Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with where it left Dishu telling that they will be no ristha between the two houses. Everyone will be upset and she tells Nirven to go away sobbing inconsolably. Nirven is very upset. He looks at a crying Beeji his brother and leaves the house. Bani and Rajji are very upset. Beeji will be leaving and Rajji will be helping her.

As he is walking out Nirven remembers how Dishu welcomed him into the house. He then goes out. Sharabjeet is helpless. He tales a hysterical Dishu in and makes her sit on the bed. Dishu tells my entire daughter’s Kushi is gone and you want me to forget. He tells her to look forward. She will still be blaming then and Sarabhjeet tries to pacify her.

Nirven tells that His brother took a very wrong decision and this gives Dishu all the more reason to find fault with us.

Sharabjeet tells Dishu that Amrit loved Rajji and how can I force Bani to marry a person who did not choose her.

Binder will try and tell her husband from Dishu’s point of view and all her hopes are dashed.

Dishu tells that its so easy to tell that another ristha will come but this one came after a long time.

Nirven tells that he will not take the blame for something he did not do. Rajji is standing and looking very guilty.

Dishu tells that I will never forgive anyone and even her husband. Bani will be seeing this and feeling bad.

At night Dishu, Nirven and Beeji will not sleep they will be thinking about what happened and feeling bad. Nirven will be feeling very bad that Bani’s alliance was stopped.
At night the usual time both Rajji and Bani talk, Rajji comes out and sees a crying Beeji. She asks Beeji what happened. Beeji will tell both my sons will never come together under a single roof. She tells only one person can console you. She takes her to the wall and removes the brick.

Beeji is very happy to see Bani. Rajji will tell that this wall kept Bani and Rajji together. Bani tells that she had promised her she will bring the families together she will surely do it just to trust her. Bani tell’s her to have faith in her. She asks Rajji to take her in and asks Beeji not to worry otherwise she will fall sick.

Rajji comes back after leaving Beeji in and tells Bani she is at fault. She tells I had told that Amrit to go back and he caused so many problems. Bani tell her why did she agree to marry. Rajji tells her that I could not say anything against uncle. I am going to get married to a person who caused so many problems.

Bani then tells her how will he know what the problem is at home and he is under the impression it is a joint family. Bani tell’s her that already there is so much confusion. Please do not cause any more. She asks Bani to promise that she will come to the function tomorrow. Bani promise her she will come.

PRECAP: Mammiji will ask Dishu to go to the other house as they are waiting and Dishu will tell no one will go.

Update Credit to: anurao

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