Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
The party is on in full swing, while gagan is tensed, searching around for someone. she gets upset seeing bani mixing freely around with people with parmeet. She thinks of an evil plan and starts smirking. she eyess the DJ and goes over to him to have the mike. she gets everyone’s attention by addressing them on the mike, claiming of a special announcement, that of bani giving a special dance performance for her sister, rajji. all are tensed and stunned including bani. Gagn enjoys her evil plan. parmeet is shocked. bani is taken back to the day when she was asked to sing. gagan is sure and confident that this plan would work. parmeet takes bani aside. He says that Mamay would have to dance. Bani asks what problem can that have.

He tells bani about the earlier problem. bani gets emotional, and asks why didnt he stop bani then. He says that he tried but couldnt. She teases him that when he couldnt stop bani how could he think of stopping maya. as she goes ahead, parmeet is tensed as to what problem and nuisance this might create. Bani gets up on the stage, and is nervous, which parmmet presumes as acting and gagan is happy to see her nrevousness. but she stunes everyone as the song begins. Bani dances on a top song, while rajji and parmeet enjoy the performance. However, gagan is shocked as she finds bani in her extrovert avatar, and thinks that this cant be bani, as bani had severe stage fright and would never be able to muster the courage of dancing in front of such a huge crowd.
Meanwhile, Randeep is happily flirting around with bani’s bait girl. balbir is too shocked whether he has had too much to drink, as he cant believe that bani is dancing unabashedly. parmeert resigningly sees that bani overperformed and that just might be bad for him. All praise bani, while gagan stands fuming. Parmeet overhears gagan expressing her doubts about bani. parmeet thinks that this is what he was scared of, as maya’s dance raised questions on Bani’s identity. Guggi asks soham to do the same for rajji, like what bani did. soham surprises guggi by asking him to tell rajji that soham is calling her outside. Meanwhile, randip and Bani’s bait choose an isolated location. randip flirts with her beginning to praise her tremnendously. Bani’s bait begins to sedictively flirt with randip asking him to be her friend, and randip falls for it, expressing that he liked the fact that she touched him. Meanwhile, bani comes to gagan, who’s furious at bani’s successful party, and tells her that if she is searching for randip, then she should look there, and points to a certain location, behind which randip and bani’s bait are flirting around. As she moves there, bani is amused. As gagan begins to search around, randip spots her and takes the girl away from there, before gagan can reach. Gagn comes there, and finds noone.

meanwhile, guggi conveys soham’s message to rajji. rajji thinks that he needs her as he’s inebriated. reyman stops her as she begins to go. guggi tries to distract her saying that balbir asked her to come to him. reyman leaves. Bani comes to rajji and discuss about their performance. When bani leaves, guggi comes to rajji, and finding that she hasnt gone still, makes an exvuse that soham is hurt. She is about to leave, when reyman again stops her. Gugi gets her away from reyman’s trap and rajji rushes out.

As rajji goes out, tensed for soham and searching around for him, she hears a whispering sound of soham, asking why was she so late to come. Rajji turns around and asks where is he hurt. He is confused. Rajji tells what gugi said, and asks if they are playing a joke. Soham says that this isnt a joke, but lobve, and shocks her. He takes her in his arms, and confesses that he loves her, and says the words, I LOVE YOU. She is overwhelmed and clutches back at him, but then remembers him calling out to bani, after their night of passion, when he was in a similar inebriated state. She jerks herself away from his grasp, and faces him tensedly, while he is shocked. Rajji tells soham that she is completely drunk and doesnt know what he is saying and to whom. She tells him that he’s doing the same mistake again that he did, without knowing who’s standing in front of him. She says that she would get hurt like this, and doesnt want to go through that all over again, and if this time she is hurt again, she would be shattered. soham is apalled. She is about to ginside, when he stops her by holding her hand. She is surprised. He asks her to try and understand, but she asks him to let go of her hand. He jerks her around and firmly grasps her. He says that he hasnt taken any drinks, and just wants to pretend that he has, so nobody can do wrong with him. He tells how he had instructed guggi to tell the waiters to just give her cola. he says that he knows what he is saying, and to whom and why. He says that he’s saying this to his wife, who made him realise whats love, and fulfill it, and he wants to confess it to that wife, and wants to tell that he just loves her and she always resides in her heart. She is overwhelmed to hear this. He cups her face and kisses her on the forehead. The screen freezes on their face, as they finally realise true love.

Precap: parmeet finds bani dancing around in the party, with the gathering. he takes her by force and pulls her aside. she is tensed and asks whats the matter. Parmeet tells bani that she cant dance like this. she asks him why’s he saying so. He says that she is his wife here, and the respect of this family, hence he cant dance around with strange men. she is tensed to see his ferocity.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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