Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th June 2013 Written Update

Today’s episode begins with Sohum and Simran waiting at Simran’s friends out. Simran is telling Sohum to wait, as she will only be at their house for 5 minutes and then they can go home together. Sohum is reluctant as there’s so much work to do at Bani’s house. Simran tells Sohum to look up, where they see Simran’s friend bringing a young girl called Sukhmani. Sohum stands up in shock, as does Simran (who stands up out of courtesy).They are all introduced to each other. When Simran’s friend says that there is talks of Sohum and Sukhmani’s rishta, Sohum looks to Simran in a disappointed manner. Sukhmani is quite giggly and nervous. Sohum asks for forgiveness by Simran’s friend and Sukhmani and says he hasn’t come to there for a rishta as he doesn’t want to get married.

The next scene is at Bani’s house whereby Bani and Raji are getting their mehndi done and there are women singing and dancing, (I believe it’s giddha but I’m not sure). Biji even joins in! Desho is awaiting Bani and Raji’s friends and so is looking around in anticipation. Mamaji comes along to ask what she’s doing. She says that the mehndi is almost over and they’re not here. Raji’s mum steps in to say that everything is ready, they’re just waiting on the friend’s arrival. Biji shouts Ghuggi who is walking around and asks where Sohum is. Bani and Raji look up as Ghuggi says that Sohum has gone with Simran, someone then calls him as he is midway through a sentence. Biji then chases Ghuggi. Bani is still looking around as she is sitting getting her mehndi done.

The scene then returns to Sukhmani’s house. Sohum asks them not to think badly of him or that he doesn’t like Sukhmani and how bad it is to reject a rishta. Simran looks up concerned. He says that he didn’t know why he was here but he doesn’t want to marry. He then adds that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, as he may not be able to love them. He says all he can do is ask for forgiveness, especially in case she’s hurt because of him. Sohum then walks off with Simran calling.

The scene returns to Bani’s house. Jas is dancing to a classic mehndi song along with other girls. Jas then gets Bani and Raji up to dance. Raji gets embarrassed and goes to sit back down. Girls tease her as to why she dances so enthusiastically, they ask is it because she was thinking of Amreek. Another girl says that you can tell by her face. Raji is really uncomfortable by these suggestions and then tells them to be quiet. A girl responds saying that she doesn’t like their talk because she only likes Amreek’s talk. Raji walks off. She sees her mum on the phone to Raji’s parents. They’re asking about each other’s functions. Amreek’s mum complains that their house is quiet and nothing is exciting, however she mentions that when Raji comes to their house the house will be exciting. Raji’s mum asks if Raji can speak to Amreek. Amreek and Raji talk. However, Amreek again jumps in to say that he knows that Raji has no interest talking to him and that he doesn’t want to speak to her, but has just followed his mum’s instructions, as she has. Raji jumps in to say that she doesn’t want to talk to him either and puts the phone down.

The scene then shifts to Jas dancing again outside. The girls that were previously teasing Raji go onto tease Jas about how eager she is about the wedding. They start comparing how old Jas is compared to Raji and then Jas walks off – to finish her mehndi. From behind Bani and Raji, Bhoomi and Simar pop out to surprise them. Raji mentions how they thought they wouldn’t come but one of the friends say that they wouldn’t have missed their mehndi.

One of the friends notices Bani looking very depressed. She asks her if it is strange. Raji jumps into say just the way she gets nervous for exam results, she’s getting the same feelings of her stomach going round. The friend adds that Bani looks more depressed that nervous, she then shares her wedding nerves. She advises her that she leaves her mum and dad here, but gains a new mum and dad in her new home and so shouldn’t be depressed, but happy! She then blesses Bani.

The scene returns to Simran’s friend’s house, in which Sohum is leaving. Sohum gets on his motorbike and is called by Simran. Simran rushes to speak to him, she asks him why he said what he said as she has been through many photos and girls trying to find a suitable match. She reminds him that she’s not doing all this for her own good, but for the sake of Sohum. Sohum interrupts and reminds Simran that he never wanted to marry. Simran asks Sohum, if Bani can marry, then why can’t he. Simran says that if he didn’t like Sukhmani, then he can find a new girl for her. Sohum just says that he doesn’t want to marry and wants Simran to stop looking as she won’t gain anything from doing so. Sohum asks Simran if she would like to go to the mehndi, Simran refuses.

The scene returns to Bani’s house, in which singing and dancing still continues. The friends are now teasing both, Bani and Raji about which husband is going to love them more. Another friend reminds them all that they will know depending on how dark the mehndi turns out. Jas (who’s sitting next to Bani) asks Ghuggi where Sohum is and why he hasn’t arrived as of yet. Ghuggi looks up to Bani and tells Jas that Sohum has gone with Simran to look at a girl, as talks of the rishta are going on. Both, Bani and Raji are shocked. Ghuggi walks off. Jas then asks Bani where Parmeet’s name is written in her mehndi, she holds up her hand and behind her hand she can see Sohum walk in. Ishq Da Kalma then plays in the background as Bani stares at Sohum and Sohum stares back at Bani. After the song, Bhoomi and Simar perform a dance, in which Sohum gets trapped in the middle of them dancing. Bani is continuously staring at Sohum.

Precap: Sohum is talking to Bani and tells her that he has received a really good rishta, and has accepted. Bani is shocked and stares at Sohum. Sohum is trying to remain happy and smiley.

Update Credit to: cazwhyso

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