Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th August 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Bua’s daughter bringing a bag full of wollen yarns. Bua chides her for bringing so much yarn but her daughter tells that even she wants to learn to knit a sweater. Bua praises her and taunts Rajji on the same.

Chacha and Manpreet are having a conversation. Chacha says he was initially suspicious about Randeep’s intentions but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine Randeep molesting Bani. Manpreet tells him to speak softly or else other member’s in the house would come to know. Chacha decides to speak to Randeep.

Chacha is mad at randeep for his act. Randeep explains that all this he did was for Bani. Parmeet isn’t here so she is lonely. A woman does need a man’s support at such time and he was just helping Bani with the same. Chacha

reminds him that Bani is Parmeet’s wife but Randeep says that he will get Bani at any cost, who will stop him? Manpreet says she will stop him. Both of them are stunned. Manpreet says she wont let Bani suffer like that. Randeep again says something and Manpreet is furious at him. She chides him as he has no respect for elders. She warns him to stay away from Bani or else she will report all his doings to DaarJi. Randeep smirks and tells her that DaarJi wont believe her and hold Bani responsible for the same. Also, Parmeet is not going to return and hence nothing will b able to stop him. He also warns both of them to stay away as he doesn’t want ot hurt his family in the process.

Rajji and Bua’s daughter are sitting to knit the sweater. Simran gives her a book that contains the basics of knitting. Rajji is surprised and thanks Simran. Both of them read the book and start working on their respective sweaters. Rajji stops as the next step includes taking measurement of the one who is going to wear the sweater.Rajji is tensed.

Nirmal visits the Gill family. She shows them the photograph of the groom for Jas. The photo is passed to all members except Desho who feels embarrassed. Finally it is decided that the groom’s family will be visiting them. Sarab tells Binder to inform Bani and Rajji also.Sohum has returned from the shower and is surprised to see Rajji standing there. He feels embarrassed and asks why she came inside. She could easily knocked the door. Rajji says she came for the measurement but Sohum says not required and she can make it the way she wants. Rajji explains that she doesn’t want to give Bua another chance to taunt her. Sohum eventually agrees and allows her to take the measurement. Rajji is nervous but manages to note down the measurements correctly. After some time, Sohum asks her if she done with her work and finally leaves.

Binder calls Bani and tells her to come home as the Groom’s family will be coming to see Jas. Bani says she’ll have to take their permission. Binder says she is sure that her In-Laws wont have a problem. Bani meets her Bhabhi on the way and tells her the reason for going to home. Bhabhi says no need of going as she has already gone home quite a no. of times. Bani says she wont go. Bhabhi taunts Bani as her family keeps calling her home everytime. Right then, Manpreet arrives and grants her permission. She also says that its she who’ll decide whether Bani has to go or not. Bani goes away. Manpreet grants her permission to stay for few days. Bani smiles and leaves to pack her stuff. Manpreet has tears in her eyes. Chach arrives and asks the reason why she is sad. Manpreet says she doesn’t know whether she’ll be able to see Bani again or not. Chacha asks why is she talking as if Bani is going forever. Manpreet says Bani is going back forever.

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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