Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soham telling Bani thatbits their suhaagraat today. Rajji feels restless. Bani says this can’t happen. He asks why. She says because I have a mannat. Soham says what. She says as you were not well and in hospital. I went to temple and met a woman. She asked me to have a mannat. Even her husband was ill and she did this mannat and her husband became well. She says so I also made the mannat, to stay away from you for 40 days.

Soham says its fine, you did this for my well being, don’t worry, I will support you, we will unite after your mannat ends. She says you take rest. Bante bante tut gai hai……………..plays…………….. She leaves from the room and cries. Rajji cries too. O Saiyyan……………….plays………………. Rajji feels restless. Raymon comes to Rajji and brings some clothes. She says I have some work, so I came to you. Rajji asks what. Raymon says wash these clothes. Rajji says fine, in morning I will wash them. Raymon says wash them now, I have to wear them in morning.

Rajji is shocked. Raymon says its expensive, so wash with cold water. She says wash them and then sleep. Rajji says I m pregnant and can’t wash in cold water. Raymon says I will call Soham. Rajji says I will wash it. Raymon says cold water remember, and hand wash. Rajji says don’t worry. Rajji washes the clothes and feels unwell. She thinks about Soham and calls Bani. Bani says I was calling you, but thought you slept, why are you awake till now.

Rajji says I m fine, I was thinking about you and Soham, is he fine. Bani thinks of Soham’s words and thinks she should not tell Rajji. She says he is fine, I m thinking how to bring his memory back. Bani says I want you two to meet again, I m feeling bad to lie to him. Simran comes there and hears Bani. Bani asks Rajji to sleep and take care of her baby. Simran says you did good by not telling Rajji about suhaagraat matter. Its morning, Guggie and Kookie have an argument.

Bani looks on. Kookie asks him to think something to bring Soham and Rajji closer. They have a cute fight. Bani thinks did Soham and Rajj fought like this, like husband and wife. Guggie says yes, they once had an argument. The flashback scenes shows Soham and Rajji’s cute argument. Bani gets the idea and asks them to do the fight drama, maybe it can remind Soham about Rajji. They agree and smile. Rajji cooks in the house.

Raymon takes much work by her. Raymon says the clothes are not ironed and you are going to rest, do you want me to complain about you to Soham, then his brain nerves can…………. Rajji says no, I will iron your clothes. Raymon says that’s like an ideal bahu, I m tired, I m going to rest, bring the clothes to my room. She leaves. Rajji feels tired and type of fainting. She holds the kitchen slab to take support. She says no Rajji, you have to do all this for Soham. Parmeet sees Rajji coming out of the kitchen and says you look so tired.

He says you should take rest. She says I have to work its important. He says I brought you here, if anything happens to you, I will lose Bani’s trust, he says rest, don’t work,its not good. Rajji says I have to work, I don’t have an option. He asks why, tell me, why do you work like this. Rajji thinks about Raymon’s threatening words. Rajji says I m doing this for Soham. He says whats the connection, tell me. Raymon comes there and shows her the phone.

Rajji is shocked. Rajji lies to Parmeet and says I want to keep myself busy in work so that I don’t miss Soham. Parmeet says you are right, I understand. Rajji says please let me do my work. Raymon smiles. Guggie and Kookie do the same scene as Soham and Rajji. Soham thinks about Rajji. He gets some flashes and holds his head. Everyone look at him. Soham falls. Everyone are shocked.

The doctor checks Rajji and asks her to take complete rest and not do any work. Raymon tortures Rajji.

Update Credit to: Amena

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