Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Outdoor location near the lake
All are shocked at rajjui’s stance, when she says that bani would feel bad when they find that instead of waiting for her, they are grieving for her. Rajji asks nirvel to wait for bani, instead of grieving. She goes to everyone sayingt aht bani is just lost, but very much alive. She asks the pic to be taken away. Biji asks rajji to compose and tells others to make her cry as if she doesnt, then this would take her life too. soham comes and says that she should compose and says that Bani is dead. Rajji says that bani is alive and they are best friends and sisters and that she would return. Nirvel and bindal try to calm rajji down, but` rajji is insistent that she would definitely come home. Rajji has a dizzy fit

and falls into soham’s arms. all gets oncerned, as she drifts off to unconsciousness. Parmeet stands smiling. soham carries her to her room, and ranbir is asked to call the doctor.

Even in her sleep, while the doctor is treating her, rajji goes on a rant about bani being alive and coming back to them. all stand tensed outside her room. The doctor continues with the treatment. Bindal assures rajji that she would cvome back. all ask the doctor about it. The doctor says that there’s nothing to worry, as she shouldnt remember bhani and be stressed, and should be ahppy. soham says that he wouold trake care and not let anything happen to rajji or the baby. He goes inside to find rajji still ranting about bani in her sleep, and bindal sitting tensed. Rajji opens her eyes. Soham tries to get her to rest, while rajji says that she has to go and talk to the police. sohama sks her to be quiet and says that the doctor has prescribed rest. rajji says that nothing would happen to her and she wont be at rest till Bani is found. soham says that they would together find bani and that he believes her that bani is alive and that he would himself go with her but first she has to rest. as she doses off, soham is tensed for her.

Later, surjit talks to manpreet saying that the house seems cursed, as wrong is happening. manpreet says that so much so happened, and that she cant see whats happening to rajji, right in front of her eyes. she asks the Lord for his mercy on the family. Surjit asks her to stay heer, in her place and that she doesnt have to go. balbir hears this, as surjit says that they all need her. manpreet finds balbir staring at them and gets tensed. both remember manpreet’s slap. surjit too follows manpreet’s gaze and eyes him. Manpreeet says that her people and her family need her and that she wont go anywherre and stay here in her own house. As balbir begins to go to manpreet, randip stops his way, and balvbir instantly chanbges his tone that he’s very happy that she’s here back in the house. He says that he’s very apologetic about his behaviour and asks for forgiveness. They all eye her tensedly. He asks her to stay here only, and that he would talk to his wife, to get her stuff shifted and that he can stay in the geust room too. reyman hears this and is furious and angru. But manpreet and surjit just walk past, while parmeet and randip leave too. reyman confronts balbir and asks what the hell is this, that now she has to leave this room too, first for rajji and now for manpreet, and that instantly they should throw her out of the house. balbir says that given the situation, he had to play along like this, for them to be able to stay in the house. reyman says that then they should instead live in the animal’s shed. balbir is concerned while reyman is furious. parmeet is asked by manprret and everyone else, to come and have dinner. just then the police arrives and all are shocked, when they say that they have been called here. rajji comes down and says that she called fro them. parmeet is tensed. Soham asks why did she get up, as she was to rest. Rajji says that she has called the police to investigate bani’s murder. all are shocked while parmeet is worried. Surjit is surprised. Rajji reminds them of the thief that day in bani’s room, and also tells them about her meeting that theif, and that this was a preemptive murder strike. parmeet takes care of the situation and pretends to be concerned for bani saying that they should have gotten to know this earlier as the guilty of committing bani’s murder, should be punished. parmeet then turns to rajji, saying that she is hurtinghis feelings, by saying that she believed bani’s alive and now she thinks that bani’s dead and calling for a murder investigation. balbir too supports parmeet’s stance sdaying that rajji is grief stricken and isnt sane right now. rajji says that she did see the man, and asks them to believ it. Sohama sks her not to do this. rajji is still adamant. Rajji says that it was a murder attempt but bani isnt dead yet. Just to calm her down, soham says that he would tell them and together search for bani. he takes her to rest. Balbir turns asround and apologises to the police for wasting their time, and that they shall solve their house issues amongst themselves. The police leaves. reyman expresses that rajji might just go mad in bani’s memory, and that she cant see her like this. All leave, while manpreet, parmeet and gagan stay behind.

Scene 2:
Location: Near the lake
Meanwhile bani’s body is washed ashore to the side of the lake. While some people are taking a stroll near the lake, they find bani’s body that has washed ashore, and go onto tend to her. They check that she’s still breathing and carry her to get her immediate medical attention.

Sceneb 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
parmeet says that he’s trying to forget bani, but he is reminded of her time and again. manpreet says that time will heal all wounds. She asks him to go to the room, while she sends him dinner. Parmeet finds gagan smiling, as manpreet leaves. He asks why she’s happy when everyone’s in grief. gagan says that he should be happy as he is finally rid of bani, but instead he isb sad. parmeet tells gagan that he wanted to get rid of bani, but didnt want her to go from this life forever, particularly now when things were going right between them, and now he’s going to miss her badly. gagan says that she’s sorry for his loss and leaves. parmeet says that whatever she thought was true, but this time he cant let anyone doubt, that he was behind bani’s murder and he would enact as much as he has to for proving his genuine sadness. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Balbir talks to the family about doing Bani’s final rites and rituals. they all agree and soham says that they should right away get to prepartions for bani’s terahwi. rajji hears this and is tensed, thinking that they cant do this, and before the final rites begin, she would have to find bani.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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