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So guys I’m back to torture u…. Btw thank u for the lovely comments…. Veena, Vanisha, Madhu.r, Sus, anu,Manu di, Thinesanju,sanu, Mahisha, Moon, shan di, mannu, sri,Seebu.s…. And today’s part is dedicated to all my readers (including silent ones)but special dedication to SNY, Febi,AnuAnn, parul, Soujanya,a and Shifa….. And shofa thanks for reminding that this ff is completing its half century today….I’m so happy as this is my first ff which has gone so far….. And its all because of ur immense support which u all have given and I’m really glad that now the number of readers of this are increasing….. I’m really grateful to all of u and I have a last request…. Will all the people who will be reading this part comment

today…..Plzzz… Its just that I want to know how many of u are reading this……
Previous part: Part 49

Get ready as the suspense is going to reveal……
Swara was still standing in the garden watching Sanskar with Kavita and getting angry and when Kavita hugged her she blood boiled abd then seeing Sanskar reciprocating the hug she stamped her foot and went away angrily….Sanskar saw her going and then releases the hug….
Sanskar:Thanks a lot Kavita….
Kavita:(smiles)Come on Sanskar…. There was nothing big that I did….
Sanskar:I know but I thought u would not help in my plan…..
Kavita:Btw Swara looks cute when she is jealous….

Kavita:(snaps her finger)offo ….stop dreaming Mr.Romeo… and now u have to convince her….
Sanskar:Yeah but lets enjoy a little…..
Kavita:Anyways call me if u need any help….
In the mean time Kavita’s car came and she bid bye to Sanskar and here Sanskar got a call and he went away without informing anything to anyone…..
Soon he reached a place and found Arshi waiting for him…He quickly went to them and they signalled him something and all went to a place secretly….There they saw Maasi waiting fot someone…Seeing her Sanskar is puzzled while Arnav assures him through his eyes….. Suddenly they see a man wrapped in a shwal ….. They were talking something when suddenly Sanarshi came in front of them…..Seeing the man all the three are startled ….
Sanarshi:Mr.Singhania…..(Nikhil’s dad)So ur behind all this????

Avinash:(shocked but then smirks)Oh so I’m caught….
Arnav:(with a raging voice)How dare u Mr.Avinash Singhania?????
Avinash:(shouts back)Lower ur voice Mr.Arnav Rajput…. Still ur sister is not safe…
Sanskar:U don’t have to worry about that…. She is all safe and sound….
Avinash:Oh so Mr.Maheshwari…..So ur also here but u know what I hate u….(sees all being confused)Then what after all u ruined my whole plan….

Avinash:Then what ….First this Arnav shattered my dreams by rejecting my son’s proposal which I had brought for Swara…. and then when I thought that after my blackmailing he will get them married then he made his beloved sister married to Mr.Maheshwari….. So then I had blackmail so that I could get the property for which I was doing all this…. But now it will be fun when u all see Swara getting killed in front of ur eyes….
Sanav:I’ll kill u blo*dy bastard….

When he was calling someone just then he heard some sound and turned around to find himself surrounded by police… He gets scared and tries to run but is caught…..
Avinash:Leave me….. U ….I’ll never leave u people….(he feels a slap across his face)
Arnav:(slaps him)This is for trying to hurt my Doll….(slaps)This for the tears which came out of her eyes…(slaps)This for separating her from me….(slaps)….
But the police officer holds him …..

Officer:Sir, we’ll handle him…plz….
Avinash:(furious voice)If its so then I’m not alone in all this….(says seing to maasi)….
Everyone turn to maasi….While Khushi was just looking at her with hurtful eyes and Maasi was looking down unable to meet their eyes….
Arnav:(looks at Khushi)We’ll look into it….Inspector…Plz take him…..
Police leaves with Avinash while now everyone looks at Maasi ….Khushi walks to her and holds her from shoulders…
Khushi:(with a chocked voice)Why Maasi?????

Maasi:I’m sorry beta…But whatever I did was just for securing ur future….
Khushi:(unbelievable look)For me????
Maasi:(cups her face)Yes beta….I had seen the way Arnav was ignoring u for Swara and moreover he had named every single penny on Swara’s name and that made me more scared… I never want u to suffer…. U have always been my daughter and no mother would think of anything bad happening to their child….So I did all this….
Khushi:(jerks her hands)I understand Maasi but ur getting everything wrong…. Arnav never ignored me and nor did he every make me feel lonely …..And u don’t know but he has named his entire property in Mumbai on my name….And Maasi Swaru…. How can u do this to her???? She has always loved and respectd u the way I do but u….

Arnav:(angrily)Khushi I don’t this lady to come in front of ever in my life again….
Maasi:Okay Arnav but till when u hide the truth from everyone….
Arnav:(confused)What truth????
Sanskar:Look Maasi ji… whatever u did is enough and plz leave…
Maasi:No I’ll not leave till I tell everyone what Arnav is hiding…..Which I saw in Arnav’s study….

Suddenly Arnav starts sweating and gets tensed….
Sanskar comes home with a tensed face and goes to his room and finds Swara sleeping …. He goes to her and kisses her forehead and goes to change…..As soon he gets in the washroom Swara opens her eyes and a tear drop falls from her eyes…. She looks at the photo kept on the table which was of her with Arnav…. But as soon she hears the door opening she pretends to sleep…. Sanskar comes and sleeps beside her ….

***Next Morning***
Swara rubs her eys and sits on the bed and as soon she opens her eyes she gets shocked seeing Arshi standing there with a smile on their face….. Seeing her shocked Arnav goes to her and hugs her tightly while Sanshi smile seeing them…
Swara:(tears start to flow from her eyes)Bhaiyu….
She was about to hug him but then she pulled her hands back while Arnav who felt her not hugging him back released the hug and sees her tears and wipes them lovingly and kisses her forehead…. And again hugs her….

Swara was just looking down at the floor while the other three were looking at her expecting some reaction but they didn’t get any…..
Recap:Swara’s changed behaviour…..
So tell me guys did u like it……….

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