Bandhua – Sukor epi 7

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recap: Suraj n Bhagya r a family again. Suraj opened the suitcase n the property papers he gave to Richand were in plus money.

Suraj; Chakor don’t be tensed u r results will show ur innocent. Chakor; thank u Suraj if u wouldn’t be with me I don’t if u could do it. Suraj smiled holding her hand. It’s been a week they r living with Arjun n Bhagya for the first but soon if the problems r settled they will leave. As promised the friend of Arjun made an anonymous test of Chakor the results r out n he called them.

Arjun; don’t worry Chakor we r with u. Suraj looked at her n smiled. The door opens n Mr. Mishra a friend of Arjun comes out. Arjun; Kunal thank u for ur help. it means alot to us. Chakor n Suraj stood up n followed them into Kunals cabin.

Kunal; please sit. Arjun n Chakor sitted on the chairs while Suraj was standing. Suraj; could u please tell us the result. Chakor; Suraj! have some patient. Well can u please tell us?. Suraj – wah mujhe kehti hai aur khud / Nice stopping me but she can ask -. Arjun; Kunal is there anything? Kunal; yes, I’m very sorry. But Chakor u had drug supplements in ur body. Chakor felt back in the chair she was trying not cry but she could hold her tears back Suraj comes to consult her. Arjun; unbelievable KN would go so low just to get what he want. Suraj; can’t we do anything. Kunal; don’t worry he gave u an amount n the result showed a minimum of the drug I would suggest u to train just train as much as u can. We will repeat this teat n I’m sure the drugs will gone from ur body. Arjun; that’s right. Chakor u r not addicted nor u took it before he gave it to u. When the drugs r out of ur body we will repeat the test like Kunal said. Suraj; yeah that’s ok. It’s better than nothing. Chakor nodded still heartbroken.
Suraj; holded her hand don’t worry we will fight back n this time we won’t lose. Arjun; Suraj is right we have to wait to fight back. Chakor formed a smile.

Kunal; Miss Chakor… Suraj interrupted; excuse me it’s not Miss Chakor, it’s Mrs. Chakor Suraj Rajvanshi u r forgetting that she is my wife. Chakor eyes were sticked on Suraj n his words. Kunal; I’m sorry I didn’t meant to hurt any1. But Chakor u should keep focusing on ur training to made a comeback u… r u listening? Suraj n Arjun were confused n looked at Chakor who was still looking at Suraj. Arjun – uff she is gone -. Suraj snipped with the fingers n she was back. Chakor; got red sorry was all she could say. Kunal said how important it is to train to make a major cb. After 2 Months the rest of the drugs should be gone n in 3 months is a marathon were she could participate under a fake name like she did before using the number 501.

Arjun, Chakor n Suraj thanked Kunal n left the place. Arjun; Chakor we have to focus on ur training n Suraj u have to find a way to defeat KN. Suraj; yeah u r right but I’m not sure how. Chakor; Suraj I’m sure u can do it n I will put my whole Focus on Training Arjun Sir u will be my trainer, right. Arjun; smiled n for sure.

They were back home Rani comes running n Arjun goes to his knees n opens his arms but his little princess shout Maaaaamu. Arjun ?. Suraj very proudly ?. Bhagya n Chakor laughed. Arjun; I think he needs a real job babysitting is not a gud one. Suraj; u know I’m doing it for free ?. Bhagya asked abt the results n Arjun told her everything. Bhagya; I will today Chakors fav food. Arjun; that’s a gud idea.

Chakor n Suraj were up in their room with Rani who was dying to play hid n seek with Suraj. Chakor; I’m fine go play with my little princess. Suraj; r u sure. She nodded. Suraj; Fine. Where has she gone we haven’t start yet n she hidding. What a cheater. Chakor; don’t call her cheater she had learnt it from u. Suraj; what. No he lied. Chakor; go n find her. Suraj smiled n was looking for her. Chakor was in her thoughts – Suraj u said I’m ur wife with full confidence it wasn’t like before where u used my name no today u give the respect n honour I needed. I promise u I will get back to my form n we both will find a way to stopp KN -. Chakor got surprised something no some1 was lying on her lap. Chakor; looked down Rani what r u doing here? aren’t u playing with.. haha she started laughing. Chakor; Hmm so Miss Rani already fooled her Maamu right?. Rani made an innocent face with a mischief smile.

Suraj was down n looked at Arjun Bhagya who were romancing a bit. Suraj – hmm Maybe I should take Chakor n Rani out so these both can spend some private time? -. Suraj; runs up n saw them both giggling n joking abt him. Suraj – oh so she changed the partie it doesn’t matter. Ice cream is all I need -. Suraj back down secretly moved to the kitchen he took out an ice cream from the freezer n was up again. Chakor; Suraj y r u eating ice cream. Suraj; y not. Chakor; it won’t take long n we will have dinner. Rani looked the ice n her mouth was watering ?. Rani stood up n directly went to Suraj a finger in her mouth n one hand up to Suraj asking for the ice cream. Chakor; ? this is a cheap trick. Suraj; trick oh man. It’s intelligence btw how abt a outdoor dinner? Chakor; smiled r u asking me for a date?. Suraj was thinking – Haan yaar date hi sahi / y not a date. Ek teer se 2 nishane/ one arrow 2 goals ? -. Suraj; yes a date but Rani will give us accompany. Chakor; ok fine.

Dinner Date with 2 lady’s ?

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    Amazing update. So chakor can run again. Loved sukor & family moments. Waiting for next

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      yes she can n will but first they have a date ?

  2. NYC epi sukorian , now I’m going to catch up with previous episodes

  3. Amazing update! Loved it, it brought a smile to my face.

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  6. Amazing update loved it precap looks to good

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