Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone shocked to see Soham fall. Raymon comes to Gagan’s boutique and says why is it so blank. Gagan says I hope our business will work soon. Raymon says use some marketing strategies, business’s rule is what is seen is sold, why don’t we have a kitty party and invite rich ladies, I m sure they will love your designs and buy it. Gagan says why are you helping me. Raymon thinks she is doing this to take revenge from Rajji.

She asks Gagan to focus on designs and she will do the party arrangements. The doctor checks Soham and says he is fine, he told me that he got some flashes which he felt it happened with him. Bani and everyone are happy. The doctor says I asked Soham not to take stress, he may get his memory back soon. Rajji irons Raymon’s clothes and feels like fainting. Parmeet calls Bani and says Rajji is not fine, we are taking care of her, but she is not taking care of her, she does all the work and does not listen to anyone.

Bani says make me talk to her. Parmeet gives the phone to Rajji. Rajji talks to Bani. Bani asks Rajji why is she doing this, else she will do this house. She says Soham is remembering few things, he may get well soon. Rajji is happy. Bani says I m worried about you. Bani asks Rajji to take care of herself, else Soham will be sad seeing you in this state. Rajji smiles and says I will take care of myself, you take care of Soham.

Parmeet says I m sorry I had to do this, I called the doctor for your checkup, take rest. The doctor checks Rajji and says complete rest is required, don’t do any work. Raymon thinks and plans to trouble Rajji. She asks Rajji about her clothes. Rajji says its there, I have ironed it. Raymon asks her to cook food for her 10 friends. Raymon says get up. Rajji says you heard what the doctor said. Raymon says you know what I can do with Soham. She threatens Rajji again. Bani tells Soham that Rajji is not well and she wants to meet Rajji.

She says Rajji helped me a lot at the time of your accident, I want to see her, I should help her. Soham says you are right, Rajji always supported us, we should go there to see her. Bani smiles. Rajji cooks food for the kitty party. Rajji thinks of the future with Soham and her child. Rajji comes to Raymon and says cooking is done. Raymon asks her to wear Gagan’s designs infront of them. Rajji is shocked. Raymon says wear high heels, as you are short. Rajji says I can’t wear as I m pregnant. Raymon threatens her again and makes her agree for Soham’s sake.

Rajji agrees and says I m doing this for Soham. I m not afraid of you,, I m sure Soham and I will unite soon. Raymon welcomes the guests and they play cards. Chachiji is shocked and asks Gagan do you think this will benefit you. Gagan says don’t know, I felt her idea is right. Rajji serves food to the guests. Rajji wears the gown and high heels. Gagan and Chachiji are shocked. Raymon says so this is our new collection. Gagan asks Rajji not to do this, go and change, I will show them the designs by hand. Raymon acts sweet and says Rajji should show the designs. Gagan says are you mad. Chachiji says she is pregnant. Rajji supports Raymon.

Rajji walks and is about to fall. Gagan holds her. Rajji does not wear high heels. Raymon gets angry. Rajji shows many dresses. Gagan says its enough, I know Rajji is uncomfortable in this. Raymon asks why, she will wear as she will do all the work. Gagan says how can she all the work alone. Rajji says she is fine and will work. Raymon taunts Rajji in alone as she wore platform heels. She asks her to bring snacks for the guests. Raymon makes Rajji fall by pulling the carpet under her feet. Bani comes and holds her. Everyone are shocked. Bani looks at Rajji’s clothes. Rajji cries. Bani looks at Raymon.

Soham tells Parmeet that he is Rajji’s husband. Parmeet says fine, I will marry her again. Parmeet takes rounds with Rajji and Soham remembers about his marriage. Rajji and Banu cry. Soham says stop as he remembers Rajji is his wife.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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