Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Parmeet is taken away by the police, while randip is furious and ban i collapses wondering and lamenting on what she had to do, saying bitterly that she was left with no other choice, and that it wud have been better that she had died that day, by drowning. the ladies try to comfort her. bani tells them that they should leave now, otherwise people will think that she’s selfish, as she neither has a husband nor a mother here, then there’s no use for her to stay back in this house. They are all tensed. As bani begins to leave with her suitcase, the ladies and kuljit are all tensed. Bnai says that her purpose to be here is over and she has to leave. surjit asks her to think about manpreet if she would have wanted her to leave. gagan too reminds manpreet how she had asked her to stay back, when randip betrayed her. Surjit reminds her that she has to set an example by demanding her right on this house, being the bahu of this house. Kuljit too says that she is the right person to replace manpreet’s stature in this house. Bani is emotionally distraught.

Meanwhile, Bani’s parents come and tell her that she wont stay in bhullar Mansion anymore and would go back to her house. she runs into her mother’s arms and starts crying, while desho offers the fullest support, saying that her home would always be there to await her, so that she can start her life afresh, and she would think that in her home, her bani has taken a new birth. Desho says that she has seen much grief and not anymore.

later, in th confines of their room, desho blames herself and her dream for bani’s plight. bani tells her that it had nothing to do with desho but that it was destined in her life. Surjit comes in asking her destiny is entwined in this house and vice versa, and that this house and its people need her and if not for them, they shouldnt take bani for Manpreet’s sake. Her father tells that the atrocities bani had to face here, isnt hidden and if this continues, manpreet would be hurt more than them. He request them to take bani away. Surjit asks him to do whatever they feel like, and that they shant interfere. They leave. Bani tells them that sujir is right and that she should start life here only, and she doesnt want to be a burden on them. bani’s father says that she would never be so. Bani’s father and desho tell her that they are there for her whatever descision she takes, but if she thinks of moving ahead, then she would have to forget the past meaning parmeet, and hnece would have to divorce him, bani is shocked to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
Angad finds that soham and rajji have come and asks about her health and exxpresses sympathy at manpreet’s death. Soham tells him why they came so soon. Angad complies. balbir and reyman continue pretending their grief at manpreet’s loss. simran comes out with tea aasks rajji to rest. balbir and reyman offer to help while the two pregnant women rest. they leave inside. balbir and reyman are frustrated that they are back again in the same umpster, while balbir tries to compose Reyman and ask her to have faith.

in their room, soham asks rajji to rest, while he goes to get something for her to eat. She asks him not to take so much care for her. he says that its his duty as a husband. Finding no pillows,. as rajji begins to go, soham offers his shoulder for her to sleep on and she happily complies. rajji laments at how much has changed in these 4 days, but bani’s victory also brought grief to her family. soham hopes that all support bani now, and her days of trouble are over. rajji says that they would always support her, and hoeps that she too had someone caring like him, as a life partner. Guggi calls soham to tell him about parmeet’s arrest and randip trying to bail him out. he asks soham to meet up. soham tells rajji what he heard, and that bani didnt take her case back. rajji immediately gets tensed for bani, and prays to the lord to give her strength.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Surjit and gagan come in and ask bani’s parents to stay back, as if they too leave angrily like bani, then manpreet’s soul would be hurt as they wont be given a chance to rectify the mistakes that this house has done with bani, if not change it. bani too asks them to stay back. Her parents comply. in the night, abni sleeps with desho, remembering her marital journey, right from her wedding with parmeet, to parmeet’s betrayal on numerous occassions, to ultimately falling in love with her, and now it leading to a divorce. The screen freezes on bani’s face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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