Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts from where it left of from yesterday and Amrit tells he wants to get married to Rajji.

Nirven and Binder firmly tell that the Ristha came for Bani. If Bani does not get married then Rajji will never get married.

Inside Bani is thinking about the fallout of the two families. Jassie will be shouting at Rajji and wondering what jaddu Rajji must have done. Then Rajji comes there and wants to talk and Jassie shouts at her and Bani tries to stop her.

Rajji pleads with Bani with her eyes. Then Bani sends Jassie gets water and then Rajji comes in. She confesses all what she did. Bani gets very angry and tells Rajji she made such a big mistake.

Outside, Amrit’s father is apologizing to the whole family and how he wanted a daughter in law like Bani. Then he apologizes for what ever happened.

Bani tells Rajji she has no idea what will happen after this. Rajji then tells just wanted to stop the wedding. She never knew he will choose her. Bani will say that all the dreams of her mother and her seeing a united family are dashed. Jassie come and tells they are leaving.

The matchmaker will try once more and ask them to consider but Nirven is adamant and refuses the rishta. He will be going but his brother stops him. He tells that Rajji should get married to Amrit.

Bani’s father will ask his brother what is wrong with Amrit or his family. Then Nirven will tell there is nothing wrong. Then he says you are just telling because it came for Bani.

If the same thing and come for Rajji you would have done the same thing. Bani’s father then tells that as a elder of the house I am taking this decision and Rajji will get married to Amrit. This is my decision and I do not think anyone will object.

He then calls everyone in. Nirven is very guilty and he will still be standing outside when he sees the unhappiness on Dishu’s face.

All of them go back and sit down. They want to formalize the rishta. Bani’s father tells that I have to ask the person concerned. I can command everyone with my decision but I cant do with her. He then tells that he will go in.

He asks Rajji I know that all happened to fast but what can I do for the whole thing was so difficult. He asks if she has any problem with Amrit. Then he asks her if she loves any one. She tells there is no one like that. Then Bani’s father asks her if she has Barosa on him. Rajji will be looking at him very upset and guilty.

Bani’s father then asks her if he has no place in her life to take decisions about her life. She will try to tell something when he tells her to tell yes or no. Rajji will be looking at Bani and be thinking. Then she tells yes. Bani’s father is very happy and tells I had full Barosa in you. Rajji looks at Bani and Bani smiles at here.

PRE-CAP: Dishu will be telling that as long as she is alive the wall between the two houses will never be broken. Everyone are shocked by her decision.

Update Credit to: anurao

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