her to come over. Raymon says Rajji you can’t go anywhere, you have so much work. Parmeet says she will go to meet Soham. Raymon says fine, I will talk to Soham. Parmeet says shall I call Soham. He says fine, call him and talk to him infront of me. Raymon says what.

Parmeet says you forgot my history, I m the man who tried to kill my wife, who can do this, think what I can do with you. Raymon says you are threatening me. I will see you later. She leaves being scared. Parmeet asks Rajji to go. Rajji says thanks and leaves. Soham and Bani come at the tree shade and Soham gets some flashes. Soham thinks of Rajji’s words and her I love you. He gets head ache and is shocked.

Parmeet asks Soham to think who was the girl, was she Rajji. Soham says she is your wife. Parmeet says fine, I will marry my wife Rajji again. Everyone are shocked.

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