Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s place
balbir comes down and comes face to face with soham,m and remembers him from the platform at the station. Soham, waiting for rajji, is equally shocked to see him. They both remember their first meeting. balbir says that he hasnt forgotten anything about that insult, and that he didnt know that he was connected to bani and her family. balbir tells soham, that he recognises him as the station guy, and wherever he is, there’s some trouble for her. soham says that whatever is trouble for balbir, is concern for one’s own people, but says that he wont understand this, as to do so, he would have to come to the ground level, and actually step into the reality of life, by coming outside this haveli. Balbir angrily leaves from there.

rajji steps out after that, and asks him what happened and who’s that. soham says that its balbir, rano’s husband. rajji is shocked and asks whats he doing eher. they both go to meet the others in the drawing room. Parmeet remembers rano’s words, and asks how is she, as he never thought that they would meet so soon. desho is surprised, and asks how come. Parmeet says that it happened after the marriage. parmeet points out that she’s extra silent today. surjit goes to get some sweets, and as bani gets up, rajji too goes inside.

in the kitchen, rajji asks bani that she doesnt find any change in parmeet. bani says that she’s overthinking, as even after having a different lifestyle, he’s trying to adjust and she would have to do too. rajji says that she hopes that what bani says is true. rajji asks her not to overthink or else she would get sick again. as bani moves out, rajji is still tensed.

Later, its time for them to go, when desho and sarab gives the gifts to surjit and parmeet too. parmeet says that this wasnt required and tells bani that he cant accept this. They say that its a shagun. Desho gives parmeet a watch, and parmeet compliments that its very beautiful. As he begins Gagan says that this watch wasnt required as they spent the money in waste, randip and parmeet dont wear watches like this. Desho and sarab are tensed. surjit asks to see thewatch, and says that they cant put the price in things given with blessings. She says that this would be really good, and parmeet would like it. parmeet complies, and starts to adjust his watch to wear the new one. He intentionaslly takes off his watch, telling that the price is 2 lakhs, and asks soham to keep is safe while he wear the gifted watch. all are tensed but dont say anything. parmeet intentionally gets into a scuffle while changing watches, that both fall on the ground. While he picks his up, soham takes the gifted watch. parmeet is super thankful that his costly watch is safe. dcesgho asks how’s the one that they gifted. Soham tells desho that her watch is broken. They are distraught while parmeet and gagan are amused. parmeet pretends to be sorry about this, but also adds that its good that his was saved, as its very costly and wouldnt have been able to bear a scratch on it. desho is very disturbed. Sarab asks desho to pakc up as they should go now. balbir asks themk to stay for dinner atleast. but desho says that they shall leave now. they walk out of the house, with bani too. parmeet and gagan and balbir are happy at their plan’s success.

Outside, they all take bani’s leave, after asking her to take care of each other. Desho realises that she has forgotten hr purse. bani goes inside to get it. rajji and soham, drive off. Desho is tensed. Sarab asks whats the matter. She says that she’s thinking about bani, whether parmeet is happy with her, as she still hasnt been able to adjust with his lifestyle. sarab says that bani may be in trouble, but she would learn soon, and both have to compromise. Desho says that they should have taught her mannerisms of the high caste families, as they havent been able to live to their expectations. bani is emotional hearing this from a distance. She comes to return the purse, and hugs them tightly. Desho asks her to take care of herself and learn everything soon, and wouldnt give a moment to complain. Sarab abd desho take her leave, while she stands teary eyed.

inside, parmeet, gagan and balbir are discussing business parties, for signing big deals, and thinks that the venue should be outside. bani ov erhears this and says that she would handle everything, and can keep this in the house. Balbir says that its a huge party with many guests, and how will she manage. Bani however is confident that she would handle everything and would nomore get conscious. parmeet seeing her confidence, says that he wont disappoint her and gives her a list of the chores to be done. bani agrees and gets to prerparations. balbir, after she’s gone, thinks about the world of pain she would be in tomorrow, as the party shall prove to be her farewell party too. parmeet says that he knows her weak spot now, and would be able to get rid of her. they both thank balbir, who is amazed at the amount of torture she can bear. gagan says that she herself would have left by now. balbir says that tomorrow they shall ensure that tomorrow is bani’s last night with them.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Soham gets prepared to sleep on the couch, when buaji comes and understands that rajji’s anger caused this. she says that this isnt how a house runs, and decides that she would go to talk to her. soham asks her to give rajji space and time. Buaji says that she came back herself, and wont allow this much longer. soham says that it wont have to come on that. Bujnai hopes that this be true and asks him to rest. he lies down on the couch, but finding rajji couhging, goes to see whats the matter. she finds her nauseous on the roof, and goes to get some water and meds for her. but rajji insists that she doesnt want to take meds. soham asks her to take it for the child, if not for her,as he isnt to be blamed and she shouldnt vent out her anger on the child. erajji listens and agrees to take the meds. soham hands it out to her. She guls it down with water. Soham tells rajji that she knows why she left the house. rajji is shocked. He says that it was entirely his fault and asks her to forgive him, as he has realised his mistake. he says that he asctually didnt know hism mistake, and had he known he wouldnt have behaved like this. rajji is worried and a little overwhelmed with emotions too. The screen freezes on rajji’s shocked face.

Precap: parmeet says to bani that he got a dress for her, and wants her to wear this at the party and she happily accepts the gift wrapped. After he’s gone, she takes the dress out of the box, and is shocked to find that its a bejewelled strapped, backless gown. She is shocked, while parmeet, looking at her from the window, is amused at her discomfort and dilemma.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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