Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th November 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Bani telling Anuradha that she will face all the challenges and gain back her lost rights. She will write her own destiny and wont let anyone play around with her life anymore. Anuradha says the path she chose is very difficult and she must not lose hope and till then she will fulfil her promise. Unless she doesn’t find Parmeet, Bani will stay here only.

Simran tells Sohum to look for Rajji as by now her anger might have vanished but Sohum says no need to go and she can stay there as long as she wants, Simran says he is her husband and he must find the reason behind it. Sohum refuses to go and Simran tries to convince him. Angad tells her not to force him if he doesn’t want to go, However Simran says they’re beavhing like kids and before matters get complicated they need to get Rajji back. Angad says no one have even listened to them and hence its no use saying anything. Sohum says when Rajji herself didn’t think before leaving then why should he? A dejected Simran takes Angad along with her and leaves.
Manpreet tells Surjit to take care of Randeep. She tells Gagan to take care of Randeep. Randeep wishes to go along but she refuses and says she will fight this battle alone. Indeed she is a woman but not so weak to bow down before anybody. Having said that, Manpreet walks away. Surjit thinks that history has been repeating itself everytime. First Rano, then Bani & now Manpreet. All the daughter-in-laws are walking out of this house and may be even she’ll have to go through this. Manpreet walks out of the house and looks behind for the last time. DaarJi stands at the entrance, all set to shut the door. Manpreet leaves and the next moment, a car enters the compound. DaarJi is surprised to see that Parmeet has returned. The entire family is stunned to see him back. DaarJi is furious and asks him why he is back. Parmeet asks DaarJi why he is mad at him. Randeep confronts him and Parmeet says what crime did he commit by selling the property? He wanted money and hence he sold it, he didn’t break anyone’s heart for it. Parmeet asks DaarJi whether he wont forgive him or will he throw him out again. DaarJi says how can he do this afterall he is the only heir to this entire property. He is happy to have his grandson back home. Surjit thinks that DaarJi threw Manpreet out and embraced Parmeet back just because he is the son of this house.

The entire family is preparing for some festival and they hope Bani & Rajji would have been with them. Right then, Simran and Angad arrive, the family invites them in. Binder says they should have bought SohJi along with them so that they could meet them also. Simran is confused and asks whether Rajji came here to which Simran tells them that Sohum and Rajji had a fight and Rajji left the house. All of them are worried as to where she must have gone.

Sohum asks Guggi why he didn’t come to work today. Guggi reminds him that Rajji has left home. Perhaps she has fallen in love with him. Sohum says there’s nothing like that & they’re just friends. Sohum receives a call from Simran who informs him that Rajji hasn’t come to her Maayka at all. Sohum tells Guggi that Rajji isn’t at her maayka.

Binder is worried about her daughter and Simran says its all her fault. She shouldn’t have let Rajji go away like that. Sohum speaks to some of Rajji’s friends but they do not know where she is. Finally He decides to speak to Bani. Bani tells Sohum that she isn’t in Canada as she met Parmeet in Delhi itself. Sohum is stunned and asks whether Parmeet is with her & Bani denies. Sohum asks her if she spoke to Rajji. He tells her that Rajji walked out of the house. Bani is worried and decides to go back asap.

At the Gurudwara, Rajji prays to Babaji to show her the way. She doesn’t want to go to Sohum nor can she go to her parents. She has no other option but to leave this city and go.

PRECAP: Parmeet opens the door and finds Anuradha standing outside. She tells him she has come to return someone whom he left first at his house and then her place. She moves aside as Bani has also accompanied her.

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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