Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th September 2013 Written Update

Sarab is still in bed unconscious. Bani is by his bedside in tears asking him to get better soon and not to worry about her. Bani notices Sarab moving his hand slightly but still does not wake up.
Manpreet is sitting by herself having flashbacks of the things daarji said to Sarab, Nirvail and Bani last night. After thinking about what daarji said to her about the doors also closing for her if she leaves, Manpreet starts packing her bags. Gagan comes and asks her why she’s packing to which Manpreet replies she’s leaving the house. Gagan brings Surjeet to stop Manpreet. Gagan says if you leave daarji wont change. Manpreet says she cant live in this house anymore especially after what happened to Rano and Bani. Surjeet tries to change Manpreet’s mind, tells her

if you leave it won’t bring Bani back to the house; tells her for one rishta don’t leave so many rishtas behind.

Soham is in bed looking like he’s lost in some thought while Rajji is on the floor also thinking. Rajji can’t sleep so she goes outside and overhears bua ji talking to Kukki. Bua ji is massaging Kukki’s head with oil and telling her that Rajji isn’t so bad but still doesn’t think she’s a fit for Soham since she gives more priority to her parent’s family. Kukki defends Rajji saying Rajji is trying to win Soham’s heart. Bua ji argues saying she doesn’t see that and what matters is Soham should be able to see Rajji trying her best to win him over. Rajji is hurt hearing Bua ji talk about how Bani is always in Soham’s heart.

Rajji goes outside crying to God asking him why he did all this to her. Soham comes outside and sees Rajji hurt and crying. Soham asks her what’s wrong, Rajji says it’s nothing but Soham sits down beside her and continues to ask her what’s wrong. Rajji talks about how everything’s gone wrong and no one is living happily. Rajji says to Soham all of this wouldn’t have happened if you got married to Bani. Soham is slightly shocked to hear her talk like this. Soham gets up to console Rajji, Rajji hugs him and cries. *bg music plays*

The next morning – Sarab is still unconscious, Nirvail and Soham are thinking about taking him to the hospital. Bani gets a call and is excitedly happy it’s Parmeet. Bani ask him many questions. Parmeet tells her he will answer them all but relax first. Bani tells him everything that has happened, Parmeet promises her that everything will get better. Bani asks him to come back soon and Parmeet says he will. Parmeet asks to talk to her dad but Bani says he’s still unconscious so he asks to talk to her mom instead.

Sarab gains consciousness. Bani comes into the room and is rejoiced to see him awake. Rajji, Jass and Rajji’s mom also come. Bani tells everyone that Parmeet called, everyone including Soham look happy to hear this. Bani gives the phone to her dad to talk to Parmeet. Parmeet apologizes but Sarab says don’t worry everything will be alright. Parmeet says he will be the one to take Bani to his house, Sarab feels better hearing this. Bani talks to Parmeet on the phone again, Bani asks Parmeet about the property he sold but Parmeet says to wait a few days for him to answer her questions in person. Parmeet tells Bani to take care of her family and ends the call. Rajji and Jass come to Bani and express how happy they are that everything seems to be getting better.
Night time – Rajji talks to Soham how one phone call changed everything. Soham and Rajji talk about how Bani stayed quiet, didn’t tell anyone about her situation. Soham says what can be more hurtful for a girl and her family than their daughter being kicked out of her in-laws house; Soham pauses in shock to realize what he just said. This also stuns Rajji. Rajji brushes the awkward silence away by telling Soham it’s late and time to sleep.

Rano is outside the Bhullar house. Bani calls Manpreet while Manpreet is in the car. The car hits Rano and Rano falls down. When the driver gets out of the car to check, Rano is not there anymore. Bani is wondering why Manpreet didn’t answer the phone. Rano comes out of the bush and says she won’t come in front of Manpreet till her Baljeet comes back.

Precap: Nirvail says tomorrow’s sunrise will bring rays of happiness into their house. And asks after today’s happiness who will be able to sleep tonight? Bani silently thanks Parmeet in her mind for bringing back the happiness to her family.

Update Credit to: MannieXO

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