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Hi im happy u liked the idea of the double date ?.

Recap: Chakors test results were out she was giving drugs by KN but she can make a cb. Suraj decided to take Rani n Chakor out for dinner to give Arjun n Bhagya time for themselves.

Chakor was looking around n thought – is it a date or just a dinner? I mean Rani is coming too is it right to call it a dinnerdate? oh man I dont know what should I wear? –

Suraj went down with Rani in his arm she was full of ice cream n even Suraj was her victim. Suraj; Rani agar tu itni pyaari nahi hoti to main abhi abhi tere se sab dhulwata/ if u weren’t that sweet I would make clean this up. U r so cute ?. Rani; maamu she was laughing bcz he was tickling her.

Arjun heard it n stopped romancing with Bhagya ?. Suraj n Rani came into the living room were Arjun n Bhagya were sitting n watching tv… Suraj – hmm they behave like teenagers hehe ? -. Jiju… Arjun; looked up y r u closing Rani’s eyes. Suraj; Di Jiju u have a young daughter please have some shame. Both were red Bhagya; what u mean…? nothing happened. Suraj; oh really Jiju clean the lipstick on ur lips. Arjun; Bhagya u said it’s clean rubbing his lips. Bhagya just hide her face behind her hands n Arjun; got it Suraj U…

Suraj; aahh stopp there i have a deal for u. Bhagya; what kind of deal?. Suraj; I would like to take Chakor n Rani out for dinner n u both can spend some quality time together? What u say?. Arjun – hmm can I trust him? He is tge som of KN but he is different n arcording to Chakor he is gud -. Bhagya; Arjun what r u thinking? Arjun; nothing ok fine but u have to return till… Suraj; don’t worry we won’t be that late but can I have ur car keys? Bhagya; hmm but the food I made… it’s Chakors fav. Suraj; ok better u both go out n we will stay at home. Arjun; what is this all y u want us to leave? Suraj; u did alot for me n for Chakor u did much more n I know I both suffered alot n I just want to give u a bit back of u precious time. Arjun – yeah this is not Suraj Rajvanshi the son of KN this is some1 else a new Suraj -. Ok fine Bhagya get ready. Bhagya; I am n u r sure u will take of… Both?. Suraj; Sure.

Chakor unaware of the changed events was still trying on different clothes. – what is Suraj fav color… Black but I don’t have anything in black just oh I can wear this –

Suraj took Rani to the bathroom but before that he n Rani said bye to Arjun n Bhagya who were out for a date. Suraj – oh this is tough I have to wash her. Hope it won’t end chaos -.
Uff poor Suraj he was now the one who was taking a shower instead of Rani…?. Suraj; Rani y r u doing this now stop stop give me the shower oh man it’s so cold. Rani was holding the shower n Suraj tried to get it back buy Rani didn’t wanted to give him it n water jet was placed into his face. It took him 10 min to overpowering the shower back. Both were wet n clean Suraj put a towel on her in himself n went up to dress her.

Chakor was ready n went down to the hall – where have they gone? -. she was waiting down stairs. Rani; maamu uthau/ lift me up. Suraj; uff my back. Rani made a face ?????? n started crying. Suraj; ?? wants to cry Rani please have some mercy on me. Fine he lift her up. N she stopped. Suraj; Shetan/ devil. I misunderstood u that much uff now I understand y Di said if I could handle u both.

Rani was carried down like princess?. Chakor looked at them Suraj wasn’t ready he was still in a towel. But his eyes were stucked on the Chakor she was wearing a black tangtop n a black skirt with laces to the knees it really looked like a dress n the heels wear also in black. Suraj – oh wow -. Chakor – y is he staring at me oh maybe he likes it – a shyly smile came on her face. Rani; maami. Uthau. Suraj; just do. Chakor; what?. Suraj; trust me do it. Chakor took her in her arms. Suraj; ? ?. Chakor ? looked down as Suraj was still in a towel. Suraj – what’s wrong y she is looking down is tgere something on me – he touched his face n upper body where he realised – oh shit ? – he runs up n comeback in a record time with full clothes.

Chakor n Rani were sitting on the couch n Chakor wear her shoes. Suraj; sorry but there is no need. Chakor; what y?. Suraj; well I send Arjun n Bhagya out for dinner so both can spend time together. Chakor; ok. But wasn’t it ur idea to go out with us for a dinner? Suraj; yes that’s true too but Bhagya Di made ur fav. food n it shouldn’t get waste right?. Chakor nodded it was gud but u could have told it me earlier. Suraj; y? Chakor; hmm she tries to avoid his view. Suraj; Chakor what r u hidding. Chakor; nothing but if u had told it me earlier I wouldn’t have waste so much time in getting ready. Suraj; cones closer y don’t u deserve to look gud well u always look gud but does we need to go out to wear this beautiful dress?. Chakor; Mr. Suraj this is not a dress. Suraj; woh to raat ko hi pata chaljata jab tumhare kaapre main utarta/ well I would have known it in the night when would take off ur clothes. Chakor big eyes open mouth. Suraj; smirked what is this miss bakbak/chatterbox is speechless Rani give me a high 5 ✋.
Chakor; Suraj u r too much n that too infront of her. N u Rani u should be on my side. Chakor sitted next to Rani she didn’t moved n was offended.

Suraj didn’t react he knew how to change her mood he went to the kitchen n prepared everything. The dining table was looking fabulous he put on candles n has decorate with flowers he took Rani by hand n made sit on her own chair (high chair). He goes to Chakor but she had turned her face Suraj wasn’t giving up easily he lift her up n carried her to the table while Rani was clapping ??.
Chakor didn’t scream she was happy abt his confidence n let him do she knows very well she is safe with him since the day he rescued her from Shikhu n the jungle night.

The three were sitting on dining table Suraj served Dudle/lookhi/kadu ke  paratha (bottle gourd willed breads) then they also had Suraj fav. Malai kofte. Suraj; oh hmm it’s not ur fav but my. Hmm ? how does she know he looked at Chakor who was smiling at him.Suraj; acha? u told her. Chakor nodded. Rani saw the attention she normally got was gone only Sukor… She hits with the on the high chair n screamed both looked here. Suraj; what’s this Rani… Chakor; Do u want something? Rani?. Suraj; maami pe gaye/ she like her aunt. Chakor; that’s not true ?. Suraj put his palm on his head – me n my tongue -.

Suraj – now both r angry n not talking ??-. Suraj; took a piece of the paratha n mixed it with the malai kofta n gave the first bite to Rani he whispered give it further too ur maami?. Rani; took it n gave it Chakor eat she said with her baby voice. Chakor ? she took it but instead of eating it she hold Ranis face n gave her the first bite. Bith Chakir n Suraj were feeding Rani. Suraj made another bite in this time he gave it to Chakor directly. Suraj holded his hand he doesn’t want to take it back n Chakor took the bite she feeds him too.

All three were eating together like a small family. Chakor; what’s for dessert? Suraj; looks like we got Gulab jamun. Rani; main / I. Chakor; yes u r a gulab jamun so sweet baby. They eat the dessert n Rani wanted to play but Suraj; said no it’s sleeping time. Chakor; we will sleep with u how is this? Rani nodded. Suraj changed her clothes a sweet pyjama with Disney princess. Chakor changed her clothes too n Suraj took Rani to their bedroom. Chakor was wearing a short n Suraj shirt. Suraj was surprised but happy to see her feeling more comfortable with him.

Chakor was lying on the bed. Rani jumped on the bed n Chakor hold her; bad girl we don’t jump on bed. Suraj; really? Now he jumped on the bed. Chakor; Suraj what’s this all. Suraj; oh com’on it’s just a bit fun. Chakor; No. it’s sleeping time. Rani come I will cuddle with u n not with Suraj. Rani; cuddle yeah?. Suraj made a face ☹. Suraj; but Rani will cuddle with right with an innocent face he asked. Rani; Haan ?.

The trio felt asleep… Bhagya n Arjun came home very late n were happy to see the 3 sleeping peacefully.

Next Update Suraj will find a new hope ?

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  1. Amazing update! Loved how Chakor spent time picking her clothes to impress Suraj. Loved flirty Suraj. Suraj dialogue with Arjun and Baghya was nice. Rani is so cute. Can’t wait for next part.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u yes flirty Suraj ?

  2. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved the way chakor dressed up for suraj. Loved how suraj teased arjun & bhagya. Rani is so cute. Loved suraj’s flirty side. Waiting for next update

    1. Sukorian

      next update will be more on Suraj n Chakor n Arjun. Rani n Bhagya will be lesser in

  3. Sukor date was good canr wait for nxt part

  4. Amaxing sukor date love it alot

    1. Sukorian

      thank u dear ?

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