Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th June 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Bani looking at Parmeet’s name written on her hand & then glancing at Sohum. Simar & Bhoomi start dancing. Everyone is busy enjoying their dance while SohNi are stealing glances at each other. Sohum tries to keep himself busy but Sarab tells him to relax & enjoy the dance. Simar & Bhoomi take Binder and Rajji to dance along with them. After a while, Bani walks up to Desho and hugs her. As she turns around, she glances at Sohum.

Guggi asks Simran if Sohum liked the girl and whether he agreed. A dejected Simran tells Guggi that Sohum refused to marry the girl. He wants to keep himself away from all the happiness. Simran excuses herself leaving Guggi lost in his thoughts. Guggi approaches Sohum and asks why he rejected the proposal. Sohum leaves without answering him. He walks in the house and meets Bani. Both share an eye lock and Bani trips due to the dress she was wearing. However, Sohum holds her just in time. SohNi eyelock & BG: Ishq da Kalma.

Bani thanks Sohum and says that she is happy that he is moving on leaving behind all that has happened. Sohum tells her that Simran Bhabhi wanted me to get married. She bought the proposal & hence I agreed. Bani is on the verge of crying but holds back her tears. Sohum says that guests are leaving, its better if she goes outside. Bani walks out & Sohum is sad as he lied to her.

Bani sees Simran and goes to speak to her. Sohum and Guggi watch the two of them. Bani says that she is happy to know about Sohum accepting the proposal. Simran is confused and finally realises that Sohum didnt tell Bani the truth. Guggi and Sohum feel that there is a problem so both walk up towards them. Simran tells Sohum that its getting late & hence they should leave. Bani watches them silently.

Later at night, the Gill family is enjoying themselves as they discuss about the rituals. Mami Ji asks Desho about the next one & desho says that its a tradition where the ladies have to walk with a pot on their heads. Mami starts cribbing as they have to stay awake the whole night. Happy tells that even he would like to join them. Beeji tells him to stay at home with Bani and Rajji. Happy agrees. Mama Ji talks about a ritual where Binder and Desho’s family members have an important role to play. However, the atmosphere gets a little tensed as Desho’s family members may not participate. Mami says atleast she and Mama Ji are there to support her. Desho thinks that her family would have been here with them had Nirveil not created the mess.

Simran questions Sohum as to why he lied to Bani about the proposal. Sohum says it was necessary as he didnt want Bani to think about him while she has Parmeet’s name written on her hand. It was necessary as he wants her to move ahead and it’ll be possible only if she forgets him. On the other hand, Bani says that she should now think about Parmeet only. Sohum and Bani both are lost in their own turmoil. Bg: Ishq da Kalma sad version

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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