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I think I found my rythem for updates ?.

Recap: Sukor arrived Mumbai Arjun allowed them to stay. Suraj knows Bhagya is his sister.

Suraj still hugging Bhagya please tell me y? y r u hiding it?. Don’t u want me hear? it wasn’t my fault I was just a kid, if I had could done anything trust me I would have. The hug was one-sided but Bhagya couldn’t hold it anymore she hugged him too n cried her heart out. Rani; oh oh man n maamu crying ?. Arjun; it’s gud they r. Afterall they r meeting each other after a decade. Chakor was happy for both.

Bhagya; found her voice back So u knew it’s me ur Di. Suraj nodded the moment I saw u I knew it. Suraj; y u didn’t say anything? Bhagya looked at Chakor, Suraj turned to face Chakor. Suraj; Chakor u told her to stay quite? Chakor had a small smile on her face she nodded I told her to keep the secret. Suraj; but y? Chakor; I wasn’t sure how u would react. Suraj got confused; what was u expecting? Chakor; I thought u will get angry with me bcz I never told u that I lived all those years with Arjun Sir n Bhagya. I was scared that u might get annoyed with me or them bcz they left n didn’t tried to contact u. I was scared u might hate me of hiding this secret. Suraj looked at I would never hate u. I’m not n I was never angry with them I know y they left n I will never forgive KN for this injustice how can he do this to his first child n accept Ragini who is an illegitimate child of him. Chakor I understand y u hid it maybe I would have been angry with u if I would be the same as before but I change n the brainwashing of KN won’t work anymore.

Suraj turned to Arjun he put his hands together n thanked him for taking care of his sis n love all those years were they didn’t had any support. Arjun was more surprise as the others he knew the Rajvanshi family n also the old young selfish Suraj who would never beg or plea but this is new Suraj. Arjun; goes to Suraj n said we r a family n we will fight together. Suraj; shook his head seeing Rani he said No. This is a fight Chakor n Me again KN. I can’t risk it life or snatch the happiness of ur family. Chakor n I won’t stay here for long just a few days maybe weeks but not longer. Bhagya; no I won’t let u go. I found my brother after many years how can I let u go away like this. Arjun; Bhagya is right. Chakor is like a daughter n I won’t let u go too.

Chakor; holds Suraj hand maybe they r right we have to find a way to fight back n this takes time. Suraj; ok but first of all I want ur name to be cleared. Chakor; what u mean? Suraj; the drug report which KN used to destroy ur career. I don’t trust them. Chakor; they were real. Suraj; shook his head please let’s make another test I don’t know y but I don’t trusted them then.n not now n I won’t do in the future. Arjun; Chakor Suraj is right even I can’t believe this. N if u wish we made an anymore the I have a friend who understands the situation n won’t reveal ur name. Chakor nodded I will do everything what is needed to defeat KN. Bhagya; finally my family is back together. Suraj; not yet I swear to u I will bring u together with mom. She is missing u daily. Bhagya; Thank u. I’m sure u n Chakor will succeed.

Rani; hungry ?. Suraj; took her from Arjun so my little princess (Rani) is hungry. Rani nodded. Suraj; let’s see what ur Suraj Maamu made for u. He touched with his index finger nose. She giggles yeahy. Suraj made pancakes n they all sitted for breakfast. There were toast n jam too.
Chakor; I knew u helped ur mom when u were young but u never told me abt ur cooking skills. Arjun; I’m surprised too I never thought abt this. Bhagya; ur pancakes r better than my. Rani; yummy maamu ?. Suraj was happy he could do something for the family.

Back in Chakors room he looked at the suitcase Chakor; what happen u need something to open it. Suraj; yeah but I’m still not sure what could be in there. Chakor; r u sure it’s urs? Suraj; no. Chakor; what? u told me the cottage belongs to Rajvanshi. Suraj; yeah but it could be KN’s most of the time I worked for him I was drunk. Chakor; Thank God u stopped drinking, right? Suraj; hmm did I ?? Chakor; Suraj! He smiled of course i stopped there is no enjoyment in comparing to u. Chakor smiled. Suraj; do u know where I could find a hammer? Chakor; wait here I will get u one. Suraj; Thank u ?.

Arjun comes in with Chakor who was holding the hammer n a long palette knife Arjun; r u sure u want to open this? Suraj; yeah. Whatever it is it’s for our benefit. Arjun n Chakor; what y?. Suraj; if it’s money we can use it. N if it’s a property paper we can use it bcz my name is on it. N I remind something n if it’s it then baby we can harm KN. Arjun n Chakor were excited.

Suraj tried many times n finally after a few tries the suitcase opens. Chakor; what’s in it. Suraj was looking there were papers in. Suraj; property papers n here some money. Arjun; comes closer which property papers?. Chakor; Suraj the mansion is under ur name. N everything else is on KN. Suraj; yeah but not all. Look he showed a property paper of an empty land like the one I gave Tinas father well it is the same one. Seems like KN took it back from Raichand.  Arjun; thus means… Suraj; now this will make alot of fun… I don’t know how much efforts he had to done to get these papers back. But all for nothing. This means they killed Shikhu bcz he would have known that we r hiding at the cottage n I don’t remember this suitcase but I remember that Shikhu returned to Azaadghanj later than I did so maybe he went to Raichand to get the paper back. Arjun; this coukd be possible n this paper r under ur name. Suraj nodded yes mom give the property to me. Arjun; I think we can have a plan. Chakor smiled. Suraj; yeah but Chakor u have to do the test. Arjun; right i called my friend n he agrees we got an appointment for tomorrow n the result will be out in a week. Chakor nodded n Suraj; said I will come too for ur support.

Hope it’s not so much now with my updates ??.

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  1. Tiippu

    I love ur updates im glad ur posting them!suraj reunites with bhagya canf wait to see sukor in action against kamal

    1. Sukorian

      Haan next update will come soon thank u ?

  2. An emotional update! Happy that Baghya and Suraj have reunited and they’re one big happy family. Rani is cute. The suitcase will be very useful. Hope Chakor will clear her name. Can’t wait for the next part.

    About the updates, I’ll never get tired of them. The more frequent and longer the better. Thank you for your stories!

    1. Sukorian

      my pleasure thank u ?

  3. Super update sukor preparing to fight bk against kamal cant wait

    1. Sukorian

      thank u hope to make it dhamake daar ?

  4. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. The family reunion was emotional. Suraj was so concerned about chakor’s career. Waiting for sukor’s fight back against kn

    1. Sukorian

      I hated in the serial they mention once n bcz of that Imli nothing happen. Thank u ?

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