Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s place
The whole family is tensed for bani’s father’s health. They try to revive him desperately. All ladies are distraught. a doctor is called. The doctor comes and informs them that its a heart attack. Biji asks if he would be alright. He tels them not to worry as its a mild one. he tells them that they have to ensure that he’s out of stress as the slightest shock can be dangerous for him. He asks them to rest, as he has given him a sedative. He asks them to call if there’s a problem and ask them not to disturb the patient. They eye bani’s father, lying on the bed, emotionally. All are tensed and worried. Vikas too is surprised. soham goes out to leave the doctor. Bindal composes biji that he’s alright and would be fine

very soon. Jas eyes vikas, and an awkward eyegaze follows. She takes vikas out, while he tries to clarify. she asks whats the fun that he derives in seeing their pain. He says that he’s come for an apology. jas asks if he and his family deserves it, as he has received a fatal blow. He asks to be given a chance then, so as to rectify their mistake. She says that she doesnt want to talk about his family. He asks to give their relation a chance. she says that she isnt in aposition to talk about that too. He says that she’s angry and hence doesnt understand, but he would talk later. as he leaves, jas eyes him, and rajji comforts jas.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s and bani’s place
Manpreet is tensed at yesterday’s incident. She dials up bani’s number, and bani picks it up. tensed as to what she wants to say. Manpreet says that she doesnt understand what to say, after what she has borne. Bani says that she cant talk. Manpreet says that she understands her anger, and why she doesnt want to talk to her. Bani informs them of the heart attack, shocking manpreet. She asks about his health. Bani says that she would talk later, while manpreet apologises profusely. Surjeet comes and manpreet tells her too, and blames themselves for that. She thinks that she should go and see him and leaves. Gagan comes and asks surjeet, where is she going. as manpreet opens the door, she finds dadaji coming in, asking where is she going. She comes out, and confronts dadaji, telling about bani’s father, and her intention to go see him. Dadaji stops her from going another step, while the rest of the famil watches. He says that she shouldn t bother to go there. manpreet tries to say something, but dadaji quietens her. He faces her and says that they dont have any relation with them. she says that they are in trouble. He says that they would have to face the consequences of the bad times that have fallen on them. He says that relations are cared for, where there’s a relation, and they dont have anything like that with bani. she says that if not for relation, she can go on humanitarian grounds. she assures that she wont get bani back, but asks to be able to go and see them once. She insists, but daadji asks her to stop now and end the topic. she apologises and says that this time she wont listen to him. all are surprised to hear this. Dadaji is angry, while she turns around and leaves the haveli. She is about to step out finally, when daadji says that she should know before going, that if she steps out today, then her return would forever be closed, and she may go if she likes, but she should take her stuff too, as whoever goes against his wishes, never returns back to this hosue, or his heart. He says that its her descision, if she wants to close the door from inside and stay in, or bolt from outside, and stay out forever. Manpreet is shocked, but retreats her steps, and locks the door, and tursn around to face dadaji, who’s very angry. she quietly enters the house.

Biji is very distraught while soham tries to comfort her. bani gets a call, and all are alert. she takes the mobile inside her room. Bani cancels the call, and when it comes again, she is undecided whether to pick it or not, when she notices that its an international call and lights up at the idea of it being parmeet. She receives it, and answers back. but the call gets disconnected. Rajji and soham come inside and ask whose phone it was. Bani says that it was an intern ational call, and maybe its parmeet. Rajji says that its good news that he’s calling. Bani says that they still arent sure. He says that they shouldnt tell anyone, about this, or they would have hopes, till they are confirmed that its Parmeet. Outside, bindal asks biji to take a bath, and asks the others also to freshen up, and prepares for breakfast. nirvel asks kirat, and is told that bani’s father isnt conscious still. desho asks bani who it wa,s and they avoid it. Biji asks rajji and soham that they should return home, as their family must be tensed too. Rajji says that staying here is more important. soham agrees and says that even if they go home, they would be bothered. biji says thats rajji’s in laws’ house, and she doesnt want her to be here, neglecting her responsibilities. They agree to leave.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
Buaji is fidgeting, while simranh and angad are tensed at her anger and frustration, that she’s lashing out at soham and rajji, for being so irresponsible. simran asks her not to worry as they would come back. Buaji says that she knows this too, but when would they come, when she has a heart attack. Buaji reprimands rajji, as she enters with soham, as to who’s who’s mother in law and that she never bothers to tell her or take permission before going out of this house. Soham asks buaji not to scold her as she’s very tensed as it is. Buaji says that they too are tensed, and whats new is that, this time the person who’s the reason for their tension, is in tension herself. Angad asks what happened and where were they last night. soham tells about sarabjit’s heart attack. All even buaji are tensed. Buaji asks if everything’s alright and nothing very serious. Buaji thinks that they dont even know, such a big thing happened. She asks soham that he should have called atleast. Soham says that his battery died. Buaji wishes that he gets well soon.

later, in the night, rajji is laying out the bed, while still tensed. soham comes and sees her like this, and asks if she’s fine. she nods, and takes her mat and lays it on the floor, and lies down to sleep. Soham is tensed to see her worried. He thinks that he knows what rajji is going through, but he wont be able to give her the same place that he has given to bani in his heart. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Bani gets parmeet’s call, and is superjoyed at having finally heard from him. Parmeet is a little tensed though.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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