Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Outdoor location near the lake
the males start playing cricket, while the ladies begin to banter. Parmeet calls the criminal up from a distance. He drifts off near the boating area. Parmeet overhears the picnic instructor telling another couple, that boating has been prohibited in the lake, as due to unweatherly conditions, in the off seasons, there are whirlpools formed in some areas of the waters, and hence its dangerous and hazardous to people. Parmeet hears this and gets an idea and goes onto eye bani. meanwhile, soham attends to rajji, while she makes a puffy face. reyman offers to play music and dance along, and gagan calls the males along too. Surjit offers her husvband up for singing. He over` eager, and asks them to start with a dance

pose, and then goes onto some bhajan, making them fall to his trick. randip goes onto play some nice music on the mobile. All begin to dance, reyman and Balbir and gagan and randip. parmeet and bani collide, and face each other awkwardly. soham and rajji are also made to dance together. while soham looks at the prospect, rajji is shy and tensed. Everyone is enjoying themselves, even parmeet dances along with bani. parmeet is furious on the inside, but tries hard to prevent it from being seen. then they move onto play cricket. The males start, while the ladies go onto cheer. Balbir insistently asks soham to play along, but he doesnt give in. soham says that he likes gilli danda, and wants tgo play that. the other males smile, while balbir offers o play along that too. they drop off the plan for cricket. the play starts and all begin to play gilli danda. balbir is bad at it, and reyman offers to help, but she gets herself too. parmeet stands at a distance, waiting to contact the hired killer. he drifts off and finally finds him, who gives him thumbs up, that the plan is all set. parmeet is happy. The goon goes onto the boating area, and takes off the sign that says that boating is prohibited here, so that noone from the bhulaar family is aware of the danger in the waters. the family meanwhile breaks off for lunch. parmeet ensures from him that the stage is all set and the plan is foolproof. he asks him to stick to the plan, which would make things easy. he asks him not to stray his eyes from the number 13.

reyman discusses with soham that just playing with soham, would impress him enough, and that he has to make soham feel that he cares for soham and not the property inheritance. Reyman asks him to go and butter soham up. soham meanwhile is attending to rajji, asking her to eat as she wont be able to take the strong meds otherwise. rajji is tensed at such concern. as soham gives the meds, she is cribbing that its bitter. Soham asks her to take it with the jucie then. Balbir comes and asks rajji if she needs anything else. soham gets tensed seeing him, but rajji politely denies anything. Balbir takes soham aside for one second. he tells how happy he is top see both the sisters together, but he feels better when he sees him happy with rajji. He talks about how reyjman too likes them and is awaiting the grandkids, and that when he comes, balbir himself would take care of him, and make up for what he couldnt do to soham in his childhood. he tells soham that he has seen enough trouboles, and even if he has to lay his life for him, he would gladfully do so.

meanwhile, bani sees that rajji’s juice has finished and goes onto the next shop to ask for juice. but she is interrupted by parmeet, who says that he has some imp work with her, as he wants to talk to her regarding their future, and didnt want to talk infront of the family about their personal life. he asks her to come along with him on a walk, if she doesnt mind. bani tells the shopkeeper that she would come in sometime. parmeet takes bani towards the lake area, where boating area is. He starts to talk as to how much people are enjoying, due to balbir’s brilliant idea of picnic, and they too got to talk alone. He takes her hand lovingly and moves onto the boating area. bani is htrilled to see the lake. He says that he knows she’s very happy to be with rajji, and everyone is happy to see them happy. he takes bani’s hand and kisses it . He asks her if they can boat. Bani asks who would get them to boat, as there’s noone here. parmeet says that they dont need anyone, as he’s very adept at it, and would help her himself. He takes bani’s hand and makes her sit in the boat. He intentionally takes her to the motor boat, so that she isnt able to steer later to safety, when she’s stuck. He takes the ropes off, as bani sits. Meanwhile, Rajji wonders where’s bani as everyone else is playing. she wonders what to do.

Parmeet tells bani that he forgot the water bottle, and asks her to wait here, so that the motor boat is reserved for them only. He assures her that it wont start itself and steps out of the boat. She stops him and asks him to come soon. He takes her hand and says that he found his destination and asks where would he go now. He seats bani in the boat and as it begins to float towards the river waters, parmeet moves from there. The boat that bani is in, is shown to be Number 13. The screen freezes on Bani’s face.

Precap: Bani is sitting in the boat, when parmeet cuts off the rope that ties her boat, from a distant pole. It starts moving, and bani gets scared. rajji meanwhile starts searching around for bani. bani is scared and starts screaming for help, calling out to parmeet or anyone else for help. parmeet eyes her in her helpless situation, evilly smirking.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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